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NBC (ended 1992)





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  • Dear John was another underrated tv show on NBC starring Judd Hirsch of "Taxi" fame.

    A great show by NBC I remember watching a couple of episodes while I was in junior high (even then I liked this adult shows).

    Hirsch as John Lacey is very much like his Alex Reiger character on "Taxi": Very supportive and loving but also cynical, comedic and honest. It was terrific. Hirsch shows in this series again why he is a very great actor especially when it comes to comedy and drama.

    I also remember the character of Jere Burns (Kirk Morris), a male pig who likes sleeping with women and then leaving them. A lot of wacky characters on this show including Mrs. Phibert and Mary Beth.

    This series is a classic yet it still hasn't been released on DVD. Anyways, a great comedy show with a lot of adult themes. It's great that it lasted four seasons (at least it had a shot) and wasn't cancelled like other quality shows before their time
  • not that good

    i for one have never thought that judd hirsch was very funny. this is an example of why. the premise is this support group for people who find themselves alone. wow, that is sure original. i remember watching the show a few times and wondering why it was ever given the green light.
  • Good show that sputtered fairly quickly

    I really enjoyed this show for the first two years or so and then kind of lost interest. The last year had too many cast changes for a show like this and I stopped watching. My main reason for watching this was Billie Bird. For a long time that woman showed up in everything and I think she was in her late 70's or 80's when she was on this show. She was usually only given a couple of lines, but man did she make the most of them!
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