Death Note

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Mar 20, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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    Oh my gosh, that was so awesome! It's gotta be the best I've seen yet! Season 2 is getting better than Season 1!!!!

    That episodes was wonderful, it was just like 24 at it's best, the action, the deduction, the events, it was all well played and plotted!!!! It's so cool! I haven't seen a show like tis in ages!

    It's a heart-pounding race between Kira and L. But old allies come and join. They contributed a lot in the capturing and the marvelous chase!

    It was the best yet. I'm sorry, I can't stop complimenting it. It's just so good. It's my favorite episode ever since the previous one! I love it!!!!
  • One of the greatest Death Note episodes I have ever watched so far, my heart pumping, so revealing, and very exciting.

    I am absolutely glad I watch this series, because Death Note never dissapoints, but this time, it was much more impressive then I have ever seen. With all the action going on, and how tense everything becomes, and how well planned and thought out, as well as prepared everything was, plus everything went according to their plan, and they even found the man they were looking for. Higuchi (or however his name is spelled) is proven to be a serious nut case and a complete idiot or fall into L's trap...though it is L we are talking about here. He desperately wants to kill Matsuda in order to keep his secret of being "kira" and risks everything, he even makes a deal with Rem for the shinigami eyes. This episode as I already mentioned was so exciting, all the events leading up to the third kira's capture was making my heart race, and when they finally caught him, a sigh of relief. Now that he is caught, L can now get his hands on the death note...
  • Gah, I knew they were going to end it there --- knew it!

    This was an ecstatic episode to me. The police drama and the persecution were arranged in such a believable manner, that I got the feeling I was watching a live-action film. Higuchi's angry faces and deranged eyes made him look like the devil unleashed on the road.

    I shivered when L gave his completely accurate analysis of the Kiras' power when he said, "Shinigami."

    The episode built anticipation to set up a reaction once L came at the verge of discovering Kira's murdering method. This expectancy will carry on for next episode with L, finally, finding the Death Note. Just as I've started to care for Light and L combining their wits, this arc is coming to a close.
  • L corners Higuchi, and is one step closer to solving the Kira case.

    I'll admit it- I doubted them for a minute. After Light relinquished his Death Note, and L lost track of the case, I thought the series was going to be totally destroyed. Then I saw this episode.

    I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish! I had no idea what would happen next, or where the story would go from there. Was L finally going to figure out the existence of the Death Note? Was Light really going to reclaim the title of Kira? And would the secret of how L stays in shape finally be revealed!?

    Okay, that last one was a joke, but I know you all wanna know! If I had to summarize this episode, I'd say it was a masterpiece that deserved to go down in history as one of Death Note's key turnarounds.
  • The Most Incredible Event That I Have Ever Witnessed

    The episode was perfect. The timing between all these event colliding together amazed me. Higuchi tried all he could to get himself out of trouble, but his wit was and will never be a match for L and and the fate of life that it out for someone it wants. The ending of this episode was the greatest thing I have ever witnessed. The ending was so originl, how things messed up, but it was all part of a plan that was never planned. Aizowa was incredible at the ending, getting the police to come. bsoulute genious. The Story was top, 10/10. The Sound and music, perfect! 10/10 Everything was amazing. Even anime fans would fall in love with this episode. It is definetly my top 3 Death Note episodes.
  • Heart pounding paced race...

    What a good conclusion to the Yatsuba build up… The whole episode was fast and furious and showed no signs of slowing to the very end! Don’t get me wrong I like Death Note for its other considerable, slower, yet still dramatic qualities, but it’s refreshing when a pulse riser like this one is thrown into the mix!
    Higuchi, still somehow managing to keep his wits, writes Matsuda’s ‘fake’ name in the Death Note. Light and L are observing keenly from a camera and struggling to see his killing method. When Higuchi realizes that his attempt to kill Matsuda failed, he at last looses it; desperate, and out of other options, he strikes the Shinigami eye trade with Rem… Containing Higuchi then becomes a real problem for L, who still wants nothing more then to see how he kills in the mysterious Kira method, as they suddenly realize that he now only needs to see a face to kill it’s owner…