Death Note

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Apr 17, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • We now enter ourselves to Mello and Near, L's successors.

    This is a really good episode in my opinion. We now take ourselves into the successors of L; Near and Mello. Near looks a whole lot younger than L. He uses his head like a game or a puzzle. I wonder why. We'll have to find out while watching the rest of the series. Mello is an aggressive 15-year-old boy who happened to have a very big grudge against Near for some reason. Roger was right to suggest the two of them work together. 5 years have passed since Higuchi's arrest and death. Near made up a group of FBI agents called the SPK in order to catch Kira. Meanwhile, Mello went off to join a Mafia group one and a half years ago. He doesn't care what it takes, he's certain to beat Near. Mello looked so cool in my opinon! Mello should be seen a lot more!!!
  • It's one of my favorite animes out of the 50 or more Ive seen!

    This anime is one of THE BEST anime's in Japan! It's addicting, its thrilling, and when watching this anime, You need to expect the unexpected here. The characters are well drawn, the storyline has no noticable flaws, and the anime is dramatic, yet realistic, aside from the shinigami and the Death Note. The intelligence is amazing even for fake people, because somebody really thinks of what they should do or say. It was really unexpected from the moment I started watching it from the moment the credits started at the last episode. This is one of the best anime and manga of all time. Three words of advice before reading this and I really am serious,"Expect the unexpected".
  • Years later, Light officially joins the Kira investigation, and we meet L's sucessors. Another awesome episode of Death Note.

    As I have probably said a million times, Death Note does not dissapoint, it hasn't so far. The only thing I found dissapointing was L's death, the fun is over. However, we find out differently when we meet two of L's possible successors, Near and Mello. Near I have to say, reminds me the most of L, but Mello also reminds me of L when it comes to their love of sweet, well chocolate in Mello's case. It's interesting how different those two are, but their methods of catching Kira are effective. For example, Near works with the FBI, while Mello work with his own small, I guess you could say elite-ish (lol) group. While L's death is made known, and his successors begin working on the Kira case on their own, Light, and the old task force team have still been trying to "catch" Kira...which is hard considering that Light is Kira. It seems the world has taken a new turn, no one has been able to figure out Light it Kira yet, but that might change, and people might come to this realization now that Near and Mello are on the case. Death Note just keeps getting better, and a lot more...interesting.
  • Chaos resumes…

    Five years later, two new adversaries stand in Light’s way. One is cold and calculating, the other is rash and unpredictable; both are very bright and, like L, pose a serious threat to Light. As fortune would have it for Light, however, both are in opposition to one another and are a danger to each other!
    Everything is a little different in the Death Note universe: Kira has plotted along, presumably unopposed thus far, and the results of his designs are apparent in the people living with the changes, more are supportive, yet dissenters are no where near quashed. Things have all gone Light’s way so far, but all this changes rather quickly, and all watching are once again plunged into sweet pandemonium as the action ensues.
    Needless to say, Death Note knows how to make it interesting, and it’s all so very glorious…
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