Dean Martin Celebrity Roast

Season 3 Episode 2

Valerie Harper

Aired Unknown Nov 20, 1975 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Red Buttons: (to Dean) You've been putting it away pretty good. Your not going to believe this folks right here today at the Lion's Den lounge, right here at my favorite hotel the MGM Grand, Dean drank two fifths and a cocktail waitress. So why a dinner for Valerie Harper, when some of the greatest women in the history of the world never got a dinner. Eve who said to Adam in the Garden of Eden, "What do you mean the kids don't look like you? Never got a dinner got an apple but never got a dinner. Golda Meir who once said to Moshe Dayan, "How come the Arabs have the gas and we have the heartburn. Noah's wife Stephanie who said to Noah after it had been raining for forty days and forty nights, "It's your turn to put the papers on the floor", Jack the Ripper's mother Rhoda, Rhoda Ripper once said to Jack, "How come I never see you with the same girl twice?" Martha Washington who said to her husband George, "Sure I let you outta the house one night, people tell me you slept here, you slept there", Mrs. Evel Knievel once said to her husband, "Why do you always go to pieces?" Never gotta a dinner.

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