Dear Boys

Season 1 Episode 2

The Ressurection Of The Boys Basketball Team?

Aired Unknown Apr 15, 2003 on Animax Entertainment

Episode Recap

While walking Aikawa comes across Mitsumi and Fujiwara having a conversation, he then runs into Miss Himoru who tells him about Fujiwara's past. After finding out Fujiwara's past, Aikawa gives Fujiwara and his friends a lecture about being in the club. This encounter with Aikawa irritates Fujiwara and confuses him. While waiting for Fujiwara and the others, Aikawa teaches the girls basketball team about proper ball throwing. One person through the others sought to catch the ball before Aikawa. The person throwing the ball changed each time. Aikawa catches all four passes but on Mitsumi's turn Fujiwara steps up to take over. Aikawa tries to catch the ball but fails. Thisconfrontationbetween Fujiwara and Aikawa leads to a thirty second one on one match. Fujiwara and Aikawa were evenly matched up until the last five seconds of the game. In the end Aikawa won. Aikawa then states that Fujiwara lost because he has not practiced. Satisfied with the fact that Fujiwara showed up, Aikawa now tries to get the other three to play.

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