Dean Martin Celebrity Roast

NBC (ended 1984)





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  • Just get a load of these vintage stars!

    The Dean Martin Roasts are a perfect opportunity to see some of the biggest classic stars of TV and movies as they move into their senior years--although some more gracefully than others. It's wonderful to see Lucille Ball and her increasingly orange wigs, and Phyillis Diller before her legendary facelifts began. Of course, the best things to see are the gentlemen's hairlines. I never knew some of my favorites were wearing rugs until seeing this show! As for the actual content, it was a refreshing "Inside look" at the stars and their relationships with each other long before the tabloids and reality TV gave us such a sense of entitlement about these things. Sure much of the laughter is canned, and a lot of the jokes have a collective age almost the same as that of all those old stars put together. Still, it's good clean vintage celebrity fluff fun.