Dean Martin Celebrity Roast

Season 1 Episode 24

Henry "Hank" Aaron

Aired Unknown Mar 29, 1974 on NBC



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    • Dean: Tonight we're honoring one of the baseball greats Mr. Henry Aaron. Who could forget the end of the 1973 baseball season when Hank got down on his knees and prayed that he could score for just one more time.

    • Joey Bishop: I know very little about Baseball, I thought Vida Blue was a toilet bowel cleanser.

    • Nipsey: If the baseball fan can't understand that he wants some chocolate for his sweet tooth, he got to call out Oh Henry! now and not just Babe Ruth.

    • Foster Brooks: It's wonderful to pay ... paaay tribute to this wunderful super ... superstar Raquel Welch. Love your new hairdo Raquel. (squints and leans over to Dean) That's a wild tan she's got there. I think you may have roasted her too long.

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