Death Note

Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Jan 30, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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After renouncing ownership of both Death Notes, Light turns himself in to L and is imprisoned.

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  • Light gambles with his memories to mislead L.

    This episode seemed a bit slow compared to the few previous ones, but the events are interesting. What exactly was Light planning when he decided to give up the Death Note? No doubt he is planning to get it back later on... but how?

    It's amazing how drastic Light's personality has changed now he is no longer in possession of the Death Notes. Poor L is so confused now. It looks like Light's trying to give the impression that Kira is something like a spirit which somehow possesses or gets inside people and leaves them.

    With the murders resuming, it obvious that someone else has the Death Note. Someone who shares the shame ideals as Kira does. I'm presuming that Light has arranged something with Rem as part of a scheme which would help Misa.moreless
  • I don't understand what's going on here! XD

    Or at least that's what I was saying the first time through. Rewatching the series now really gives one the insight needed to fully understand the extent of Light's ingenious plot. I'll only say that I'm glad I'll never have the chance to play him chess, as he'd three-move-mate me.

    The plot of this episode is so crucial to the entire rest of the story that it's nearly absurd. The plot is so thick, the viewer doesn't realize they've been captured within it. If anyone stops watching now, they have absolutely no idea what they've missed.

    I give this episode a 9.7/10 on the Death Note scale, which really must be separate from a normal ratings scale. It's just that much higher.moreless
  • You know an anime episode is good when it's synopsis on the entry for it was able to sum everything up in one sentence.

    Death Note is the kind of series that follows a "soap opera" type of plot, continuing wherever the last episode left off, making it hard to type up stuff like episode synopses. But this episode was different in that it kept things simple, focusing on one aspect and running with it. In this case, it would be keeping up with the days of confinement.

    It was really interesting to see how each detainee dealt with being confined. Of course, there was Light/Kira who's in the process of yet another secret plan, and L & co. trying to figure that plan out, but there was also Soichiro's little story arc. What other dad do you know out there who's willing to be imprisoned along with his son just to prove that his kid's not innocent? What a guy. Though as the days passed in confinement, I couldn't help but feel bad for Mr. Yagami, who was slowly beginning to lose it. His line of "Is it good news?! Is it bad news?!" just gave me shivers.

    Then there was Misa, whose only purpose in the episode was to give a really twisted sense of comic relief to everything else. I know her thinking that she's been kidnapped by a stalker is no laughing matter, but the audience knowing that she's being held for a completely different reason makes it so. And Misa's innocent high-pitched dub voice just seems to stress that point. It was oddly hilarious to see Misa making casual conversation with L - the supposed stalker. And who could forget L's confused line: "I'm a pervert?"

    Seeing all three of those perspectives in this episode, I can understand Aizawa saying, "I didn't think this could get any more bizarre" as he looked at the three surveillance cameras.

    With the episode ending with a supposed new Kira (for those keeping track at home, it's the third Kira) it felt rather surprising to see L with that confused look on his face, saying "I don't understand what's going on here." An awesome episode overall that makes you wonder just what L is gonna do next (while a memory-less Light is an interesting plot point, it's not as fun to keep up with).moreless
  • Aw DAMMIT!!!!!

    I dont believe it, L actually showed him self! He wants Light to be caught that badly that he even went outside to go get killed on purpose (even though he isnt dead yet). Light i think is really being naive and Karma will definatly strike soon, i hope! L is definatly a genius though aw man AND Misa was arrested ? WTF!!!! . So Misa wont be much of a character now then? Shame she like i said she livened up that act a little. Im amazed that this would happen so quickly and im wondering more if L will die :-/ Agfter all he is an awesome character. So does thi mean that light has two Shinigamis now? Interesting stuff. Defiantly a shame to see Misa be put out the program or will she still be involved? What does Kira mean when he says farewell Ryuuk does this mean he doesnt want him as shinigami? What an episodemoreless
  • End of the line... or...

    Light has yet again conducted a brilliant plan to free himself; this time from indisputably incriminating evidence, evidence that would surely mean his end.

    This episode made me extremely anxious… I’ve finally come to terms on where I stand with this show though… I’ll always want L to win… but I want Light to win more… (evil laugh! Muwahahahaha) but for obvious reasons… I don’t want the insane greatness to end!! Ahem… ok I’m calm once again.

    I am incredibly astounded at how anything can keep such momentum, can continue getting better and better and better without fail… The story is truly a credit to its creator. The edge of the seat excitement doesn’t speak enough about what I think of this show… Cheers.moreless
Naoya Uchida

Naoya Uchida

Soichiro Yagami

Recurring Role

Chris Britton

Chris Britton

Soichiro Yagami (English Version)

Recurring Role

Vincent Tong

Vincent Tong

Touta Matsuda (English Version)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Altered Scene: While Light explains how he wishes to be detained, the manga has him further explain how he plans to get around not being in college and with his family. For college, he mentions that at his level he can afford to lose a year or longer. As for his absence with his family, Light suggests that his father pretend to disown him after getting into an argument with him about Light wanting to live with Misa.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • L: I don't understand what's going on here...

    • Aizawa: (observing the three detainees) I didn't think this could get any more bizarre...

    • L: (thinking) There's no real proof that Light Yagami is Kira, so why come here to announce that you could be Kira..? It's an act. There's no "could be" about it - you are Kira! What do you hope to accomplish by this?

    • L: Can't you just admit that you're Kira?
      Light: Don't be stupid, Ryuzaki. You're wrong. Following the current deductions, I can understand why I'm under suspicion, but this is a trap! I'm not Kira! Look at my eyes! Are these the eyes of a liar?!

    • Light: Yes, I can't think I look good right now, but pride like that… I discard it!
      (Ryuk understands Light)
      Ryuk: Oh, finally? Okay then, See ya, Light.
      (Ryuk leaves and removes Light's ownership of the Death Note, thus erasing his memory. Light's eyes sudden turn frightened and innocent)
      Light: What am I doing here? Ryuzaki, I know how I persuaded you to lock me up, but now my mind is clearer! There's no point in doing this! I'm not Kira! Somebody is trying to frame me!

  • NOTES (3)