Death Note

Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Jun 19, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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The Japanese Task Force and the SPK finally meet at YellowBox Warehouse on January 28th. However, a third party has come to the warehouse as well, on Kira's orders to kill everyone else there.

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  • The showdown we've been waiting for...

    I have to say, this is one of the best episodes of Death Note in my opinion. Light and Near finally meet face to face, this is what I've been waiting for, and so it begins. Both Near and Light have planned this perfectly, and everything is going accordingly, or so it seems. Near knows that under Kira's orders, Mikami will come to kill everyone in the warehouse, the place where the meeting is. He is confident in his plan because he claims to modified the notebook, therefore, no one will die, and whose name is not written in the book is the one who is Kira. Seems like legit plan, but Light also knew what Near was up to, which is why he had Mikami create a fake notebook. Light thinks Near modified the fake notebook, and not the real one which Mikami was hiding. If it is so, then we can guess what would happen next, but it might not be as obvious as we think.moreless
  • Final Chess Match

    It's all come down to this, and now both chess masters have come face to face for a final chess match.

    I'll admit this is another one of the best two parters as well as fights (without the fistacuffs and weapons though) in not just the tv show but I feel in all of television. Basically what we are seeing is suspense at it's best like in a chess match it's a matter of which set of moves have countered and overmatched the others, or in mathamatical terms which drawn out equasion will add up to the highest nummber. I'll admit I couldn't help but be on the edge of my seat on this because it was anyone's game now.

    As usual we have two spectrums of suspense where on one hand we almost want Light to win however have a bad feeling he might finally lose this time because as we saw in a few of the past episode he made some bad moves that may cost him. But on another we want Near to win, hoping he might be as smart as he claims but most of all smarter than Light can imagine. Since I support the good guys in the series you can guess that I want Near to win. But that's beside the point, we see how each persons set of moves, both already know who is who and what they want to do and have already done it. Light we hear first has arranged for the deaths of everyone in the room except himself seems simple. But of course we then hear that Near has exchanged the notebook for a fake seems covered. But then we hear that other move by Light that hit like an unforseen ambush was a shocking twist and I'll admit gave me a cold feeling because I wasn't sure if Near was able to see it. We see that Light somehow switched that notebook to make it seem like the fake one but there were pages of the orignal Death Note in it if counted in a certain sequence you would be able to turn to it.

    This made me worried for the good guys knowing that this move might be one that is not easy to counterattack, I can only hope now that one of Near's trajectory move sets have stretched far enough for him to of forseen this and counterattacked Light but I not sure of anything.

    I'll admit I couldn't help but feel disgusted and feeling the need to punch him when Light was just about to give out a sick arrogant laugh on his theoretical pre victory, of course he holds it in but has that disgusting swarmy smile on his face. It's characteristics like that that put me off because it just once again demonstrated more of Light's self centeredness/narsism he's just so pleased with himself. I really didn't want him to win and I felt he shouldn't win I can't forgive him for what he did to two favorate characters of mine L and Kyomi.

    But the game is far from over we'll just have to wait and see who is the one that holds the checkmate in the next episode. I leave with these words, true victors are ones that never celebrate prematurely, unless they have finished the game.moreless
  • Intensely terrifying!

    This is without a doubt the best Death Note episode ever! It was suspenseful, and intesely terrifying! I always record Death Note, then save it for a night where I can watch it in the dark. Well, Mom and I had just finished watching White Noise, then she went to bed and I stayed up and watched this episode. It was a little past midnight, which made it all the more scary!!! OK, so the big meeting has finally come. Near decides to wear an L mask, which didn't look at all like L to me. *sobs* I MISS L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, Light gets mad and insists he take it off, which he does after half an hour when he is sure that they aren't being controlled by Kira. Then Near goes on to explain that in a little while, Mikami will come and write down all their names in a Death Note. This freaks Matsuda out, since he's the baby of the group. *hugs* I love Matsuda!!! By the way, I'm still rejoicing over Kiyomi's death! XD But Light is no longer my 6th favorite for killing Kiyomi because he's just too mean. Anyway, Matsuda gets all freaked out because he doesn't wanna die, and so does Aizowa and that one guy that looks like Ukita who got killed in part 1. They all wait for Mikami, then Near begins to talk really fast and screams, "HE'S ALREADY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And then everyne makes a bunch of really funny faces and it shows Mikami crazily writing down everyone's, save for Light's, name down in the Death Note. And of course, he's screaming, "DELETE!!!" My heart was pounding the whole time! Then Mikami has the biggest Death note-gasm yet and actually passes out. Near says that everyone will not die, but Light says that they will. Then begins the countdown to see who is right, but the episode cuts off when they get to 1!!! *cries* And there are only 2 more episodes left. :(moreless
  • The Hammer Falls…

    1.28, it ends here. Light, accurately predicting all of Near’s moves has set himself up to finally win the game at last. With the pieces all finally arriving in the same spot, and the kings at last looking into one another’s eyes, Light prepares to vanquish everyone around him and declare final victory over Near and L…

    This has to be the most exciting thing I’ve ever had the privilege to watch… I’m still tingling with excitement simply reviewing this masterpiece and reflecting on everything that has lead to this point in the plot…

    The genius of both Near and Light has reached it’s head, and the final chapter will reveal who has won the war, Near or Light…moreless
  • One of the most intense episodes of the Death Note series, setting it up perfectly for the final episode. The revelation of Light's plan and impending victory will have viewers on the edge of their seats. All of Light's moves are adequately explained.moreless

    Death Note has always been amazing with its cliffhangers, but this is truly its best. Although the past few episodes left viewers who have not read the manga (including I) confused in certain plot points, this episode has tied up much of it greatly. Definitely a great way to set up the finale.
Vincent Tong

Vincent Tong

Touta Matsuda (English Version)

Recurring Role

Keiji Fujiwara

Keiji Fujiwara

Shuichi Aizawa

Recurring Role

Trevor Devall

Trevor Devall

Shuichi Aizawa (English Version)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Omitted Scene: Near Picks up the Pieces

      Near the beginning of this episode, the manga has an additional scene of the SPK Near gives orders to Gevanni, telling him to continue tracking Mikami for as long as possible, while still being able to arrive at Daikoku Wharf by 1PM on the 28th.

      Lidner then calls HQ, apologizing to Near about Mello's rash actions just moments before. But Near simply brushes off the comment, telling her that "The problem is solved" as long as Light follows through with the date of their meeting.

    • Altered Scene: January 28, 2013

      The morning of the 28th, the Task Force and SPK make their final preparations before meeting each other. However, the anime cuts out some parts starting off that day, including SPK Agent Lidner driving Mogi and Misa as well as Light telling the others that Near will most likely not provide any information aiding in the solving of the Kira case, but that they must attend regardless.

    • Altered Scene: How to Use

      As Aizawa removes the death note from the safe, a flashback of deaths are shown, alongside a reading of the notebook's main rules. In the manga, Aizawa never has such a flashback (nor are the rules stated) and he simply removes the notebook hesitantly.

    • Omitted Scene: Mikami's Departure

      The anime shows scenes of the two parties (the Task Force and the SPK) as they head off to YB Warehouse. However, the manga shows an additional short scene of Mikami leaving for their destination, too.

    • Altered Scene: Preceding their Entrance

      Preceding the Task Force's entrance into the warehouse, a number of minor details are altered.

      The seat positions of the Task Force members inside the car, while driving to YB Warehouse, are different from the manga. The manga has Light in the back seat with Ide, with Matsuda in the passenger's seat and Aizawa driving. On the other hand, the camera angles in the anime make it seem as if the car has a third row, with Light sitting by himself in the back, Matsuda and Ide in the second row, and Aizawa driving in the front.

      The anime also differs as Aizawa goes inside the warehouse beforehand to make sure that the actual SPK Agents and Mogi are there. The manga has Aizawa go inside with Matsuda to not only verify that the SPK is present, but to check for wires, tracers and cameras, as well.

    • Altered Scene: Near's Puppets

      Near's explanation of X-Kira's arrival is cut significantly shorter in the anime, removing the more obvious details covered in the manga. For example, Near explains (through his finger puppets) how Mello's kidnapping of Takada prevented Light from contacting Mikami. He then continues, saying that Light would not have contacted Mikami anyways, certain that he would not change the date of their meeting with the SPK. Aizawa's lines about having X-Kira write down everyone else's names in the notebook along with Near is also cut out, having Near provide those lines, instead.

      One of the more significant parts of the scene that were cut out was when Aizawa speaks to Near, telling him that Matsuda (as well as the others) have good reason to suspect that Near is actually Kira, if he insists that everyone's name be written into the notebook. As he says this, Light is slightly irked, thinking that Aizawa should stay out of it. Aizawa then gives in to Near's order, anyways, along with Mogi, giving some reassurance to Matsuda and Ide that they will not die.

    • Look Closely: As Teru Mikami spies through the door leading into the warehouse, the scene changes to his perspective, revealing the true names of all the SPK Agents, including Near, via the shinigami eyes:
      - Near: Nate River
      - Commander Anthony Rester: Anthony Carter
      - Agent Stephen Gevanni: Stephen Loud
      - Agent Hal Lidner: Halle Bullock

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Rester: Hold it! Don't do anything!
      Near: Everything is fine! You won't die!
      Ide: How can you be so sure, Near?
      Near: Because I modified the notebook.

    • Near: On the other side of that door is X-Kira. My guess is, in roughly 40 seconds, he'll look inside to see if we are dead. That's when we restrain him and seize the notebook. Whoever's name is not written down must be Kira.

    • Light: (as Mikami counts down to everyone's death) Near, it's my win!

    • Light: (thinking) No… no, I can't laugh yet, I've got to hold back! Everyone will die in 40 seconds! 35 seconds… 35 more seconds and I get to declare my victory!

    • Light: (thinking) But, Near… You did have a chance to win. You're too soft. And far inferior to L… If it were L, he would have thought of the possibility of a fake notebook, and tested it. You had the chance… I'm rather disappointed in you. You're no rival to me. You tried to win too beautifully… Oh well, because of you… Everyone dies. And as for me… This will be my absolute win as Kira.

    • Light: Near, you have utterly lost!

    • Near: (referring to Mikami) He is already here!

    • Light: (thinking) From here it's just wasting time. Near… I never thought holding back my laughter would be this hard…

    • Light: (thinking) Near, you are far more inferior than L. You are not qualified to wear his mask.

    • Light: (thinking) With this, everything ends. No… It begins today. Kira's perfect world. Those who know of the notebook's existence, everyone… will die.

    • Near: Commander Lester, Lidner, Gevanni… Lets do our best.

    • Matsuda: So it's the day after tomorrow? Things are getting pretty exciting!
      Ide: Yeah. Who knows what Near wants to show us, though…
      Aizawa: (thinking) Matsuda… Ide… All of us might die on that day. Do you understand that?

    • Near: I know I'm interfering, but in regards to our meeting… The 28th at 1pm is all right, yes?
      Light: Yes. (thinking) as expected, it hasn't changed. It's just as I thought. Now there isn't a single doubt.
      Near: Alright then, the day after tomorrow on the 28th.
      Light: Yes.

  • NOTES (3)