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  • Season 1
    • A Ball Of Gold
      A Ball Of Gold
      Episode 13
      When Miu wins a rigged raffle, she gets a ticket for four to a hot-spring. Since she can't take the people she is staying with, she decides to invite Takeya, Ren, and Neneko. When they arrive it seems like it will be a time to relax. Unfortunately for everyone, Ren's lack of knowledge about hot-springs causes trouble for everyone.moreless
    • ...... Besides, It Was Hot
      At Takeya's apartment, Khi attempts to convince him to return Ren. Khi says Ren is defective, and offers to replace her with another DearS. While out shopping alone, Ren is confronted by Xaki, a "Biter" DearS, who says he intends to "retrieve" her.
    • You Want To ...... Experience It?
      Ruvi is upset by Nia's continual failure to capture Ren. Deciding Ren must be captured immediately, Ruvi assigns the job to her superior, Xaki. Meanwhile Mui learns from Khi that an unprecedented decision has been made. The Rite of Certification between Takeya and Ren is to be annulled. Elsewhere, Takeya is annoyed by Ren repeatedly embarassing him in front of his classmates.moreless
    • We`ll Have An Orgy-nii!
      Takeya and his friend Oihiko are worried that they may wind up repeating a school year. Because Ren refuses to procede to the next grade without him, which would embarass DearS in general, Miu volunteers to help them study for the upcoming tests. Along with Neneko the five of them head for Takeya's apartment after school. They run into Mitsuka-sensei, who jumps to a conclusion about what they intend to do together...moreless
    • It Hurt a Little
      It Hurt a Little
      Episode 9
      Takeya's relationships with Miu and Ren are going well but his friendship with Neneko has fallen to the wayside. One day, Neneko asks Ren and Miu to model some of her costumes. Takeya is dumbfounded when he finds the three of them raising havoc. Ren and Miu urge Neneko to join in and get dressed in one of the costumes. Takeya pokes fun at Neneko with disastrous results.moreless
    • M... My Ball
      M... My Ball
      Episode 8
      Natsuki and Ren make up before Natsuki is set to return overseas. In the meantime, Miu tells Khi that she wants to drop out of school and cancel her home stay arrangement. In a fit of anger and jealousy, she challenges Ren to a Polaga match, a traditional game of the DearS. Ren tries her best to reject the challenge but Miu refuses to listen to her and starts the fight.moreless
    • Pervert
      Episode 7
      Takeya's younger sister, Natsuki, appears from out of the blue and all is well until she figures out that Ren is a DearS. Natsuki has a slight DearS complex and without further ado, she calls Ren her friend and proceeds to have a close encounter with her. But, all bets are off when Natsuki finds out that Ren is living in Takeya's apartment.moreless
    • I'm Frustrated
      I'm Frustrated
      Episode 6
      Takeya starts to doubt Ren's intentions ever since she started acting strange one night. In the meantime, Miu is frustrated by her inability to serve her host family as she sees fit. Miu takes her frustration out on Ren and she starts to deliver a whopper of a lecture, when suddenly she makes a sudden declaration. She decides that she will be the one to educate Ren about what it truly means to be a DearS and forces her way into Takeya's apartment with interesting results for everyone involved!moreless
    • Partners?
      Episode 5
      With two DearS in their High School, the students have a field day! However, Ren gets depressed when Miu criticizes her for not being able to do anything. Although he's concerned about Ren's depression, Takeya is relieved when Ren leaves his side. However, Miu also tells Takeya that he too is responsible for Ren's lack of common sense since he is indeed her master. In the meantime, Rubi has some serious questions for Khi regarding Ren's capture...moreless
    • Wipe Your Mouth
      Wipe Your Mouth
      Episode 4
      The high school principal mistakenly approves Ren as their official "DearS foreign student," and Ren's high school life begins. She becomes the center of attraction at Koharu High School, and gets bombarded with questions from Oihiko and the other classmates. Although Takeya pretends like he doesn't have anything to do with her, he is secretly concerned for her well being. In the meantime, the official foreign student, Miu, arrives at school. Miu came burning with aspiration and expected that she will naturally be welcomed as a DearS. But the students believe that Ren is the real foreign student and, to Miu's astonishment, they accuse her of being a "fake."moreless
    • Ball! Ball!
      Ball! Ball!
      Episode 3
      Takeya ends up allowing Ren to continue staying with him. In order to do this, he has to make major adjustments in his life. Due to Ren's peculiar actions and general lack of knowledge about Earth customs, Takeya must keep an one eye glued to her whether he likes it or not! One day, Ren goes to the city to shop when the sweet aroma of fresh baked melon bread seduces her. Ren wants to share her tasty treat with Takeya and heads out for Koharu High School.moreless
    • I Wonder If Its Small
      Takeya ends up spending the night with the mysterious DearS. Having disliked aliens since he was a child, Takeya is not taken in by her charms. He names the girl "Ren" after she tries to communicate with him. By nature, Ren is extraordinarily intelligent and as a DearS, has a remarkable ability to learn. So with the help of Neneko, Takeya's childhood friend, Ren masters the language in one night. However...moreless
    • I Want to See You
      One year ago, a spacecraft carrying a group of aliens crashed in Tokyo Bay. Not possessing any skills to return to where they came from, they officially obtained Japanese citizenship and were given the name of "DearS," which stands for "beloved friends." In order to learn Japanese language and customs, a home-stay program was created and they were integrated into society. Then, one day, a high school student named Takeya Ikuhara meets a mysterious girl wrapped in a blanket. He reluctantly takes the girl, who is not only shivering from cold and hunger but doesn't seem to know any language, to his apartment. Unfortunately for him the girl turns out to be one of the DearS.moreless
    • DearS Eve ~ For the First Time?
      A promo made to drum up interest for the series. This promo aired on TV a few times, but was more for the internet community, since it ran less than 3 minutes, and was first released just a week before the premier.
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