Dealer's Choice

(ended 1975)


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Dealer's Choice

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The glitz and glamor of Las Vegas has been used as the impetus for many game shows. One such entry was 1974's Dealer's Choice. Three contestants competed in a series of mini-casino games, which used roulette wheels, dice and cards. Games included (but were not limited to) Aces Out, Any Pair Loses, Blackjack (a member of the studio audience was chosen to play the dealer), Dealer's Derby and Wheel of Chance. The contestants were given an initial bankroll of 100 chips, and could wager any part of their stake on the games. Chips were awarded or subtracted according to a specific game's rules. A contestant dropped out of he/she lost all his/her chips. After a series of rounds, all players having chips won prizes, and the top winner advancing to the bonus round (a player also advanced by default if both opponents lost all their chips). In the bonus round, a player vied for an announced grand prize (usually a trip or a car). He/she rolled a special die that had cash values on five sides and a spade on the sixth. To win the prize, he/she had to reach $1,000 without rolling the spade (which lost the prize and all accumulated cash); the player could stop at any time and keep his/her accumulated winnings. During the first season, Dealer's Choice was taped at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas; later, the show moved to studios in Burbank, Calif.moreless