Death Note

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Apr 24, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • As usual, another awesome episode of Death Note, it's time for Yagami to make a serious trade. The notebook...or his daughter.

    Well, as we all know, Death Note never dissapoints. In this episode, Mr. Yagami was put in a very difficult position where he had to trade the notebook for his daughter. This episode was great because of all the unexpected turns and preparations that were made to make sure the kidnappers were to get the notebook no matter what. Light, as we have seen changed since when we first met him. You would think ever since he was put in place of L, they haven't be able to come close to catching Kira, someone would put two and two together. Doesn't the rest of the world wonder what on earth is the japanese police doing? Of course they are, and that is why we have Near and Mello now on the case. Mello has proved to be worthy of being L's successor for how he cleverly got the notebook. I'm sure Mello would find out some of those rules in the death note are fake. After one of his men tested the notebook, we'll see if he really dies within 13 days...or perhaps they won't live long enough to tell. Light seems to now lose his temper when things do not go his way, he takes his anger out on Misa, poor girl should know better, but she is too infatuated with him. I feel sorry for her that she actually puts up with him, she even stays by his side no matter what. At one point, I thought Light was actually going to kill Sayu, if he did, I would have hated him so much. Light proved that though being Kira has turned him into someone less desirable, he still has a caring side, and genuinely loves his sister. I'm glad he didn't have the heart to kill her.
  • It gets good from here....

    They plan. Aizawa is ordered to follow Yagami-san, but anotehr man approaches Yagami and tehy board a different flight. Aiazawa panics, but Light orders not to follow tehm and stick to the flight he was supposed to take. Light panics too.

    The plane with Yagami in it lands in front of an underground trading facility. Sayu is there, along with one of chocoholic Mello's men. They trade. He tests the notebook by killing one of Mello's men, and Yagami takes Sayu. Then Mello releases a missile. It's unseen by radar,a nd suddenly a majority of SPK die. L and N seem to form an alliance.

    The Death World, teh overlord requests one of teh Death gods to tell Ryuk to regain the notebook. It ends with the Death God telling the overlord that he's going to the human world.

    It was a nice episode, much better than the previous one.
  • Creativity...

    This episode was very exciting, mainly featuring Mello’s genius and development as a major player to come.
    Mired in the ponderous conundrum regarding the loss of either his sister, or the Death Note, Light, sets about trying to contain this rapidly growing problem. He is faced with the heavy loss of either his own remnants of humanity, or the Death Note which would seriously hurt his campaign as Kira once in the hands of Mello.
    This episode was very interesting to watch, regarding character development, and of course, the serious consequences of the events unfolding quickly. Light’s choice to not kill his own sister, showed me that he isn’t all but consumed with his role as Kira, and was willing to possibly risk it all, just to spare her.
    Mello’s creative resourcefulness in eluding and swaying Light and his team nets him the lofty prize of a Death Note which gives him a tremendous amount of power in the scheme of things. Mello’s role is quickly one of corollary to Kira who now has a new nemesis challenging his rule. Light’s ingenuity alone is perhaps not enough to stop Mello and his ambitious plans… But unfortunately for Mello, he is currently the common enemy of more then one major player on the board, and Light is set to fight him side by side with Near...
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