Death Note

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Mar 13, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • Higuchi was excellent in this episode. You could literally feel his desperation and losing control.

    It looks like the darker and more suspenseful Death Note is back. I'm speechless as to how L and Light's combined intellect forced Higuchi to step out from his hiding spot and race towards digging his own grave for what would be the unavoidable outcome in the next episode.

    Poor Matsuda has to be the sacrificial lamb for all of L's schemes. I must say, Matsuda is really brave. I mean, yes, he might not be as useful, but he is brave! He barged into that meeting before and now he's willingly putting his life on the line. Had Higuchi made the deal for the Shinigami eyes then Matsuda would be a goner right away.
  • L of course does not dissapoint, an excellent episode, dying to see what happens next!

    We start off with Misa telling Light and L how she got the third Kira to confess that he was the third kira. Now L and the task force come up with a plan in order to find solid evidence that he is in fact kira. I think the plan they created is cleverly plotted and brilliant, but that is what we expect from L no? Poor Matsuda is being used as bait, and I like the fact how everything is going to plan, but we all know it will most likely be messed up some how. Words cannot really describe how much I like the episode, but I thought it was great! I'm dying to see what happens next!
  • Really intelligent and gratifying episode…

    All facets of this episodes action was carefully laid out yet it seemed to all go by incredibly fast… Excellent and exciting pace and, of course, yet again, brilliantly done…
    L, still convinced that Light was Kira, theorizes that HE in fact was the one that willingly transferred his power more or less to the next Kira. Determined to make sure that the same thing does not happen again with the new Kira, L and Light, acting on the information received by Misa, single out Higuchi after it is confirmed that he is without a doubt Kira, and devise a plan to catch him before he is able to yet again pass on the ‘power’ he possesses. It was a very complicated plan and I don’t care to recap it, but it was greatly entertaining and bright… I’m very eager to see how it turns out.
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