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Death Note

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Apr 24, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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Episode Summary

Near collaborates with Light in order to rescue Sayu, who is being held hostage by Mello in exchange for the Death Note. But when Mello's plans to take the notebook get more and more extravagant, will Light be forced to kill his own sister?

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  • As usual, another awesome episode of Death Note, it's time for Yagami to make a serious trade. The notebook...or his daughter.

    Well, as we all know, Death Note never dissapoints. In this episode, Mr. Yagami was put in a very difficult position where he had to trade the notebook for his daughter. This episode was great because of all the unexpected turns and preparations that were made to make sure the kidnappers were to get the notebook no matter what. Light, as we have seen changed since when we first met him. You would think ever since he was put in place of L, they haven't be able to come close to catching Kira, someone would put two and two together. Doesn't the rest of the world wonder what on earth is the japanese police doing? Of course they are, and that is why we have Near and Mello now on the case. Mello has proved to be worthy of being L's successor for how he cleverly got the notebook. I'm sure Mello would find out some of those rules in the death note are fake. After one of his men tested the notebook, we'll see if he really dies within 13 days...or perhaps they won't live long enough to tell. Light seems to now lose his temper when things do not go his way, he takes his anger out on Misa, poor girl should know better, but she is too infatuated with him. I feel sorry for her that she actually puts up with him, she even stays by his side no matter what. At one point, I thought Light was actually going to kill Sayu, if he did, I would have hated him so much. Light proved that though being Kira has turned him into someone less desirable, he still has a caring side, and genuinely loves his sister. I'm glad he didn't have the heart to kill her.moreless
  • It gets good from here....

    They plan. Aizawa is ordered to follow Yagami-san, but anotehr man approaches Yagami and tehy board a different flight. Aiazawa panics, but Light orders not to follow tehm and stick to the flight he was supposed to take. Light panics too.

    The plane with Yagami in it lands in front of an underground trading facility. Sayu is there, along with one of chocoholic Mello's men. They trade. He tests the notebook by killing one of Mello's men, and Yagami takes Sayu. Then Mello releases a missile. It's unseen by radar,a nd suddenly a majority of SPK die. L and N seem to form an alliance.

    The Death World, teh overlord requests one of teh Death gods to tell Ryuk to regain the notebook. It ends with the Death God telling the overlord that he's going to the human world.

    It was a nice episode, much better than the previous one.moreless
  • Creativity...

    This episode was very exciting, mainly featuring Mello’s genius and development as a major player to come.

    Mired in the ponderous conundrum regarding the loss of either his sister, or the Death Note, Light, sets about trying to contain this rapidly growing problem. He is faced with the heavy loss of either his own remnants of humanity, or the Death Note which would seriously hurt his campaign as Kira once in the hands of Mello.

    This episode was very interesting to watch, regarding character development, and of course, the serious consequences of the events unfolding quickly. Light’s choice to not kill his own sister, showed me that he isn’t all but consumed with his role as Kira, and was willing to possibly risk it all, just to spare her.

    Mello’s creative resourcefulness in eluding and swaying Light and his team nets him the lofty prize of a Death Note which gives him a tremendous amount of power in the scheme of things. Mello’s role is quickly one of corollary to Kira who now has a new nemesis challenging his rule. Light’s ingenuity alone is perhaps not enough to stop Mello and his ambitious plans… But unfortunately for Mello, he is currently the common enemy of more then one major player on the board, and Light is set to fight him side by side with Near...moreless
Trevor Devall

Trevor Devall

Miller (Mafia Member) (English Version)

Guest Star

Brian Dobson

Brian Dobson

Rod Ross (Mafia Leader) (English Version)

Guest Star

Masaki Aizawa

Masaki Aizawa

Rod Ross (Mafia Leader)

Guest Star

Naoya Uchida

Naoya Uchida

Soichiro Yagami

Recurring Role

Chris Britton

Chris Britton

Soichiro Yagami (English Version)

Recurring Role

Vincent Tong

Vincent Tong

Touta Matsuda (English Version)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • Filler Scene: Parakeet

      In the manga, Light makes a quick mentioning of how he will be bringing Misa to L.A. along with him because of a film she will be working on in Hollywood.

      The anime, however, creates an entirely new scene, having Light walk into his and Misa's room (which randomly has a caged parakeet in it) from the Task Force Headquarters. Learning of where they will be going, Misa immediately begins to start packing. But she is interrupted when she notices that Light goes straight to the restroom and turns on the sink, fearing that he may have to kill Sayu.

    • Altered Scene: Switched Task Force Members

      When Soichiro is intercepted by Mello's agent, the manga has Task Force agent Ide witness the event, while the anime inexplicably replaces him with Aizawa. As such, the anime cuts out all other parts in which Aizawa is on the same plane as Soichiro.

      Following the manga, Ide was supposed to take the same flight as Soichiro, while Aizawa took the flight before them. The agent then forces Soichiro to take an earlier flight - the same flight as Aizawa. As such, the anime had to remove all parts with Aizawa on the same plane as Soichiro, since (going by the change they made) he should not be there.

    • Moved Scene: The scene where Mello talks with Soichiro through the earphone is moved from after Mello's agent intercepts Soichiro at the airport in the manga to after Light contacts Near for help in the anime.

    • Omitted Scene: While on the plane to L.A., Aizawa actually communicates with Light via phone texting. Light asks if the person who intercepted his father at the airport is the same person hijacking the plane. Aizawa quickly checks, noticing that the agent is seated next to Mr. Yagami, and answers in the negative.

    • Moved Scene: Light screaming at Misa to continue her job as Kira is moved from after Light checks the status of the plane's pilots in the manga to while Soichiro was already in the underground passage in the anime.

    • Altered Scene: The Plane Trip

      The anime's depiction of the plane scene with Mr. Yagami is significantly shorter than its manga counterpart, cut off after Mello contacts Mr. Yagami through the earphone and continuing onward from when Mr. Yagami enters the underground passage.

      In the manga, following Mello's call, the scene cuts to Task Force member Mogi, who sends Light a picture of the agent who intercepted Yagami at the airport, which he received from the airport's surveillance camera. Light then has Misa use her shinigami eyes to read the agents name: Zakk Irius. Light then reports this name to the SPK, who is surprised that L was able to find out the agent's name so quickly.

      The scene then cuts back to Mello and Soichiro. Mello further explains his plans to him, saying how the plane will drop him off to perform the exchange for his daughter. He continues, telling Yagami that it would be in his best interests to keep Soichiro and Sayu alive so as to remain on "good terms" with Kira and the Japanese Police.

      Mello then orders Yagami to contact L and have him stop any media report covering the plane's hijacking. Yagami does so, texting Light who easily stops all media reports. In return for following orders, Mello sends Yagami another picture of Sayu to his phone. And to further confirm Sayu's safety, Mello allows Yagami to send him a message, asking Sayu something. Yagami sends a message assuring Sayu's safety and asking her what time it is in Japan, noticing that she was wearing her watch in the picture Mello sent. Sayu answers accordingly ("2:42 AM"), assuring Yagami for at least a while longer.

      Time passes and the plane begins to make its unexpected landing, to the surprise of all the passengers. The only passenger not surprised by this change in events is Task Force member Aizawa, who is also on the plane.

      Before entering the underground passage, Yagami gets a call from Light. Under orders to have Mello be able to hear the call, Yagami answers his phone. Light assures his father that his and his daughter's safety are top priority and, as previously ordered by Mello, a helicopter has been sent to pick him and Sayu up after the exchange has been made.

    • Altered Scene: In the manga, Light merely considers killing Sayu and his father during the notebook exchange with the kidnappers. However, the anime goes as far as having Light take out the spare death note paper in his watch as he ponders this.

    • Omitted Scene: After the helicopter is exploded and the missile is launched, Light receives a call from Aizawa. He reports to Light that the person speaking with Mr. Yagami on the plane died eight minutes ago of a heart attack. The plane hijacker also died soon after landing the plane safely. Light then thinks to himself that the kidnappers must have killed their own men with the notebook he just lost.

    • Filler Scene: After actually having the notebook stolen by the kidnappers, Misa tries comforting Light by giving him a cold drink. Light, disappointed at his loss, casually knocks the drink over onto the floor.

    • Omitted Scene: Soichiro's Questioning

      In the anime, the last seen of Soichiro and Sayu in the episode is when they are being taken away via the airplane Near sent.

      The manga, on the other hand, provides a more in depth explanation as to what happened to them following the exchange with the kidnappers. Worried that the kidnappers will use the death note to kill them off, Light, calls his father's cell phone. Mr. Yagami answers, reassuring Light, but also telling him that after such an experience, he will resign from the Police Force. Light tries to talk his father out of it, keeping in mind that Soichiro has made it to the top of the Japanese Police Force, but Soichiro is steadfast in his decision, wishing only to cooperate with the police as a regular citizen.

      The helicopter soon lands in the Los Angeles HQ building where Near has decided "borrow these two for a bit," assuring Light that he will remain in connection with him to hear all the questions he will ask the two.

      The scene shifts to Soichiro in a room inside the building. Near speaks to him through his scrambled microphone, telling him that his daughter has told him that she neither saw nor heard much from the kidnappers while she was with them. Noticing that Soichiro wore a wireless earphone to receive instructions from who claims to be the mastermind behind the kidnapping, Near asks Soichiro if he remembered anything from the communication that could be used to identify the person. Soichiro answers, saying that the voice he heard through the earphone was scrambled, so he could not identify much from the kidnapper - not even his age.

      The questioning is then interrupted by SPK Agent Gevanni, who reports that they have found the scattered pieces of the missile that the death note was attached to. Near reaches the conclusion that the notebook (most likely inside something that would survive the landing) could have been collected by the kidnappers in a number of ways. He then tells Light of his plan to get the notebook back, saying that L (Light) will threaten the kidnappers to make all of their names and faces public for Kira's disposal. Light is hesitant to follow such a plan, questioning whether finding anything about the kidnappers will be possible. But to this, Near coolly says, "It's not a question of possible or impossible. We must do it."

      Near then returns to Soichiro, apologizing for keeping him waiting. Given some time to think, Soichiro is able to remember all of the orders he was given via earphone, but nothing that would be of Near's use. Near corrects him, though, telling him that he is more interested in any background noise heard, such as if the kidnapper were eating something while he talked. Suspecting that Mello was behind the kidnapping, he specifically asks Soichiro if the speaker was eating what sounded like a chocolate bar. Also considering that the plan to retrieve the notebook was so elaborate, the only suspect for such a crime has to be Mello. Soichiro increases Near's suspicions, telling him that while he cannot be certain about the chocolate, he might have heard the sound of a "crack" through the earphone.

      Still listening in on the questioning, Light suspects that Near has an idea as to who the kidnappers may be: "Why else would he be asking such specific questions?" With this in mind, he tells himself that he has no choice but to cooperate with Near while he makes sure not to connect his true identity with L or Kira.

    • Moved Scene: The scenes following Sidoh in the Human Realm are moved from after Soichiro recovers Sayu to the next episode.

    • Omitted Scene: N Disses L

      Following the kidnapper's success in receiving the notebook, the manga has Light try to recover from such a loss, asking N to provide him with any clues as to who the kidnapper might be. Near refuses, however, saying that the only cooperation he needs from Light is in announcing the names and faces of the kidnappers to the public after such information has been discovered.

      Near continues, telling Light how the first L gave his life and was able to prove to the world that Kira as well as a murder notebook existed; compared to the old L, Light has done nothing. And based on the failed attempt at keeping the notebook from the kidnappers' hands, Near is confident that he does not need the help of the second L or the Japanese Police in capturing Kira.

      With Near having just blatantly disrespected Light as the second L, Light vows to kill him along with the kidnappers. But not wanting to be forced into a corner through his emotions, Light decides to stay with N and follow the kidnapper's movements for now.

    • Altered Scene: In the manga, Light and Near keep in contact throughout the entire kidnapping and even for a while afterwards. In the anime, however, Light and Near cut communications upon their failed mission, with Near soon calling him back after the sudden deaths of a majority of the SPK members.

    • Altered Scene: In the manga, after the death of the SPK members, Light suggests to Near that they share as much information with each other as they can so as to progress the Kira case further, with Near being hesitant to do so at first. In the anime, however, the roles are switched and Near suggests the idea to Light, instead.

    • Moved Scene: The scene in the Shinigami Realm with Armonia Justin and Sidoh is moved from after Soichiro recovers Sayu in the manga, to the end of the episode in the anime, after Near informs Light of Mello and Wammy's House.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Soichiro: (thinking) I'm going to give the notebook to some criminal in exchange for my daughter's life. When the time comes, what's the right thing to do? As a police officer? as a human being? ... and as a parent?

    • Light: A missile?!
      Ryuk: Woah...
      Near: You won't be able to track that with radar.
      Light: Is the notebook on that thing?

    • Light: (thinking) N... why do I feel like I'm talking to L?

    • Near: (thinking to himself) After they have the notebook in their hands, what will they do with it? It's obvious... (several members of the SPK die in quick succession around him)

    • Sidoh: What should I do in this situation?
      Justin: If that's the case, just make Ryuk give it back to you.
      Sidoh: As I thought… I guess I'll have to leave the Shinigami's realm.
      Justin: You'd better get going.

    • Near: I suspect the person who arranged the kidnapping and the trade is someone who goes by the name Mello.
      Light: Mello? Who's he?
      Near: I don't have his photograph and I don't kow his real name. All I know about him is that four years ago, he was living at an orphanage located in Winchester England, known as Wammy's House.
      Light: (thinking) Wammy's House... that's the place Watari established!
      Near: I believe Mello is playing a game with me. He wants to see which of us will be the first to take down Kira - the final challenge.

    • Near: L, your people were unable to do anything. You handed the notebook over without a fight.
      Light: N, if you had taken command, would it have ended differently?
      Near: No, with all those preparations, it would have been taken no matter who was commanding. With our quarreling it couldn't be helped. It's regrettable we didn't cooperate. Lets work together.

    • Near: L, do you have a plan? You can't seriously think it's alright if the notebook ends up in the hands of a stranger.

    • Mello: (talking to Soichiro) I'm the criminal who kidnapped your daughter. I want nothing to do with you or your daughter's life. Right now, all I want... is the notebook.

    • Light: I wonder… is killing Sayu the only way?

    • Soichiro: Light. Even if I must give up my own life, it's alright. My only request is that you take care of Sayu for me.
      Light: Don't say such stupid things! Father, you may be satisfied with that… But you can't understand how much the rest of us will suffer! I won't allow my father to die right in front of Sayu's eyes.

    • Near: (talking to Light) No… I will entrust everything to you.

  • NOTES (3)