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Death Note

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM May 08, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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Episode Summary

Light's plans for a peaceful world ruled under Kira are slowly coming to fruition when the US President decides to accept Kira and dissolve the SPK. But Near still has a fighting chance to expose Light for who he truly is when a newly scarred Mello pays him a visit.moreless

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  • Pretty interesting, it makes me more excited.

    This episode of Death Note was another great installment as they say, though really nothing happened, Near amazes, but he will never fill up that void L left behind for me, but yeah, Near is awesome too. Just like L, he comes to the same conclusion that Light, or as he knows as the second L, is possibly Kira, which makes the members of the task force a bit suspicious now. In my opinion, they shouldn't have dropped the suspicions in the first place. With the help of Mello, Near also discovers the existence of Shinigami, and confirm it with Light. With that he also learns that some rules are fake, and seems to know that it would be the 13 day rule one, because that would automatically prove Kira's innocence. So yeah, Near and Mello are impressive here, and Light is soon to be caught in a dead end.moreless
  • Warring beyond words...

    This was a very good episode, bringing to life the excitement that you get from Death Note’s best episodes, the story is coming to a head as all of Kira’s his power and supporters, and his enemies draw proverbial battle-lines. It is austerely blissful being along for the ride.

    Light’s carefully laid plans to keep himself from suspicion as Kira are quickly being torn aside, as Mello imparts information to Near that has everyone taking aim at Light, including the members of his own faction.

    Gifted with his L akin intelligence, aided by knowledge of the previous episodes occurrences and consequences, and with some small yet critical information that Mello provided in exchange for his protection against Kira, Near deduces that Kira is amongst, or deeply affiliated with a member within the Kira taskforce.

    The 13 day rule is thrown into question as a valid rule of the Death Note, and quickly has a few of the taskforce members suspecting Light of being Kira, despite Soichiro’s testimony of him being the contrary with his Shingami eyes. Light’s options seem to be running thin as his plans seem to be falling through his fingers.

    Despite this, however, worldwide approval of Kira and his justice spikes ever skyward, as the president of America himself cuts ties to those apposing Kira. With this new advantage, Light drums up an extremely fast plan to, at last, rid himself Near…moreless
  • Everything continues falling into place for Kira despite his failure to get rid of Mello. Intelligence is passed between Mello and Near that lights a fire under the genius teenagers. Kira is forced to act to preserve his identity.moreless

    Whew! This has to have been one of the tensest episodes yet! I absolutely love how intricately the plot has been woven and how vulnerable Light's precious web of lies is becoming. With the flow of information to Near that could potentially prove Light really is Kira, Light is forced into action, something that has never happened to him before. Events might have seemed forceful, but they were always meticulously planned for months in advance. This one finally forces Light to think on his feet, and I must admit that it still appears that he has everything under control.

    It is another wonderfully crafted episode--just the edge-of-your-seat drama that keeps me coming back for more, and of course those ever-present cliff-hanger endings that all but command you to return to the set to watch the next installment. I'll still be here next week.moreless
Aruno Tahara

Aruno Tahara

David Hoope (President)

Guest Star

Michael Dobson

Michael Dobson

David Hoope (President) (English Version)

Guest Star



Hitoshi Demegawa (TV Director)

Guest Star

Vincent Tong

Vincent Tong

Touta Matsuda (English Version)

Recurring Role

Keiji Fujiwara

Keiji Fujiwara

Shuichi Aizawa

Recurring Role

Trevor Devall

Trevor Devall

Shuichi Aizawa (English Version)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • Altered Scene: Injuries After the Invasion

      The severity of the Task Force's wounds from the invasion differs between the manga and anime. In the manga, Aizawa and Matsuda are still heavily injured (Aizawa has both arms in casts as well as his head heavily bandaged while both of has both his arms wrapped, a patch on his cheek and a neck brace.) while they watched the President's announcement and are fully healed by the time Near contacts Light about the fake rules. However, in the anime, Aizawa and Matsuda are only slightly injured during the President's announcement and show little to no signs of improvement when Near calls later.

    • Filler Scene: Kira's Montage

      Following the opening scene with the SPK is a short montage depicting just how much the world has changed because of Kira. Some begin to view him as a mysterious entity passing righteous judgment, while criminals are beginning to live in fear, shivering when asked by officers to provide their name for police reports.

    • Altered Scene: The scene of Demegawa hosting Kira's Kingdom is moved from after Mello and Near meet in the manga to before the President makes his speech in the manga. The scene is also slightly altered in the anime, not stressing the fact that Demegawa actually was chosen by Light to act as Kira's spokesperson.

    • Omitted Scene: Kira and the Task Force

      Following Light's response to Matsuda's slight lean towards Kira, the manga has the Task Force comment about the US President no longer opposing Kira. With the way current events are unfolding, Kira may truly rule the entire world. Member Ide also brings up the possibility of them actually losing their job. To this, however, Light says that there are still wealthy individuals who support L. But directly following this, Light thinks to himself, saying how with the world slowly gaining Kira supporters, Near, Mello and even L will not be able to lead normal lives once exposed as infidels.

      Mogi then informs Light about Mello's current status. While it was assumed that he survived the explosion, there have been no records of any licensed or unlicensed doctors tending to someone fitting Mello's description. While Mello is no longer a threat to the Task Force, he can still provide Near with some information concerning Kira.

      Matsuda then begins to talk with Ryuk, saying that if he is not willing to help them on the Kira case that he might as well go back to Kira. But under the impression that Kira does not know any of their identities, the Task Force decides to keep the notebook and Ryuk along with it.

      Following a later scene with the SPK, Light notices that the President has announced the disbanding of the SPK. However, Light finds announcing the disbanding of a secret organization to be quite suspicious – Near probably has a plan in the works. So, Light begins to plan his next movements, making use of Demegawa and Misa…

    • Moved Scene: The gag with Matsuda snatching the apple from Ryuk is moved from after the Task Force watches Demegawa on TV to directly before they watch the President make his announcement.

    • Omitted Scene: Near's Warning

      Preceding the shower scene with Mello and Hal, Near confirms with the remaining SPK that he will be having their organization dissolved. However, that does not mean that he will completely quit the Kira Investigation. Knowing that a spy leaked information about the SPK to Mello, thus allowing Mello to kill off most of the members, Near asks the surviving members if Mello would choose to kill off all the SPK members, knowing that there will still be some who would not die. Member Rester answers, saying that if in Mello's position, he would keep at least one or two people alive to contact later. Near is steadfast, believing that even with his mafia members completely wiped out, Mello would never let loneliness interfere with his desire to one-up him. With that in mind, Near warns his men that Mello will most likely get in contact with one of them to try and gain more information about Kira. He especially singles out SPK member Hal, the only woman of the group.

      Afterwards, Near asks Commander Rester to use any of the money inherited from the original L to recruit anyone of high status and who is completely against Kira into their organization.

    • Altered Scene: The Shower Scene

      In the anime, Mello immediately pulls a gun on Hal, who is completely taken by surprise after getting out from the bathroom shower. The manga, however, has an extended scene, showing that the two actually made contact before. In the manga, it is made more apparent that Hal passes down information from the SPK to Mello while she takes a shower, with Mello waiting right outside. Hal also mentions how Near has planned on having the SPK members place cameras throughout their house, in the case that Mello may contact one of them, meaning that the two will need to meet at a different place if they are to continue passing information to each other. With the bathroom being the only room not to be bugged with cameras, she tells Mello that she will not mind if he decides to remain there (apparently, their relation is much more than merely informants).

      After discussing the possibility of the current L also serving as Kira, Mello asks Hal which side she is on – his or Near's. She simply responds that she is on nobody's side; all of them share the same goal of wanting to capture Kira in the end, anyways. As Hal begins to discuss where they should continue their meetings, Mello finally pulls the gun on her, asking to take him to the SPK Headquarters.

    • Moved Scene: The scene of Near contacting Light about the fake death note rules was moved from after the Task Force watches Demegawa praise Kira on TV in the manga to after Mello and Near meet in the anime.

    • Altered Scene: Near and L

      While Near questions Light about the fake death note rule, the manga has him also deduce that the Task Force members as well as the new L have all seen the previous L's face. Knowing that such a deduction can only mean that Near suspects someone among the Task Force is Kira and killed the previous L, Light rashly cuts the connection between himself and Near. But doing so only confirms Near's suspicions. Light then calls Near back to admit that they have seen the previous L. However, he also makes a point to tell Near that if there indeed was someone within the Task Force acting as Kira, he would have had the chance to kill off everyone on multiple occasions. But regardless of this, some Task Force members have now begun to develop their own suspicions about Light – Aizawa, especially.

      The scene is also combined with a later conversation with Near in which Near tells the Task Force that if any of them have doubts about the current L, they may contact him via phone at any time.

    • Omitted Scene: Mogi, Mello and the SPK

      Following Near's call to Light about the fake death note rule, Light discusses the possibility of Mello trying to contact one of the Task Force. Since Ide is the least known to Mello and Matsuda is thought to be acting as the new L, Light reaches the conclusion that the one most likely to be contacted is Mogi. Conveniently enough, Mogi then gets a phone call from a restricted number – Mello.

      Mello bluntly orders Mogi to meet him at New York. Having already made preparation for such a situation, Light signals for Mogi to follow Mello's orders, with Aizawa and Ide tailing him, equipped with wires and cameras. Unknown to the rest of the Task Force, Light set up the cameras to link up to Misa's computer, where she will be able to see Mello's face and write his name down in her notebook.

      Upon reaching New York, Mogi is ordered inside a building. Mello then uses another cell phone to contact SPK member Hal, who gives the phone to Near. He tells Near that Mogi has entered the SPK building and that he is free to interrogate the man as he so pleases. The only catch is that Near must keep the connection with Mello so that he may listen in on everything said.

      Mogi remains with the SPK for some time, never saying a word to any of the members, including Near who continually tries to question him.

    • Filler Scene: Following Kira's call to the President is a short scene of Demegawa and co. about to fly off to the SPK building on Kira's orders.

    • Altered Scene: Aizawa and Ide

      A later scene in the manga (chapter 81) in which Task Force members Aizawa and Ide discuss contacting Near is moved to the events preceding Demegawa's invasion into the SPK. The scene is also altered in the anime, adjusting certain details, like the setting, on account of an omitted side plot concerning Mello and Task Force member Mogi.

      In particular, the anime has Light actually listening to the two's conversation from the other room, walking into the room afterwards, but confronting neither member. The manga version, however, has the scene set in New York where Light sent both members to further investigate current events involving Mogi and Mello.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Rester: Near, if you don't mind me asking, what do you make of all this? I'm interested to hear what's your thoughts are on this case.
      Near: The current Kira is foolish and overconfident, not to mention unusually cooperated with the task force. So much so that I suspect he's working hand in hand with them.
      Rester: Do you think so?
      Near: That would make the second L and Kira one and the same person.
      Rester: What?! That can't be, Near. Are you serious?!
      Near: Yes, I am. Having said that, I'll admit that I'm only 7% certain. Don't worry, Commander Rester, making assumptions is part of any investigation. If we're wrong, all it'd cost is an apology.

    • Lidner: Stop! If you shoot him then the rest of us will have no choice but to shoot you, too! What will it solve if both of you die? That's just what Kira wants.

    • Mello: Near.
      Near: Mello.
      (Near twirls his hair while Mello eats some chocolate)
      Mello: Which of us is gonna reach Kira first, I wonder?
      Near: The race is on.
      Mello: We're both headed towards the same destination. I'll be waiting for you.
      Near: Heh, right...

    • Mello: Let's get one thing straight. I have no intention of working together with you on this.
      Near: Yes, I know.
      Mello: At the same time, I can't just take my photo and leave. That wouldn't be right. So I'll settle my debt.
      Near: Hm?
      Mello: The killer notebook - it belongs to a shinigami. Whoever touches it is able to see a god of death.
      (Near gasps)
      Rester: That's crazy.
      Gevanni: Who the hell would believe in something like that?
      Near: I would. I believe him completely.

    • Near: I've pretty much figured who Kira is and it's mostly thanks to everything you've done.
      Mello: (takes out his gun) Shut up, Near! I'm not just a tool for you to use in order to solve your puzzles, you know!
      Near: Mello, if you really want to shoot me then go ahead and do it...

    • Gevanni: What's going to happen to us now?
      Near: It looks like we've been disbanded thanks to that chicken of a President. No, he's not even a chicken... he's less than a maggot. You've got to be kidding. There's no way accepting Kira will lead to anything good...

    • President Hoope: The United States will no longer oppose Kira.
      (the press conference becomes hysterical)
      Light: (slams his fists onto his desk) Those cowards! (thinking) I've done it. I've even brought America to its knees!

    • (as the Kira supporters break into the SPK building)
      Light: What's going on, Near? Could it be that this is some sort of plot by Mello to finish off the SPK? No. Surely it couldn't be that the SPK's security was so lax that even a normal citizen could find out where it was located...
      (Near snaps the head off of his action figure)
      Near: (thinking) Dammit... he's lying through his teeth.
      Light: (thinking) Heh... I win, Near.

    • Aizawa: (thinking) The previous L was suspicious of Light. But if Light is Kira and I just come out and say we should investigate him, then I'll probably end up dead just like L. That won't solve anything. The 13 Day Rule, huh...
      Ide: Aizawa, we have a long history. I can tell exactly what you're thinking about and what's bothering you. Between you and me, you should go ahead and do what you think is right. I didn't trust L to begin with. I never did, to be honest. I didn't sign up to join the Kira Task Force because Light was running it. I joined because I wanted to work with you.
      (Light is shown just behind the door to the Task Force room)
      Aizawa: Ide... alright. I'll see if I could contact Near without letting Light know.
      Ide: Okay. I'll make sure that no one knows what you're doing. You can count on me.
      (Light finally enters the room)
      Aizawa: (thinking) Light, I really want to believe that you're not Kira...

    • Light: Near... must die!

    • Near: I have a lot of things I'd like to ask that Shinigami.
      Ryuk: I don't wanna be asked anything.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Canada (YTV/Bionix) Airdate: May 23, 2008

    • US (Cartoon Network/Adult Swim) Airdate: May 18, 2008

    • Beginning this episode, the English dub of the series no longer shows the preview clips for the next episode (Cartoon Network only).

    • Manga Correlation:
      - Chapter 075, "Acknowledgement" (Pages 4-End)
      - Chapter 076, "Greetings" (Pages 5, 17-End)
      - Chapter 077, "Use" (Pages 1-10, 12-18)
      - Chapter 078, "Prediction" (Pages 1-17)
      - Chapter 079, "Lies" (Pages 17-End)
      - Chapter 080, "Clean-Up"* (Pages 15-18)

      * While the Viz Media printing of chapter 080 names it "Clean-up," the manga's table of contents spells the title as "Clean-Up."