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  • Deal or No Deal- should be called Interested or Not Interested.

    Why I hate this show:

    1. I am not interested

    2. Plain boring

    3. Not fun at all.

    4. No laughs.

    I hate this show so badly it is worse than GSN's other cool programs. Except for the host. He could do better in other game shows. Otherwise, Deal or No Deal: BORING!
  • Racest

    why on the afternoon of 4/03/15 was Noel Edmonds so rasist , the contestent was a lady from Glasgow my home town and he put a what he thinks was a scotish accent to bring her out , does he not understand he will lose viewers and it is RASIST
  • It's not a really bad show. It's very simple and lots of people can watch it.

    This show is actually great! I like how the person tries to choose the case that has at least $1,000,000 ( Sometimes 500,000 dollars.)Then they choose a case to try to avoid choosing the cases with the highest amounts in the game. After that, the banker ( hes fine ) calls and tells Howie an offer and they have to choose deal or no deal. Seems pretty simple and fun! I think this show can be alright for anyone. Once on a episode this person only had a penny in her case and went home with it! And something else to say.......... Its all about skill and luck like in a casino! This is my review on Deal Or No Deal. Bye!
  • Only special if someone wins million dollars

    Many episodes are really cool. If i was on this show, i would keep playing if i got a million dollars. It is speacial only to million dollar winners. It could be very shocking. This show is one of the best game shows. I recommend bunch of them
  • Whats the point

    Seriously do people like watching other people win money? because if they do then they live sad unfulfilled lives. Not to mention the fact that all the money you "make" half of it gets payed to the IRS. I watched a few minutes before Heroes was on and i had to turn off the channel. The host really bugs me and watching people open suitcases is so climatic. This is just junk, and it shouldn't have any following and the people that review it should all make fun of it. Not to mention this horrible abomination of mankind should be locked in the "canceled four years ago, and thank god its never going on DVD section" its right next to the very popular, "Jump the shark" and "Bad Spin off" sections i don't think you can miss it
  • A simple game show!

    The banker makes you offers, and you, the contestant under pressure, have a decision whether to take his deal or attempt to make as much money as you can, or leave with no penny in sight. This show has GREAT graphics, good contestants, I like Howie (and so do many), and it's so simplified to win money for the nerve -full contestants. Great hosting. Engaging and energetic!
  • This is a good Game Show, but I don't think its the best.

    OK I think this is a good game show ,but its not the best on GSN. Now at school they're a lot of people that say the Deal or No Deal is the best Game show n GSN now I like it but I don't think its the best there is. Now I think this show can gets boring I mean i've only seen 1 person win $1,000,000 and that's it. And it was a million dollar mission. Now the new ones are the best. The old ones are boring because they never win the million a single game, they chicken out now I used to think that they had a chance but after a season if it was a Regular game I just changed the channel. OK now we all know how the play this show, you pick a case to start the game out and you hope it has $1,000,000. But if it's a regular game they fail. Now the "models" hold the cases and I don't even think the model are hot. Now i think its a good show but it gets boring after a while. So if you have some time and its not a regular game watch it. SO Deal or no deal is a good show on GSN. Overall 8/10.
  • it's alright

    deal or no deal. you pick briefcases with various amounts of money, and you try to keep the highest amounts. the banker offers you a money amount, and if you think it is fair, it's a "Deal" and you go home with that, if you think you can do better say no deal and continue. it's fun to watch but i don't think i have seen anybody ever win. but overall it is a pretty good game, howie is a good host and i like the mysteriousness of the banker. overall grade for this show is a B- or so
  • was a really good gameshow

    deal or know deal the object of this game show is that you go on and there are 20 somthing girls up there and you got to choose a brief case and you got to hope you got the million dollar one or a very high one. and once you choose your case each time they will ask you to chose more cases and after each time of choosing there will be a banker and will offer you a sum of cash for you case if its high each usuly sometimes good but other times it could be just a trick and it could be more then whats in your case so you either click deal or no deal if you say no deal then you go into a nother round of picking case and your family comes later in the show to help you with support and they also do something special usully like some that you like like a celb or something could show up. but anyway its areally good game show i thought
  • dear howie and banker,i really love your show but i want to meet the banker.and you howie.but everyone make the banker sound like he is so tough and i want to make him purr like a kitten.and i want to see you howie in real life.

    howie, my name is teresa brown i live in wayland michigan.d.o.b.4-28-1952 i have one son,i live with my boyfriend.we are engaged and would like to get married on your show and may this would be the last time i get married.and maybe we can go on a honeymoon,for the first time after the fisrt 3 strikes,and he is working on hius fifth maybe we both can get lucky at the same the way he has 5 children,and 4 exwifes,and i have 3 ex"s and not in texas please let me appear on your show,i like to have fun. t

    teresa brown 3552 toronto trail,wayland,mich.49348
    269-818-7333 or 269-792-1689
  • a game of chance.

    Who knew that a show based on a person chooseing cases to open would be entertaining to watch. I think that the greatest thing about the show is the reactions from the contestants when they are opening a case or after hearing how much the offer is. I think that it is nice that they have family members to come to support them but i think that at times they are a distraction. I also like how if they take the deal they keep opening the cases to see what is where. I like that Howie Mandel is the host he is so funny.
  • It's fun to watch and see just how far people will go in spending money and taking chances. I like the show.

    The show is very interesting to see just how far a person is willing to take in risking ( or not) in getting money.
    Sometimes I don't think the person really have thought things through but it is easy for me to say so when I am not the one in the spotlight nor have the goal as they do. Howie plays his role very well. So does the man in the booth, n trying to entice the person to take a chance on getting money to meet their personal goal.
    The family and/or friends stick with the contestant in making the decission of deal or no deal and the deal goes on.
    Even the models seem to show some type of emotions of hope toward the contestant in getting money.
    In all sincerity, you have to say some win big and some don't, just as in Vegas.
    It's a good show regardless of the choices of the contestants. The challenge is what make the show so interesting along with the joking of Howie and the man in the booth. Deal or No deal means just that; to make a deal or not to risk in making a deal from the money list.
  • Deal or no Deal is a show where contestants vie for a million dollar prize. A game of luck and chance. Howie Mandel hosts. A revision of the British game show.

    This show is very addicting! Howie Mandel is an infectious host with very different/funny personalities of contestants that come through the show. At first the premise is kind of confusing but after a few epsiodes you start to get it. Deal or no Deal is a perfect show for those who like game shows.
  • The Greatest Game Show On Earth

    In my opinion Deal Or No Deal had to be one of the best game shows for NBC and it's simple gameplay made it an instant hit during it's short-lived 5 year run. When it first came out in 2005 I wasn't sure I would love it but once Deal Or No Deal returned in March 2006 I fell in love with it and I saw why it was such a huge hit all over the world and from then on I became interested in it and it was such a awesome show. But on May 2008 when Deal Or No Deal was cancelled I felt sad and shocked but became excited when GSN added Deal Or No Deal to the GSN family I was very happy and to this day I have been watching ever since. NBC should've never cancelled Deal Or No Deal because of low ratings because it truly was The Greatest Game Show On Earth
  • Three words: Bring it back!

    The game show was my 2nd favorite game show, but somehow, it got kicked off the air. Why?! Did Howie quit?! Did the company go bankrupt?! Who knows?! This game show was fun in many ways. It is very exciting! I don't know, but who was the banker in the game? O.k, so here are the reasons why it was exciting: 1) When someone picks a case, you don't know what amount is countained. ( Unless you are watching a rerun...) 2) Who's the banker?! 3) How does the banker calculate the bank offer. Bottom Line: "Bring it back!!!" I guess my work is done here, so tune in to my next review.
  • Friend of Neal

    Friend of Neal.. I went to a taping in Conn. I was interviewed by the newspaper I have tried out to be a contestant in Boston 3 yrs agoI went down Aug.19th to try out again on the 20th but unfortunately my brother died that morning and I had to return to N.H. I saw Neal K. and he said to go to this web site and write Friend of Neal on comment section there is no comment section I was lead to believe that this web site would either give me info for another contestant search or Neal would contact me I am awaiting him to add me as afriend on facebook
  • This game show offers contestants a chance to "beat the banker". It's a game of chance and luck and sometimes people walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars!

    This show was a lot of fun and excitement when it first started. It become this sort of phenomenon that sparked everyone's interest. I rather enjoyed it and now it seems to be too predictive. And that's saying something for a show that's about chance and luck. I still watch it occasionally when there is nothing else left on to watch. I think that they need to revamp the show a little bit, bring in some new twists and turns, perhaps if they change it up they can recapture the audience that they started with. For now, it's satisfying I suppose.
  • This show is cool!

    Overall, Deal or No Deal is an awesome show. It had awesome moments and is intense to the max. But then as the seasons went on, they started to talk so much. I know that they are trying to stall, but all the it is doing is making it less interesting to watch. However, I think the syndicated version of this show really helped out. It did make the show less intense, but on the bright side, it cut down some of the talking and focused more on the game show. Overall, this show is awesome. It's not the best game show ever but it is definately a good one.
  • A decent show that can be touchy feely at times

    This is a game show that has its good moments. But I have to admit there are a ton of idiots that are cast for this game show. The way it works is the contestant picks a case 1 - 30(?) that has anywhere from .01 to 1million dollars in it. Then the contestant starts to pick cases to open to eliminate the rest of the money (from .01 to 1 million) that is not in their case that they picked. The case is opened, the money is taken off the board. The cases are opened in groups in each round. After all the cases are opened in the round the "banker" then offers a set amount to buy the case that the player picked. This is based off of a mathmatical formula that calculates the probability of the player holding the 1 million dollars in his/her case. The player then chooses to accept the deal or reject it and open more cases. The issue I have with this show is people's emotions get in the way of the right decision, like accepting $100,000+ dollars or keep going to risk it all for a chance of not opening the one case that is over $100,000. That's the only problem with this show is some people don't use common sense and leave when it is time for them to. Other than that, good show.
  • Great show.

    Deal or no Deal is one of the best game shows I've ever seen. It's my 2nd favorite game show (behind Wheel of Fortune) I just watched it last month and it was a very good show. My friend got me into it the week after Christmas. He had the official Deal or no Deal game (board game). I played the first time and won $275,000. He slept over my house that night and I knew he would pick #7 to go in his case so I put the $1,000,000 under there. He knew I had the $1,000,000 under #7 so he had to go to the bathroom and I quickly switched the $1,000,000 with a different number and he wound up getting $75,000
  • Great Show!!

    I think Deal or No Deal is a great show because its exciting. You never know whats going to happen. Like they may want more and take a risk or they might just say thats enough i dont want to risk losing that and they take the money. Thats what gives Del or No Deal its Bang!!! Of Greatness. Whenever I see this show on TV I always turn it on and watch it for the whole rest of the time that it is on. This is a great show but it is not my favorite show. My favorite show is kinda toss up but Deal or No Deal is not in that toss up!
  • It would be cool if they didn't talk so much!

    This show is pretty cool. It is very exciting to see players try to win the grand prize: One Million Dollars. It is the type of game that you can really get into. However, Howie Mandel and the contestants talk WAY too much than they should. I bet that almost half the show is talk, talk, and more talk. I mean this is a game show, not a talk show. They even have guests that appea, who are only meant to take up space in the show. Overall, this is would be a really great show IF they would just shut their mouths.
  • Bushie Jr. as a guest? Are they insane?

    I peek at this show every once in a while, usually if I'm waiting for a show to start on NBC.

    It's rather entertaining to see how people try to figure out their chances and how they make their decisions. Never been a fan of the skimpily dressed "Barbies" who are nothign but a suitcase holder. They're no Vanna Whites.

    But any show that has Bush as a "guest star" loses me as an audience member! I have enough of reading the news everyday and seeing how he's ruined this country and had a negative global impact on so many levels (economic, war, gas prices, food shortages, global warming). I don't need to see his evil face in my escapist tv viewing! I didn't watch that episode (and will watch NO future ones. I hope the crowd BOOed him as loudly as they did when he went out to throw the opening pitch a few weeks ago.
  • A fun idea with little room

    This show is a fun idea with little room for improvement. Let me first say Howey Mandel (sp) is awesome, and guessing games are fun as well, but here are my grievances which in my mind out weigh the successful components of the show. 1. The commercial breaks: way too many of them, the show doesn't fluidly move along, like that of a Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune, both successful long running game shows. This is why Millionaire didn't last.
    2. Limited: It's a guessing game, that's all. Complete luck, very little room for any strategy whatsoever.
    3. The Banker: O.K. what bothers me the most about this is the dumb telephone calls. People boo him and whatever and I find this part of the show completely stupid. It's all meant to build up suspense as much as possible as if the commercial breaks didn't drive you crazy enough.

    In conclusion, I really did give this show a chance and I've always been a huge fan of Howey Mandel. I just think it won't last and the concept is boring.
  • I used to love this show...

    now it's just ok. There are so many game/reality shows on TV now that I can't keep track. Plus-some of the contests on Deal or No Deal are absolutely unbearable. I'm sure the producers pick them because they think they have great personalities-but most of them are ham's trying to get all their 15 minutes at once. And how do they do that? By asking questions to their family, the audience, or just shaking their head and not saying anything-fascinating. Or-even better, the contestants who can't choose case #3 or their own case and every single thought they have, they speak. This show would be so much better if their was a decision timer and if the contestants were chosen a little more wisely. I want someone I can root for.
  • Deal...Or NO Deal?

    This is one of the greatest game show ever invented! It gets the supense. . . and the comedy! SOme people have their dances, theur hand motions, their sounds, when they are happy, some have their lucky colors and bracelets. This is a really popular show. Plus, it's recorded a while before it airs on television, (Like most game shows nowadays) so they editors and producers, and HOwie Mandell, can do whatever they want with it. I like watching it when it's on with my mom to have fun, but I always feel really bad for the people who get under a thousand, or had a million dollars in their case and they took the deal.

    It's a great show, so watch it when it's on.
  • Contestants compete for money!!

    This show can give you the laughs, and crazyness but who will get the million dollar case? I know :lol: This is one great game, and is accutally the first relality game of People Choice Awards winning! So congrats to the show. I'd like to be on Deal or No Deal, a real competitive game and I want to outstand the banker, yes outstand. So basically, models come out to the frontline, and a contestant picks a case to find the million dollar case, which (s)he can take home! I give this relality 8.2! Keep up the good work, DOND!
  • On this riveting game show, contestants must try to pick a case with a grand pirze of 1 milion dollars! They must pick other cases, which lead up to the banker- who doesn't want them to win- giving them and offer. Will they take it, or keep going?

    I find that Deal or No Deal is actually a very interesting TV show. It can be very tense, but it is still cool. I try to watch it every time I can, and I hope the contestants win a lot of money! It's a shame nobody has won 1 million dollars yet. I've enjoyed this show so much, I play it on the internet, I bought the DVD game and the Nintendo DS, and I even play the card game. The models are very attractive, so I understand why it has a high male fanbase. Howie Mandel is a great host, and interacts with the banker, the models, and the contestants very well.
  • "Deal....or no deal", "Deal....or no deal", "Deal....or no deal", for thousand times.

    I write a review about this show because it is airing in my country (Indonesia. Of course in Indonesian version.)

    At the first time watching, I enjoyed this show very much. Because it gives some feelings. I saw they feel so scary (scary if wrong case has opened ), so fun, and so depressed. The interesting point of the show is the emotional playing. Lot of people are trying their lucky. Whoever has those feelings: lucky, confident, and charismatic, won the match.

    But I don't see any improvement on this show. It becomes a boring show. If the producer won't make any inovation, I'm not sure the show will survive until the next 2-3 seasons.

    Fortunatelly, people in Indonesia still like this far.
  • Deal or No Deal is a great show.

    Deal or No Deal is a great show. I like it when they throw prizes, such as the new truck, into the offers as well as cash. This adds a little variety and keeps us guessing. Usually the first few offers are refused without much thought, but when you throw in a prize that the contestant has always dreamed of, like a trip or super fan package, they are forced to think about it a little more. That creates more suspense for the viewer. I have been a fan of Howie Mandell since high school and I don't think they could've found a better host.
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