Death Note

Episode 19

Death Note Rewrite: Visionary Deity

Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Aug 31, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • After such a wonderful series, I'm left wondering why they would disgrace its name with this abomination.

    Well, after waiting four months for an English sub of this made-for-TV-movie, I find myself disappointed. The special was a grand total of two hours and ten minutes long and included somewhere between five and ten minutes of new animation. I believe the only thing keeping me alert was the fact that I was A) writing the recap and B) hopeful that something new would happen. It didn't.

    About half way through, the producers threw in an altered scene of when Light viewed the second Kira tapes from Sakura TV. I believe this was ENTIRELY to keep the viewers on their toes. After that, I was waiting, wishing, hoping that something else would come along, but I was sorely disappointed. Seeing L's grave was another thing thrown in to grab the attention, but it didn't hold it long.

    I must admit that the only parts worth watching of this special are the blips from the shinigami realm when Ryuk begins and ends his tale. It gives the final character development for everyone's favorite god of death, which is actually the only purpose this special seemed to have. I give it a shockingly low 6/10 and hope that the up-coming third movie can remedy my disappointment.
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