Death Note

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Nov 21, 2006 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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Discovering that L has gone so far as to tap his room with cameras, Light comes up with a plan to throw off his suspicions.

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  • L has more than his work cut on this. Light is still ten steps ahead of him.

    I thought the previous episode was intellectually shattering, but I found this episode also quite remarkable in a different way. I have to say, this was the funniest episode of the series so far.

    It's hard to take L and the investigation team seriously when they are snacking on ice cream scoops. And I was laughing out loud when I saw Ryuk's reaction to not being able to eat apples anymore. It just amazes how his intimidating looks wash away when he acts like that. And you gotta love the way they made eating a bag of potato chips look so dramatic.

    It amazes me how far ahead Light thinks about things. What he does to make sure nobody has been in his room and writing criminals names in the Death Note just in case something happens to him very smart. Light has had a rush of blood on a few occasions (in episode two when he killed the fake L) and a few times when he hasn't been in complete control (in the previous episode when he was trying to find out Naomi's name) but he seemed a lot more in control in this episode.moreless
  • Light's Intelligence Really Shows

    This episode really shows how smart and precise Light is, even in his daily life. He comes home to no one and is already partially suspicious. He goes up to his door and instantly knows by touching his door handle that someone had been there.

    Being the person he is, and especially since he got the notebook, he has become exact in what he does. The doorknob to his room is always at an angle, so that he knows if someone has been in his room or not. He also puts a piece of lead into the door crack so if someone opened it, it would break. There is also a slip of paper he puts into his door that someone took the time to put back in the door after leaving. This is where another part of his genius is shown. He now knows someone has been in his room and he wants to know who.

    Light enters his room and Ryuk goes on and on about how they haven't played video games in a while. Ryuk really wants to play, but Light ignores everything and leaves his room.

    Light then tells Ryuk outside that he thinks that there are cameras in his room. He gives Ryuk the insentive that he won't be able to eat apples unless he can find a blind spot. Ryuk then agrees to find all the cameras.

    Light uses Ryuk to find all of the cameras in his room, 64 in total. Light is prepared for something like this. He has "inappropriate" magizines hidden in dummy encyclopedias, hidden just for this kind of situation. He also buys another one so that it looks like he was getting a new issue for his collection.

    His dad freaks out watching Light look at the magizines, but L tells him that it's normal.

    Sayu fawns over a movie star and her mom tells her to eat. L has a broadcast come up that is about having 1500 investigators go after Kira. Light makes a clever comment about it, not breaking his composure at all. He takes a bag of chips for studying and goes upstairs.

    Finding out the location of all of the cameras, Ryuk then goes on and on about where they are as Light pretends to study. Ryuk also whines about how he wants an apple.

    Light has a mini TV so he can still kill criminals in this bag of chips. Only he eats these type of chips, it was safe to have the TV in it. The volume is turned down low enough that it can only be heard by him. He kills off some criminals with the Death Note, but to the cameras and the Japanese Task Force, it looks like he's studying. To keep from raising suspision, he throws away the bag with the TV still in it. Ryuk makes a comment later when his mom wants to take his trash from his room that the Mini TV cost Light $400. Light just brushes it off as he watches his mom give the garbage men the trash.

    This is one of the episodes early on that really show Light's character and genius. Later on, we'll see how he gets smarter and even can break under pressure. But Light pulls through to the end...well, if you want to know the end, watch it yourself.moreless
  • And Light Yagami, my children, is who we would call, an evil genius.

    I don't remember, but I think this is the episode where Light pulls one over on L using a bag of chips, isn't it? If it's not, it's close to it. Anyway, L, being the super hot private detective that he is (I'm wearing a T-shirt with his face on it right now!!!) has already figured out that Light Yagami is Kira, he just needs some proof. So he bugs Light's room! LOL, I have expected Light to do something dirty, and he did. He pulled out a punch of porn magazines and pretended that's what he did in his room all day instead of killing people!!!!! :P OK, OK, OK, so Light pretends do to his homework after reading porn and makes Ryuk go around his room and counts the cameras. I think it's the next episode where Light does the trick with the bag of chips... If not, here's what happens. Light goes out and buys a $400 mini TV and sticks it inside a bag of chips, which he takes to his room and pretends to do his homework, while he's actually writing in the Death Note. He can see the little TV, but L can't from the camera angles. But in the end, he ends up having to throw away the little TV to avoid suspicion. How sad. :(moreless
  • L puts Light under surveillance but Light already knows.

    L puts cameras and wiretaps in the Yagami house hold because Light is under suspicion. Light has a few precautions and notices that someone has gone into his room. He tries to throw of L's suspicion that Light is Kira so he does normal things a high school boy would do. Light seems too innocent and will continue to investigate him. Ryuk, determined to eat his apples in secret, found 64 cameras in Light's room. He now knows that there isn't a place in Light's room where he can eat his apples. In general, this episode was good because it explained how determined L is to find Kira.moreless
  • This episode is alright, not the best.

    This episode was slightly better than the previous one. This episode seemed like it was made to be a funny one, but it didn't do much in that department for me.

    This is one of the most interesting parts in the series, but this verison wasn't actually as good as the manga verison was. Tons of cameras are set up inside of Light's home and he must find a way to still kill people without being seen.

    The animation was flawless however, and as always, the voice acting is very good like usual. I just don't know what went wrong with the script! I'm just disappointed that this episode had to turn out this way.moreless
Naoya Uchida

Naoya Uchida

Soichiro Yagami

Recurring Role

Vincent Tong

Vincent Tong

Touta Matsuda (English Version)

Recurring Role

Keiji Fujiwara

Keiji Fujiwara

Shuichi Aizawa

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Omitted Scene: Ukita at HQ

      The manga covers a short scene of Ukita (one of the remaining police officers working on the Kira case) by himself at the police station while the other officers are with L and Watari. At the station, he has to answer the phone calls of anyone calling in about the Kira investigation. However, knowing that most, if not all, of the calls he has been answering are completely bogus (the callers even going as far as claiming to be Kira and calling the police for help), Ukita decides to unplug all of the phones in the room, allowing him to smoke his cigarette in peace.

    • Goof: When Naomi Misora's description if shown on the laptop at L's headquarters, you will notice that her description is made up of nothing but random letters strung together-- something that the Japanese audience would have most likely glazed over.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Ryuk: (moans and screams) The symptoms are starting!
      Light: (thinking) I'll show you, L!
      (as Ryuk's symptoms begin, Light begins to study)
      With Ryuk's information and my preparations, I can continue to kill criminals whose names are broadcast on the news while masquerading as a typical high school student studying for his entrance exams. Just watch me, L. I'll solve equations with my right hand, and write names with my left! I'll take a potato chip... and eat it!

    • Ryuk: I think that's it, Light. I found every camera they put in the house. I guess shinigami get tired when they work hard. Now lemme explain where they all are. It's a little bit complicated, so listen up-- there's nothing I hate more than explaining something twice!
      Light: (pretending not to listen due to the surveillance cameras) Alright, it's time for me to hit the books.
      Ryuk: There sure are a lot of cameras in this room. I counted 64 in total. I guess whoever put them here expected you to at least find some of them...

    • Light: Are you sure that I can use any date as long as it's before the person's predetermined lifespan?
      Ryuk: Well, I can't guarantee it because we shinigami don't normally work that way. But I suppose any time before the end of their lifespan should work.
      Light: I really can't count on you, can I?
      Ryuk: You got that right.

    • L: Mr. Matsuda, it's okay for you to turn on your cell phone now. Actually, please turn it on right away.
      Matsuda: Uh, sure. (he turns on his cell phone and it rings; L rudely snatches it away.)
      L: (answering) Yes, this is Suzuki, head of Kira's Investigation Public Information Division...
      (Matsuda twitches in anger)

    • L: (about Naomi Misora) Well, apparently she's been missing since the day after her fiancé died.
      Matsuda: I'm sure that anyone in her situation would be pretty depressed. Was it...?
      Aizawa: Suicide.
      L: No. The Naomi Misora I knew was strong, not to mention she was also an excellent FBI agent. If anything, it's more likely she'd be trying to catch Kira. It appears she came to Japan with Penber; it's possible that she may have found a lead. (thinking) If that's the case, did Kira manage to get to her first?

    • (Light enters his room where Ryuk is waiting for him)
      Ryuk: How's it going? I don't think anyone else is in the house right now; do you want to play some video games? (Light ignores him) Come on, it's been a while!

    • Light: By the way, Ryuk, what about your apples?
      Ryuk: Apples? (gasps) That's right, surveillance cameras! Once the apple's in my mouth, no one can see it, but while I'm holding it, it looks like it's floating.
      Light: I thought so. You told me that shinigami can't die, so I guess it won't kill you to stop eating apples for a while.
      Ryuk: Don't you think that's a bit much? Come on! I never told you this, but apples are to me what cigarettes and alcohol are to humans. Do you see what I'm saying? I even get withdrawal symptoms!

    • Ryuk: (to Light) Well, I can't say for sure whether you're extremely generous or just a spoiled brat, but didn't that mini LCD TV cost you 400 bucks?!
      (Light watches out the window as the mini TV he hid is about to be destroyed by the trash compactor)

    • Light:(thinking to himself) A normal person would probably be caught by this, but not me, L. This is as far as you get!

    • Light: (sarcastically) Big help you are.
      Ryuk: I'm no help at all.

    • (About Ryuk's "apple withdrawal")
      Light: What sort of symptoms would you have?
      Ryuk: My body gets all twisted up and I do headstands.
      (He demonstrates)
      Light: I'd hate to see that.
      Ryuk: I'll bet.

    • (After Ryuk comments that Light must be popular with girls because of his dexterity)
      Light: Being dexterous has nothing to do with it. It's more important to be good-looking. Ryuk, are you, by any chance, unpopular with the ladies?

    • Soichiro: I c-can't believe that my straight-laced son would look at a magazine like that!

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