Death Note

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Dec 12, 2006 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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The Sakura TV station plans to air Kira's home-made videos. Little do they know that the videos will bring more than ratings.

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  • Another Kira is sure a very unexpected twist.

    That was a plot twist I did not expect. Nicely done. I knew all along that the real Kira would never snap to such recklessness as to make such audacious act in the TV station. The second Kira does not seem to have the intelligence that Light has, but that makes her extremely dangerous. Light sees her a threat so its in his best interest to get rid of her as soon as possible, but I bet he will find a way to manipulate her. She is his best chance of bringing L down, because she will be able to see his name.

    This episode portrayed how clever L is. He managed to figure out that the killings were the work of a second Kira who can kill from sight alone. And not telling Light that he knows about the second Kira is brilliant. This might cause some problems for Light. I can't wait to see how L and Light work together while testing each other to see who gives anything away first.

    I was surprised when Rem told Misa that the game she has stepped in is dangerous and will eventually lead to her death. She was actually caring for Misa's safety. I wouldn't go as far to say it seems like a mother-daughter relationship, but it's similar. I can only think that she is going to do something to protect her in a future event.moreless
  • Wow

    This Episode is a really crazy one in a good way though it show the power of the shinigany eyes and what they death note can do to someone, i really like that there are two people that have death notes but i think the girl is a little crazy and she does what ever she wonts and she is giving to much information about the geath note and shiniganis and she is going to make it harder for light to make his perfict world and every thing and she tells every one that she is kira to she is nothing like the real kire(light) she is to crazy but i think that kira will be able to find her and kill her.moreless
  • Misa comes into the picture

    I'd been waiting for Misa to come into the picture for a long time now. But I didn't have to wait nearly as long as the devoted fans did because I started watching Death Note when Light killed Naomi Misora! :P Anyway, someone, most of us who don't cheat and look on the Internet assume he is Light, has been sending weird messages to the Sakura TV station, demanding that they broadcast them on TV. Well the station is overjoyed, so they do it without hesitiation. Um............................ It has been a while since I've seen this episode... But we find out eventually that it is not Light, but in fact, pop idol Misa "Misa-Misa" Amane who has been sending the tapes! And she has the Shinigami's Eyes, as well! I smell a trouble brewin' for Light and Ryuk! Hehe, not really. Misa and Light hit it off rather well. Maybe too well.....moreless
  • Another near perfect episode of Death Note

    Things are starting to get complicated for L when Kira confronts and takes over the airwaves of Sakura TV by broadcasting a message to the world itself. When trying to stop the broadcast, one of the investigators dies outside the studio leading the conclusion that Kira now has the Shingimi Eyes. The biggest turn around in this episode came from Light when he reveals that he wasn't the one who attacked the studio, it was another Kira! L has also figured it out as well, but now the race is how to catch the second Kira before he or she makes another move.

    The animation as always is masterful, the music and voice acting is amazing, and this episode had the best plot revealing moment out of the entire series to date. The only downfold is that we didn't get to see the Second Kira enough to understand what makes this person tick. Oh well, prehaps we'll get a better look next episode.moreless
  • What better to mix things up than another person with a Death Note?

    This really is the first major turning point of the series. Adding another character with a Death Note forces Light to act in a way he's never done before. Usually, Light is the one pulling the puppet strings, this turns the tables, opening more possibilities of a slip-up as well as inviting a more trusting demeanor (which will come into play later in the series). While there wasn't much character development here, there was plenty of set-up for the following episodes.

    This installment allows the series the possibility of going in any direction. This is one of those times when the fans sit back and start scheming, though in reality there's only one true outcome. I give the episode an 8/10 on a Death Note scale.moreless
Hideo Ishikawa

Hideo Ishikawa

Hideki Ide

Guest Star

Brian Dobson

Brian Dobson

Hideki Ide (English Version)

Guest Star



Hitoshi Demegawa (TV Director)

Guest Star

Naoya Uchida

Naoya Uchida

Soichiro Yagami

Recurring Role

Chris Britton

Chris Britton

Soichiro Yagami (English Version)

Recurring Role

Vincent Tong

Vincent Tong

Touta Matsuda (English Version)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: When Ukita is killed, he falls in front of Sakura TV's doors. When the two other officers arrive, as when Chief Yagami arrives, Ukita's corpse is nowhere to be seen.

    • Altered Scene: When L talks to the Task Force about there being a second Kira, the anime takes out his explanation of how the fake Kira's use of the camera's microphone was amateurish, how this Kira's aim was a dictatorship based on fear, and the discovery of the fingerprint on the Osaka stamp used to mail the videos to the Sakura TV Station.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • (L calls Deputy Director Kitamura)
      Kitamura: (answering) Aizawa. I told you not to call me on this phone.
      L: This is L. There's something I need you to do for me.

    • (Chief Yagami enters the Sakura studio)
      Chief Yagami: Hand those tapes over to me! Do you understand?
      Demegawa: Hold on, officer, it's not that simple. My hands are tied here! If we stop this broadcast, he'll kill all of us!
      (Yagami pulls out a gun)
      Chief Yagami: Shut up! You're gonna be killed right here and now if you don't give those tapes to me!

    • (Ukita collapses in front of the TV station)
      Aizawa: Ukita! Damn it! Kira did this.
      (he begins walking out)
      L: Mr. Aizawa! Where are you going?
      Aizawa: Where do you think? I've gotta go there!
      L: You can't. Please think about this rationally.
      Aizawa: What, you want me to just sit here and watch TV?
      L: If this truly is the work of Kira, you'll just meet the same fate if you go there.
      Aizawa: You told us that Kira couldn't kill without a name! So how could this happen?

    • TV Announcer: There you have it. The police refuse to cooperate with Kira. Instead, they are preparing to fight! And, as much as I fear for my own life in saying so, this is right and it must be done! Kira has become a threat to our very constitution and as citizens, we must fight back! This is NHN's Golden News anchor, Koki Tanakabara.

    • Chief Yagami: (to TV Director Demegawa) This is happening because you chose to make Kira a celebrity! You're getting exactly what you deserve!

    • L: After all this, it would really annoy me... (takes a bite out of his cake) if I'm killed by the first person to jump on the Kira bandwagon.

    • Rem: Hey Misa... I kindly gave that Death Note to you, why don't you use it more for yourself?
      Misa: I am using it for myself. After all, I support Kira! So I want to know what kind of person Kira is. And I want to meet and talk to them. That's why I went through the trouble of sending those tapes to the TV station, and ensured that I could get Kira to notice me! Kira will be interested. I'm sure of it!
      Rem: That's a dangerous game you're playing. You could be killed. You know that, right?
      Misa: It'll be okay. I'm sure Kira is kind to innocent girls. And if it does come to that... Misa is stronger because she has the eyes!

    • Chief Yagami: Ryuzaki. What is the probability that there is a second Kira?
      L: Over 70%.

    • (Chief Yagami has crashed a bus into the Sakura TV station)
      L: That's one way to enter the station without revealing your identity...

  • NOTES (4)

    • This episode marks Misa Amane's official debut in the series. The English dub (broadcast and DVD) had her voice actors Aya Hirano and Shannon Chan-Kent listed in previous episodes because those credits were presented in bulk rather than by individual episode.

    • US (Cartoon Network/Adult Swim) Airdate: January 5, 2008*

      *Death Note was not aired the previous week on account of the Winter Holidays.

    • Canada (YTV/Bionix) Airdate: January 4, 2008

    • Manga Correlation:
      - Chapter 023, "Hard Run"
      - Chapter 024, "Shield"
      - Chapter 025, "Fool"