Death Note

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Dec 05, 2006 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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L begins to profile Light through a game of tennis, followed by some questions regarding the Kira case hoping to figure out the truth about him. However, the questioning is cut short when an unexpected heart attack occurs.

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  • If Light joins the investigation team, he'd have to walk on egg shells, with L analyzing him every second.

    This was another good episode, but not as good as the previous one. Now that L has firmly locked on to Light, their mental battles are getting more intense. The tennis match was done very well, showing what L and Light were thinking at that very moment, but my head got all worked up and scrambled trying to decipher their thoughts.

    The most interesting scene was with the "four pictures" in the café. The fourth picture coming out from nowhere surely gave Light a sweat attack. He really has to act as neutral as possible now, since his suspicion rate is increasing little by little.moreless
  • The first episode in the series of many to come with L challenging Light to games that no one else can see.

    This is the first episode in the series of many to come with L challenging Light to games that no one else can see. Games that make you say, "For the love of God! How in the world did you think of doing that?!?" Jaw droppers. Get used to them. In this episode, the twisted game is a simple game of tennis. To the eye of the normal person, that is. But to L and Light, it's so much more. L challenges Light to a tennis match, and he gladly accepts, knowing it will be a game of wits. They begin, and discover that they are evenly matched. Later into the match, people flock to watch them, considering how good they both are. And the whole entire time, Light and L are enticipating each other's moves, knowing who the winner will be before the match even begun. Although, I'm sorry to say I can't recall myself who wins. I wanna say Light, but I don't remember. I only saw this episode once.moreless
  • whilst this may not exactly be the best episode in the season, what it achieves without much of a premise is hugely impressive.

    As i previously stated on its own its just an average episode, but because of its intuitive use of a tennis game , which should be in fact horrible to watch, it really workd. That is impressive in of itself. This issue greatly improves the whole episode mainly because the deep thinking games take something which should be visually horrible (but actually isnt anyway) and makes it an astounding piece of entertainment. Utterly enthralling throughout, we got really into both characters mind games, my only flaw in the episode was lack of ryuk, as the comic relief to the show it was a let down to see so little of him. The twist at the end of the episode was a nice touch which certainly made me make attentionmoreless
  • Light and L have a tennis match, questions are asked, and Light's father has a heart attack.

    The episode starts with Light and L at a tennis court because L asked Light to a friendly game of tennis but really L is tring to profile Light to see if he's really Kira. Light wins the match and afterwards L tells Light he is a suspect in the Kira case. Then Light descides they should talk in privot at a coffe shop. L descides to test Light by makeing him descifer 3 notes he wrote earlier to find a hidden message. But then he tries a trick by pulling a fourth note which is a fake to see his reaction. Then asking about how would he find Kira by asking questions which is to make him say something only Kira knows. L says he's 3% to be Kira but he wants him to sign up for the task force that way if he's Kira they will find out it's him easyier and if he isn't Kira, he still helps out the investigation. Then they both get a call saying Light's father had a heart attack! It turns out it was from stress, instead of kira which would make no scense with Light being Kira. Light does ask if this guy is really L and his father tells him it is L, and if Light wants to join the task force he must wait till he has finnished collage. Light's father brings up that being able to kill the way kira does is like a curse. Then both Light and L are heading home but before that Light asks L if there is some way to show that he really isn't kira, which L finds a little suspicous but Light counter acts with "how would you fell if you where suspected to be kira?" L says it's the worst feeling, Last Light says he never has felt curse with the curse and he still doesn't.moreless
  • This episode isn't so special.

    I'll have to agree with what IGN's score about this episode. It really isn't extactly the most exciting episode in the series when I look at the last episode that came before it.

    Light and L take each other on in a tennis match and an intellence match as well. The lacking thing about this is that the tennis match is lacking good excitment or anything like that. The intellence match is interesting and proves Light and L can think on the same scale.

    But what this episode did was that it set a great opening the for the next episode to come with a special at the end of it. The voice acting and animation was good as usual, but nothing else I haven't said before.moreless


Hitoshi Demegawa (TV Director)

Guest Star

Ward Perry

Ward Perry

Hitoshi Demegawa (TV Director) (English Version)

Guest Star

Naoya Uchida

Naoya Uchida

Soichiro Yagami

Recurring Role

Chris Britton

Chris Britton

Soichiro Yagami (English Version)

Recurring Role

Ai Satou

Ai Satou

Sachiko Yagami

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Altered scene: In the manga, the tennis club president is actually shown in a different part of the campus before another club member alerts him to the match currently going on between Light and "Ryuga." When the club president finally sees the match for himself, the manga has him swear that he will get the two to join the tennis club by any means necessary.

    • Altered Scene: In the manga, Light and L are still in the tennis court when L tells Light that he suspects him of being Kira. L then notices that they are still surrounded by the students who were watching their tennis match and suggests that they continue their conversation where they can have some more privacy.

    • Altered Scene: At the tea shop, the manga has L give Light a list of the twelve killed FBI agents (containing their time of death and time that they received the file) in addition to the photos taken of the criminals' notes that they wrote before they died. However, Light immediately finds out what bit of information L suspects Kira to slip up on during this questioning and reminds L that he has yet to tell him what kind of file the FBI agents received before they died.

    • Altered Scene: The manga includes a slightly longer version of the hospital scene.

      At the beginning of the hospital scene in the manga, Mrs. Yagami actually stays in the hospital room for a bit longer. But when Soichiro notices that L's comment about this heart attack being a failed murder by Kira is worrying his wife, he says that she may leave now since Light has finally arrived.

      L also asks Light what kind of person he sees Kira as. Light answers that he sees Kira as some kind of affluent child-- someone who still has some pureness within them and has everything they can ever need. But L ends up pushing Light a little too far when he says that based on what Light just said, the most suspicious of their present targets would be Light's sister, Sayu. Light immediately rises from his chair, clearly insulted by what L just said, especially in front of Mr. Yagami. Soichiro then stops the two's bickering, assuring them that Sayu could never be Kira. Ryuk then comments to Light, saying that his father has yet to say the same thing about him.

      Near the end of the scene, after Soichiro says that he will return to work as soon as he can, the manga has both Light and L say that doing such is simply out of the question. But regardless of their pleas, Mr. Yagami stays firm.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • L: (to himself) This is just a simple tennis match, it's not enough to determine if he might be Kira... but Kira hates to lose.

    • Light: (to himself) You can't ever win if you're always on the defensive. To win you have to attack!

    • Chief Yagami: Light, listen to me. Kira is pure evil; we can all agree on that. But recently I've started thinking of this situation in a different way: what is truly evil is the power to kill people. And any person who has come to possess this kind of power is cursed. No matter how you use it, no true happiness can be obtained like that - Not by killing other people.

    • Light: (trying to learn more about L) Ryuga, were you raised in the UK?
      L: I lived in England for about five years when I was younger. But save your breath; nothing in that story will reveal L's true identity, I promise you.

    • Light: I can't take this anymore! Put yourself in my position. How do you think it feels to be accused of being Kira?!
      L: (after pausing to think) It was one of the worst feelings ever.

    • L: (thinking during the tennis match) I can see the wheels turning, Light Yagami. I'm already in your head!

    • L: (to himself) You sure talk a lot, Yagami Light. That's typical of people who hate to lose. Seven percent...

    • Light: Ryuk.
      Ryuk: Yeah?
      Light: I've never once thought that finding the notebook and coming into this power was unfortunate. Now that I have this power, I'm supremely happy. And I'll make the ultimate world.
      Ryuk: I don't give a damn if, because you found the notebook, you're happy or sad. It's just, I've heard that usually humans who are possessed by death gods are prone to misfortune.

    • Light: I swore that if anything happened to you, I'd make sure Kira got the death penalty
      L: (thinking) It's hard to believe this is just an act. I mean, if it is an act, it's just way too corny.

    • L: Thanks for showing me this place.
      Light: And nobody's going to be staring at you for sitting like that.
      L: I just can not sit any other way than this. If I sit the way other people do, my reasoning ability drops by forty percent.

  • NOTES (3)