Dean Martin Celebrity Roast

Season 1 Episode 21

Bobby Riggs

Aired Unknown Mar 08, 1974 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Wayne Newton's comment about Christine Jorgensen and the missing private part was bleeped out in the re-released Celebrity Roast version.

  • Quotes

    • Dean Martin: One time he actually played a tennis match wearing a dress. He lost the match but on the way home he picked up three sailors.

    • Vincent Price: He asked me if I'd help him write a love letter. I told him I'd be more than happy to do so, but what we did was this, I wrote a first draft, then Bobby took it and revised it slightly, giving it his own personal touch. Now this is the first draft that I wrote and this is Bobby's revised version. I hope Bobby won't mind if I read a few passages from them. In my version, I start off by saying, "Oh sweet nymph of my thousand fantasies. "Have you ever felt a volcano of passion within your soul erupting in a fiery flow of desire and impossible to restrain?" In Bobby's version he changed that passage slightly so it reads, "Hey hot lips, do you fool around?"

    • Don Rice: Thank you, Dean just told you that I went to high school with Bobby Riggs, the Archie Bunker of tennis.

    • Jack Carter: I'm so glad you invited this mini munchkin over here, a recycled Mickey Rooney. I love tennis I always thought mixed doubles meant wife-swapping. Dean doesn't know much about tennis, we play golf alot and one day we were on the golf course and we pass by some bushes and we heard love forty, he thought it was an orgy. Yeah I saw him in a bar last night talking to a couple of old pros. Bobby Riggs is he beautiful or what, look at him he's built so cute, that's adorable. He's got the body of an Olympic champion, a Cathy Rigby. Look at this man gnome we have over here, look at him with the eyeglasses and that stringy hair and that stupid little body, he looks like a near-sighted Johnny mop I threw away. But I shouldn't pick on Bobby, why would I pick on him, cuz I hate his guts. I hate him, he disappointed me, a Davis cup champion, a Singles open champion and he went to Houston and made an Astrodome out of himself. She showed him didn't she that Billie Jean King, on television in front of forty million people, she beat the pants off of him. Luckily with his wrinkly body nobody even looked.

  • Notes

    • Bobby Riggs and Rosemary Casals appeared together in the episode "Love and the Competitors" from the series Love, American Style on January 11, 1974.

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