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Death in Paradise

Tuesday 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered Oct 25, 2011 In Season



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Death in Paradise

Show Summary

A BBC light-hearted drama series about an English Detective Inspector who is forced to transfer to the small Caribbean island of Saint-Marie; unfortunately, he hates sun, sea and sand.

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AIRED ON 1/22/2015

Season 4 : Episode 3

Ben Miller

Ben Miller

DI Richard Poole

Sara Martins

Sara Martins

DS Camille Bordey

Danny John-Jules

Danny John-Jules

Officer Dwayne Myers

Gary Carr

Gary Carr

Sergeant Fidel Best

Kris Marshall

Kris Marshall

DI Humphrey Goodman

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  • imple Murder Mystery Pleasure

    DI Richard Poole, Ben Miller, finds himself unwilling transferred to an island in the Caribbean that has a very French flare. Initially he is sent to investigate the murder of a colleague but his success brings him complications: what was to be a one off becomes a permanent mission. The lush surroundings and assistance by Camile Borday, Sara Martins, an undercover officer who now finds herself playing Watson to Pool's Holmes add to the fun. The writing is sharp and the supporting characters are excellent. But will DI Poole who retains his London suits and longs for a decent cuppa ever find contentment on what for anyone else would be the assignment of a lifetime. Don't bet on it.

    Unfortunately this series has gone off as Ben Miller has exited and Kris Marshall has replaced him as DI Humphrey Goodman. The chemistry between Miller and the supporting cast was brilliant. Miller's uptight DI Richard Poole was perfect as the fish out of water (or in water) who was determined to preserve his British props at all cost: wear a suit regardless of weather or situation and eschew all in favor of tea and all things British. Marshall's Goodman is a sort of mock British beach boy who is completely at home in an over sized beach shirt and "grooving" on the local life style. As a result the chemistry among the cast has gone completely awry and the show has lost all of its charm.moreless
  • love this show -it's-the best.

    love,love this show--please dress Camille in a manner befitting a police seargant--she dresses like a beach person--she would never be taken seriously--could we get a better actress--we would so love that--the present Camille acts as though she is selling it for very little l'argent--again, love-love this show--dad was English and I think he bathed in a 3 piece wool worsted suit--mom was French and comported herself with finesse, and had she sold it-it would have been for a lot of l'argent..moreless
  • just billiant

    Death in Paradise is probably the best crime series (drawing with Sherlock of cause) that I ever know. It is so well written that the plot seems very believable, Ben Miller plays DI Poole perfectly, he has that sudden sharpness that I think a character like Richard would need. I seriously considered stopping watching Death In Paradise or DIP when we were told Poole was to be got of. I am glad I didn't. It's werid that we first had a organized man, always doing things by the book, then we have this untidy, unorganized, clumsy bloke who didn't always follow the book. But DI Humphrey Goodman is by no means a fool. That is one thing that both detectives have in common. Their quick witted minds, attention to the tiniest of detail and the ability to think outside the box stuns me and many other DIP fans. Both suddenly get something, quickly, just by a word or two. The penny drops before most people have even let go. Kris Marshall can play the part of a man who seems he doesn't know what he is doing perfectly. Hump probably doesn't know what he is going when he come to everyday things but who's eyes come alive when a murder is committed. I love it when suddenly within a split second, they know something, there minds go as quick as lighting realising something, knowing something and then they know who did it. That why I'm a fan. Probably the biggest fan and who ever wrote it, thought of Death in Paradise takes genius and talent writer to a whole new level. I recommend this highly.moreless
  • Dont do it

    I started watching this show a couple of years ago and it quickly became a favorite, but I didn't see it for about a year. I just watched an episode recently and there was a new DI. I don't think I like where the show is going. I mean it looks like this clumsy guy is attracted to Camille and I sure hope they don't make them hook up cause it would ruin the whole show.moreless
  • piacevole

    Ho visto la terza stagione etrovo che sia stata molto piacevole, mi piaciuta di pi delle precedenti, non ho sentito la mancanza di Ben Miller anzi il nuovo ispettore ( non ricordo il nome) mi ha convinanto anche molto carino :)

  • Season 4 Confirmed
    It has been confirmed that Death in Paradise has been renewed for a fourth season, probably to be shown at the start of 2015.
  • notification of future season(s)
    I would like it if there was going to another season as the status since 26/02/13 has been "between seasons" for far to long. If t...

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