Death Note

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM May 01, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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Mortified over allowing the Death Note to fall into Mello's hands in order to save his daughter, Soichiro puts himself into harm's way in order to get it back.

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  • A Little Disappointing...

    Considering that Light had to deal with one of the biggest problems he's faced since L's death I was expecting something a little more dramatic or thought-provoking. All the massive amounts of inner dialogue I'd come to expect in the series had been replaced by quick decision making by Light which didn't set well with me. It didn't seem like something he would do at all. The only halfway intelligent thing he did was give up the Death Note so that his father wouldn't see him as Kira but overall I think the writer's took a break on this one.moreless
  • *Spoilers* What a sad ending =(.

    Well, death note once again was a great episode, even action packed this time, and we got to see a new shinigami, Sid. Sid comes back for his death note, which is now in the hands of Mello and his group. He confronts Ryuk, but he can't help Sid. Indirectly from Light, he learns that the location of his book is in Los Angeles. He introduces himself to Mello and he decides to use Sid to his advantage. But not everything goes according to plan when Light uses Misa to find the names of the mafia members and kill them all, so the task force can go in and retrieve the death note which they lost. While in there to get back the notebook, Mr, Yagami makes the eye deal with Ryuk, and has a confrontation with Mello which he learns his real name and is tempted to write it in the notebook. Yagami, not killing anyone before, is reluctant to write Mello's name, and is then shot several times, leaving him on the verge of death. Mello then blows up his quarters and escapes successfully. This episode did make me cry because of the death of Mr. Yagami in the end. In my opinion, he didn't deserve to die, and I could tell Light was concerned about him, but honestly, all he truly cared about was the death of Mello. In the end, I know Light's tears were for his father, but it makes me wonder, was he just crying because he did not get his way this time.moreless
  • This episode shows just how moronic the task force is by following Light through everything, not questioning him b/c of his father. It gives the insight of them and helps to release them from the pressure of Mr. Yagami.moreless

    Light uses his father in many ways but he is foolish in wishing his father to accept the eyes to kill Mihael Keehl, because it causes him to lose his control over most the task force from suspecting him. It shows the how the members are though. They listen to Light's father through almost everything and it even involves suspecting Light. with his father's death he loses this advantage. But Near + Mello (aka L) get the upper hand in catching Light(kira) and This leads to his doom. Many flaws he has made cause his end, but this is crucial, because it gives him a false sense of strength when this doesn't really help him stop Aizawa from going to Near. It also cuts of his ties to freedom of suspesion from the Task Force like i've said before.moreless
  • Tis episode had me torn. I don't know whether to feel sorry for Light, or say he deserved it. (Read more about it in the full review)

    Mr. Yagami (Can't remember his name.) lost the note to Mello, and feels he alone needs to get it back. So, after the Mafia meets another shinigami, Mr. Yagami makes the eye-deal and goes in. After getting the note back, he sees Mello's real name, Mihael Keehl. After threatening to write the name down, Mihael's man shoots Mr. Yagami several times in the back. In the hospital, Light asks his father frantically to finish writing Mihael's name. Before he could, Mr. Yagami died. Which brings up what I said in the summary. I hate Light for killing L, but I partly feel sorry for him after losing his dad. I'm seriously torn!moreless
  • The price of sacrifice…

    This episode would have been very good, but it was plain to see that a terrible amount was crammed into it so everything moved a little bit faster then was appropriate. Other then that, there were some good moments, funny, sad, and of course some brilliant ones here and there:

    Soichiro, overcome with his losing the Death Note to Mello, volunteers to sacrifice his own life in order to get it back.

    Light, making heavy use of Misa’s eyes, tracks down Mello’s mafia, and then sends the information, their certain time of death, and his own Death Note to the Kira taskforce. Needless to say, this was a very smart move from Light, which would almost seamlessly throw a fast one on Mello.

    The price however would be Light’s own father who immediately signs up to be the one using the notebook, making the Shinigami eye trade, and to kill Mello before he escaped the carnage of the synchronized destruction of his group.

    The ending was a little awkward, it was somewhat touching, but it was hard to see what real effect it had on Light, which is what I was looking for.

    Overall, the plot is progressing quickly, but it's hard to say where...moreless
Masaki Aizawa

Masaki Aizawa

Rod Ross (Mafia Leader)

Guest Star

Brian Dobson

Brian Dobson

Rod Ross (Mafia Leader) (English Version)

Guest Star

Takashi Matsuyama

Takashi Matsuyama

Jack Neylon (Mafia Member)

Guest Star

Naoya Uchida

Naoya Uchida

Soichiro Yagami

Recurring Role

Brian Dobson

Brian Dobson

Hideki Ide (English Version)

Recurring Role

Chris Britton

Chris Britton

Soichiro Yagami (English Version)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • Mello's real name is revealed as Mihael Keehl.

    • Omitted Scene: N and the SPK

      All scenes including Near and the remaining SPK members have been omitted, having the episode focus more on the rivalry between Light and Mello.

      One omitted scene, in particular, has Near contact Light and ask him if the current information he shared about the death note is everything the Task Force has been able to find out. Light lies and tells him "yes," wanting to keep the existence of shinigami from him, knowing that that information will be advantageous to him in the future. Light also questions N, asking him if he is also known as Near, to which Near answers simply in the affirmative.

    • Moved Scene: The scene of the Yagami family living in the countryside is moved from after plans are made to invade Mello's hideout in the manga, to the beginning of this episode, before Ryuk and Sidoh meet.

    • Altered Scene: Ryuk and Sidoh

      In the anime, Ryuk first confronts Sidoh while in the middle of snacking on an apple, alone in what is suggested to be Misa's empty hotel room. The manga introduces Sidoh to Ryuk slightly earlier, while the Task Force exchanges the death note for Sayu.

      The following scene with the two shinigami meeting at an abandoned street corner is also significantly altered. The anime version has Ryuk completely disinterested in Sidoh's dilemma, not wanting to help him out whatsoever. In the manga, though, Ryuk is oddly cooperative, telling the pathetic shinigami any information he can. Sidoh also takes out some scrolls depicting the rules for shinigami in various situations, given to him by shinigami Armonia Justin. In the case of the shinigami attached to the notebook dying (as is what happened to shinigami Rem and the death note currently being haggled over), the shinigami (in this case Sidoh) may gain its ownership by waiting for the current human owner to die or have that human willingly give the notebook back to them.

      Ryuk reassures Sidoh, telling him that if he remains with him, he will "probably be fine."

    • Omitted Scene: The Shinigami Realm

      All scenes set in the Shinigami Realm are removed in the anime, suggesting that once Sidoh leaves the Realm, he remains in the Human World until he gets his notebook back.

    • Omitted Scene: Soichiro's Situation

      Following Light's failed attempt at keeping the notebook from the kidnappers, Mello calls Soichiro at his house a few days later, asking him how come he cannot kill people just by seeing their face like Kira. Light and the Task Force, keeping in touch with Soichiro, listen in on the conversation and send him a message to his laptop telling him that all information connected with Shinigami should always remain secret.

      Mello then asks who they set up to act as the new L after the previous L's death. While Mello clearly sees the Japanese Police as bumbling fools, he is certain that they are able to answer this question. Not wanting to give Light's name to Mello, the Task Force is at a loss as to how to answer. With Sayu's life still on the line, Matsuda finally reaches over Light to send a response to Soichiro's computer: "Touta Matsuda One of the men who worls under me. But he's completely useless." Soichiro repeats the message to Mello, who believes him instantly. Before hanging up, Mello tells Soichiro that in the case that he were to kill the current L, he requests that Soichiro also send them the photographs of the remaining Task Force members as well.

      Mr. Yagami leaves his room and talks to his wife, Sachiko, who tells him that Sayu has locked himself inside her room. Soichiro apologizes for everything that has happened lately. Sachiko then begins to speak to him, suggesting that they move into the countryside for Sayu's sake. Soichiro then thanks her, saying that at first he thought she was going to divorce him. To this, Sachiko gives the slightest glimpse of a smile, telling him that no matter what decisions he makes, she will be supporting him all the way.

    • Altered Scene: Misa's Getup

      The manga has Misa wear her "outfit" as she tells Light which kidnapper owns the death note, while the anime combines that scene with the one in which Misa receives Kal Snydar's letter.

    • Altered Scene: Sidoh's Skills

      In the anime, Sidoh finds out the location of Kal Snydar (current owner of his death note) by seeing its address before Light burns it. The manga, though, has him find out Snydar's location in a more mystical manner. Looking down on the Human World from the Shinigami Realm, Sidoh spies on Light and Misa, who discover that the current owner of the notebook is Snydar. Sidoh then sees the picture of Snydar on Misa's computer monitor, which is enough for him to find his exact location in the world.

    • Altered Scene: Sidoh and the Mafia

      In the anime, Sidoh fears Mello after he orders him to stand guard outside. The manga, on the other hand, has Sidoh fear Mello when he asks him about the existence of another notebook in the Human World.

      The manga also has Sidoh refer to some scrolls, describing the shinigami rules. Wanting the mafia to be able to see him, he must first touch the notebook, then have those humans touch the notebook after he has done so himself. He also refers to the rules when asked if there are any other notebooks in the Human World. Reading the rules, he finds that while shinigami without notebooks are allowed to be in the Human World, they are not allowed to talk about any other notebook beside their own. Those who break this rule are sentenced to death after receiving second degree agony.

      Shivering at the fear of punishment, Sidoh, immediately tells Mello that he can only speak about his notebook.

    • Altered Scene: Preceding the Invasion

      The events directly preceding the invasion of Mello's hideout are explained in the manga in much more detail.

      Initially, all of the Task Force was supposed to travel to Los Angeles, with Mogi staying behind in Japan. However, when Kira sends his notebook to Mogi, he is forced to leave Japan and join the rest of the men in L.A.

      When first meeting Ryuk with the Task Force, the manga has Light anticipate that Task Force member Matsuda would end up making the deal for the shinigami eyes. So when Soichiro insists on making the deal instead, Light is actually surprised in this turn of events. Though considering everything that has happened to his father so far, Light understands why his father makes such a rash choice.

      After concluding that Soichiro will be the one to make the shinigami eye deal, the anime immediately cuts to the night of the invasion. In the manga, however, Light begins to question Ryuk about Kira's reasoning for sending them (the Task Force) his notebook in the first place. Light reaches the conclusion that Kira views the Japanese Police as a more desirable owner of the notebook than the kidnappers, who are clearly identified as villains. Light also questions Ryuk about the shinigami that has suddenly appeared on the kidnappers' side - an essential detail never fully explained in the anime.

      The manga continues, having the Task Force further investigate the headquarters thought to be Mello's hideout. With the help of cameras, the Task Force is already able to identify several mafia members connected to Mello entering and leaving the building. But what clinches it for the Task Force is when Mogi, tailing one mafia member by car, verifies that the man bought multiple boxes of the same brand of chocolate - Mello's trademark of sorts.

    • Altered Scene: Mello's Demands

      In the anime, Mello's orders to the Task Force as he threatens to blow up the entire building are never clarified, cutting directly to when Soichiro confronts him.

      Knowing that the death note needs a victim's name and face in order to kill, Mello orders the men to destroy the cameras attached to their helmets, drop their weapons over the banister and have only one of the men enter the room with the death note as well as a gas mask, which was previously used when attacking the surviving mafia members.

    • Altered Scene: The manga and anime differ in Mello's actions as he asks Soichiro if he has ever killed anyone. In the manga, he attempts to reach for a gun inside a drawer while being threatened by Soichiro. The anime, on the other hand, has Mello's line act as a cue to Mafia Member Jose, who begins shooting Yagami from behind.

    • Altered Scene: As the Task Force breaks into Mello's room and threatens to shoot him if he does not drop the detonation device, the manga has Light have an inner thought questioning everyone's hesitation to kill.

    • Omitted Scene: To the Hospital

      After Mello explodes his hideout, the manga actually provides an explanation as to how everyone was able to relocate to the hospital.

      The first Task Force members to regain contact with Light are Mogi, Ide and Matsuda. Ide then speaks to Light, telling him that Mello must have set the explosion so that anyone inside that particular room should be able to survive. Not caring about such a thing, Light immediately asks Ide if anyone else besides his father saw Mello's face, to which Ide responds in the negative.

      Ide and Mogi report to Light that Aizawa is unconscious and Soichiro has been badly shot in the neck. Needing his father to write down Mello's name, Light searches for the nearest hospital (Marvin Hospital), asking either Mogi or Ide to drive the other members there. Light sees Mello's mere existance as a threat, sure that he was able to find out about the fake death note rules through shinigami Sidoh.

      Meanwhile, Ryuk and Sidoh follow the Task Force to the hospital.

    • Altered Scene: While at the hospital, in the manga, Task Force member Ide actually attempts to hold Light back from making Soichiro write Mello's name in the notebook. However, Ide is in turn held back by Task Force member Mogi, as if to tell him that he should not restrain the frantic Light.

      When crying over Soichiro, the manga also has Matsuda finally pull Light back from the bed.

    • Omitted Scene: The President/The first invasion attempt

      In the manga covering this episode, the president of the United States is contacted multiple times by Mello and Light. The president, David Hoope, is first contacted by Mello, who threatens to use the death note to control someone and create a third World War unless he allows the mafia to do as they please.

      Hoope then contacts L to help take the death note from Mello. Light takes advantage of this and asks for a group of people close to the President, whose names and faces are not known to the public. This Task Force of thirty men are used to invade Mello's hideout and retrieve the notebook. However, Sidoh, invisible to everyone but Mello and the mafia, stands guard at the hideout and removes every invader's helmet, exposing their faces to the security cameras and Kal Snydar, the mafia member who made the shinigami eye trade to ensure his safety within the group. With the invasion a failure, Light concludes that a shinigami must have made contact with Mello and angrily questions Ryuk about the situation.

      It is later found out that one of the invading Task Force members was taken in on Mello's orders for questioning, but commits suicide to avoid answering anything. Mello then orders to call the president only to have no answer-the president has committed suicide as well.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Ryuk: Look, I told you, stop following me!
      Sidoh: Then give me back my notebook.
      Ryuk: I don't know where it is! If you want it back, you're gonna have to look for it yourself!

    • Aizawa: Wammy's House isn't exactly a normal orphanage. It's like a school for gifted children. But here's the crazy part: its real purpose is to groom these kids so that one of them could become the next L.
      Light: (thinking) L's successor...
      Aizawa: Apparently, the one most likely to succeed L is this kid named Near.
      Light: (thinking) Near... is that N?
      Matsuda: Also, we found some leads on Mello - the one N mentioned. He's smart, too, but he always came second to Near.
      Light: (thinking) So Near was meant to be L's successor. There's no mistake. He has to be N. He's the one commanding the SPK. As for Mello, he would have wanted to become L's successor. But he probably lost out to Near. That gives him a motive to wanting to get his hands on the notebook first. It all adds up perfectly. This guy is definitely the same Mello that N told us about.

    • Light: (thinking) L's successors... It looks like I'm still fighting L after all this time...

    • (upon touching the notebook and seeing Sidoh, the mafia members scream frantically)
      Mafia Member 1: That wasn't there the last time I touched it!
      Mafia Member 2: Boss, should I kill it?!
      (they begin to madly shoot at Sidoh)
      Sidoh: Nice try. You humans can't kill a shinigami.
      Rod: Jack's right. That ain't no costume. That's a real-life shinigami. So now what do we do?

    • Mello: (to Soichiro) I'm truly sorry. For what it's worth, I give you my word that I never wanted to kill you... But tell me, Yagami... you've never killed someone before, have you?
      (a mafia member assumed to be dead grabs a nearby gun and shoots Soichiro)

    • Ryuk: (thinking) Humans who use the notebook are cursed with fear, pain and misery. Hm, of course, Soichiro didn't use the notebook. He got to die believing his son wasn't Kira. I guess that means... he was happy.

    • Light: Dad! His name… with your last bit of strength, write his name! Don't die before you do!

    • Mello: (chuckles) Yagami again, huh? Maybe I should've killed you when I had the chance. History repeats itself. But I never dreamed in a million years that I'd be bargaining for the notebook with you again.

    • Soichiro: Alright, Ryuk, I'm ready.
      Ryuk: Sure thing, boss. (grants him the shinigami eyes)

    • Soichiro: Kira… if you are Kira, prove it!
      Second Kira: Prove it? Since someone already has the notebook, even if I predict a killing, it won't prove that I'm Kira. But, something that does prove I'm Kira will be sent over to you shortly. My own notebook.

    • Mello: (speaking in an ominous tone) It's useful that humans can't see you. Go patrol outside, you got it?
      Sidoh: (thinking hesitantly) What's with this guy? Even though he's human… he's scary!

    • Sidoh: Chocolate… is delicious!

    • Mello: (after Sidoh takes the Death Note from his hands) What the?! The notebook flew by itself.
      Rod: It's a notebook that kills people, it wouldn't be strange if it were alive.
      Snydar: (upon being touched by the notebook Sidoh tossed at him, and seeing the Shinigami) Ah! B-Boss! This guy in the costume… Is he a new guy?
      Sidoh: I'm not a new guy, I'm a Shinigami.
      Snydar: Shinigami?!

    • Misa: Light, Misa was useful to you again, right?
      Light: Yeah, I love you Misa.

    • Ryuk: Hey, don't follow me!
      Sidoh: Give the note back.
      Ryuk: The truth is, things are a bit complicated, since I don't know where it is at the moment.
      Sidoh: How irresponsible.

    • Soichiro: Light. I still have the Shinigami eyes. According to Ryuk, you can't see the lifespan of someone who possesses a notebook. Light, you're not Kira. I'm... truly happy.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Canada (YTV/Bionix) Airdate: May 16, 2008

    • US (Cartoon Network/Adult Swim) Airdate: May 11, 2008

    • Manga Correlation:
      - Chapter 065, "Responsibility" (Pages 18-End)
      - Chapter 066, "Death" (Pages 1-5, 16-End)
      - Chapter 067, "Button" (not covered)
      - Chapter 068, "Discovery" (Pages 5, 14-End)
      - Chapter 069, "Flight" (Pages 13-15)
      - Chapter 070, "Tremble" (Pages 1-13)
      - Chapter 071, "Contact" (Pages 1-3, 8-End)
      - Chapter 072, "Verification"
      - Chapter 073, "Cornered"
      - Chapter 074, "A Fine Performance"