Death Note

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM May 01, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • A Little Disappointing...

    Considering that Light had to deal with one of the biggest problems he's faced since L's death I was expecting something a little more dramatic or thought-provoking. All the massive amounts of inner dialogue I'd come to expect in the series had been replaced by quick decision making by Light which didn't set well with me. It didn't seem like something he would do at all. The only halfway intelligent thing he did was give up the Death Note so that his father wouldn't see him as Kira but overall I think the writer's took a break on this one.
  • *Spoilers* What a sad ending =(.

    Well, death note once again was a great episode, even action packed this time, and we got to see a new shinigami, Sid. Sid comes back for his death note, which is now in the hands of Mello and his group. He confronts Ryuk, but he can't help Sid. Indirectly from Light, he learns that the location of his book is in Los Angeles. He introduces himself to Mello and he decides to use Sid to his advantage. But not everything goes according to plan when Light uses Misa to find the names of the mafia members and kill them all, so the task force can go in and retrieve the death note which they lost. While in there to get back the notebook, Mr, Yagami makes the eye deal with Ryuk, and has a confrontation with Mello which he learns his real name and is tempted to write it in the notebook. Yagami, not killing anyone before, is reluctant to write Mello's name, and is then shot several times, leaving him on the verge of death. Mello then blows up his quarters and escapes successfully. This episode did make me cry because of the death of Mr. Yagami in the end. In my opinion, he didn't deserve to die, and I could tell Light was concerned about him, but honestly, all he truly cared about was the death of Mello. In the end, I know Light's tears were for his father, but it makes me wonder, was he just crying because he did not get his way this time.
  • This episode shows just how moronic the task force is by following Light through everything, not questioning him b/c of his father. It gives the insight of them and helps to release them from the pressure of Mr. Yagami.

    Light uses his father in many ways but he is foolish in wishing his father to accept the eyes to kill Mihael Keehl, because it causes him to lose his control over most the task force from suspecting him. It shows the how the members are though. They listen to Light's father through almost everything and it even involves suspecting Light. with his father's death he loses this advantage. But Near + Mello (aka L) get the upper hand in catching Light(kira) and This leads to his doom. Many flaws he has made cause his end, but this is crucial, because it gives him a false sense of strength when this doesn't really help him stop Aizawa from going to Near. It also cuts of his ties to freedom of suspesion from the Task Force like i've said before.
  • Tis episode had me torn. I don't know whether to feel sorry for Light, or say he deserved it. (Read more about it in the full review)

    Mr. Yagami (Can't remember his name.) lost the note to Mello, and feels he alone needs to get it back. So, after the Mafia meets another shinigami, Mr. Yagami makes the eye-deal and goes in. After getting the note back, he sees Mello's real name, Mihael Keehl. After threatening to write the name down, Mihael's man shoots Mr. Yagami several times in the back. In the hospital, Light asks his father frantically to finish writing Mihael's name. Before he could, Mr. Yagami died. Which brings up what I said in the summary. I hate Light for killing L, but I partly feel sorry for him after losing his dad. I'm seriously torn!
  • The price of sacrifice…

    This episode would have been very good, but it was plain to see that a terrible amount was crammed into it so everything moved a little bit faster then was appropriate. Other then that, there were some good moments, funny, sad, and of course some brilliant ones here and there:
    Soichiro, overcome with his losing the Death Note to Mello, volunteers to sacrifice his own life in order to get it back.
    Light, making heavy use of Misa’s eyes, tracks down Mello’s mafia, and then sends the information, their certain time of death, and his own Death Note to the Kira taskforce. Needless to say, this was a very smart move from Light, which would almost seamlessly throw a fast one on Mello.
    The price however would be Light’s own father who immediately signs up to be the one using the notebook, making the Shinigami eye trade, and to kill Mello before he escaped the carnage of the synchronized destruction of his group.
    The ending was a little awkward, it was somewhat touching, but it was hard to see what real effect it had on Light, which is what I was looking for.
    Overall, the plot is progressing quickly, but it's hard to say where...
  • After losing the Death Note to Mello, Soichiro is wracked with guilt. Kira presents an opportunity for him to retrieve said Note, and Light encourages his father to do so. Soichiro is murdered and the blonde-haired genius remains at large.

    Once again, Light has everything planned out from the beginning. This is one aspect every episode holds, is that there is planning and intelligence behind every action, even if it is not immediately recognized by the viewer.

    Events foreshadowing what occurs:
    Light does not want to be seen owning a Death Note, and hence relinquishes his while taking Misa's to retain his memories.
    ~Light's character has been making it more and more obvious that he's going to use every means he can find.
    ~Light was contemplating killing his sister, but didn't have to. Character development says someone close to him needs to die.

    Soichiro feels as though he has let the team down and needs to prove his worth again.
    ~receives Kira's Death Note
    ~does the eye trade with Ryuk
    ~his character in general is one that will die for his cause

    This is one of the plans that is a bit easier to follow, and it is clear as day not long into the episode that a major character is going to perish. I liked this episode less than I did L's death. Light's character is becoming far too tainted by the use of the Death Note, and he's finally crossed the line and murdered part of his own family.

    I was not affected emotionally at all by Soichiro's death, and simply felt more hatred towards Light. It was an okay episode, but if something doesn't shift so that the series goes back uphill rather than down, I will be sorely disappointed with the nearing ending.

    I give this episode an 8 out of 10, at the VERY most.