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"The human whose name is written in this note[book] shall die." These are the first words read in the Death Note by Light Yagami, a straight-A student who develops a god complex when he finds a notebook, dropped by shinigami Ryuk, that has the power to kill anyone whose name is written down in it. However, matters get out of hand when the Japanese Police Force tries to solve the case of the mysterious upsurge in criminal deaths alongside master detective L. It's a battle of wits in this anime based on the popular manga by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. Opening Themes: - "the WORLD" by Nightmare (episodes 1-19) - "What's up, People?!" by Maximum the Hormone (マキシマムザホルモン) (episodes 20-37) Ending Themes: - "Alumina" (アルミナ, Arumina) by Nightmare (episodes 1-19) - "Despair Billy" (絶望ビリー, Zetsubō Birī) by Maximum the Hormone (マキシマムザホルモン) (episodes 20-36) Airings Outside of Japan: US Airing: Cartoon Network (Adult Swim) - Sundays @ 12:00 AM (10/21/07-12/23/07; episodes 1-10) - Saturdays @ 11:30 PM (1/5/08-2/2/08; episodes 11-15) - Sundays @ 12:30 AM (2/10/08-3/30/08; episodes 16-23) - Sundays @ 1:00 AM (4/6/08-4/27/08; episodes 24-27) - Sundays @ 12:30 AM (5/4/08-7/6/08; episodes 28-end) Canada Airing: YTV (Bionix) - Fridays @ 10:00 PM (10/26/07-7/4/08; episodes 1-end)moreless
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Fan Reviews (257)

  • Piece of shit

    I felt it the the most awesome show or episode ever but as it ,i felt I was the worst anime ever cause l dies in episode 27 ,l is my favorite character in the history of anime and yet they kill him ,so I conclude by saying when you first start watching this episode you might feel its good ,but it is the worst cause l (l as alphabet l)dies

    And that is the part where I hate this anime cause l is my favorite character and they killlll him

  • Amazing.

    My favorite animated series of all-time. It's simply an amazing story. It does decline after the first 25 episodes, but it's still really good.
  • One of anime's greatest...

    The only reason this did not get a ten is because the episodes get progresivly worst over the series, with annoying characters like misa, and L dying, it is still, at least for the first season, the most clever, slick, one of the most dark, intriging, animes ive ever seen. A must watch for any anime fan.
  • Death Note Fan

    Honestly, it will never make any sense to me. Why Light mentioned Kiyomi's name in the end. In the manga, he does seem to love her. But he seemed more ruthless in the anime. It just doesn't make sense. I hate Misa, and apparently Light was forced upon her, because of the creators. But he could've left Kiyomi alone. She would've been fine with just being Mikami's spokeswoman. God Damn it, Light.moreless
  • First half would get a 100000/10 but the second half ruins the entire show.

    I loved the first half of the show it was so brilliant. It was so smart and was filled with so much drama. I watched the first 15 episodes in one day. I loved the first half But the second half was terrible. Misa became comic relief. Light lost his way. L was dead. N is annoying. Melo was an unnecessary character. The plot was virtually going nowhere and everyone was acting out of character and the animation quality just dropped. They also hurt my favorite character Sayu. I'm glad it ended. I loved Death Note but the second half of the show just killed it for me.moreless

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