Death Note

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM May 08, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • Pretty interesting, it makes me more excited.

    This episode of Death Note was another great installment as they say, though really nothing happened, Near amazes, but he will never fill up that void L left behind for me, but yeah, Near is awesome too. Just like L, he comes to the same conclusion that Light, or as he knows as the second L, is possibly Kira, which makes the members of the task force a bit suspicious now. In my opinion, they shouldn't have dropped the suspicions in the first place. With the help of Mello, Near also discovers the existence of Shinigami, and confirm it with Light. With that he also learns that some rules are fake, and seems to know that it would be the 13 day rule one, because that would automatically prove Kira's innocence. So yeah, Near and Mello are impressive here, and Light is soon to be caught in a dead end.
  • Warring beyond words...

    This was a very good episode, bringing to life the excitement that you get from Death Note’s best episodes, the story is coming to a head as all of Kira’s his power and supporters, and his enemies draw proverbial battle-lines. It is austerely blissful being along for the ride.
    Light’s carefully laid plans to keep himself from suspicion as Kira are quickly being torn aside, as Mello imparts information to Near that has everyone taking aim at Light, including the members of his own faction.
    Gifted with his L akin intelligence, aided by knowledge of the previous episodes occurrences and consequences, and with some small yet critical information that Mello provided in exchange for his protection against Kira, Near deduces that Kira is amongst, or deeply affiliated with a member within the Kira taskforce.
    The 13 day rule is thrown into question as a valid rule of the Death Note, and quickly has a few of the taskforce members suspecting Light of being Kira, despite Soichiro’s testimony of him being the contrary with his Shingami eyes. Light’s options seem to be running thin as his plans seem to be falling through his fingers.
    Despite this, however, worldwide approval of Kira and his justice spikes ever skyward, as the president of America himself cuts ties to those apposing Kira. With this new advantage, Light drums up an extremely fast plan to, at last, rid himself Near…
  • Everything continues falling into place for Kira despite his failure to get rid of Mello. Intelligence is passed between Mello and Near that lights a fire under the genius teenagers. Kira is forced to act to preserve his identity.

    Whew! This has to have been one of the tensest episodes yet! I absolutely love how intricately the plot has been woven and how vulnerable Light's precious web of lies is becoming. With the flow of information to Near that could potentially prove Light really is Kira, Light is forced into action, something that has never happened to him before. Events might have seemed forceful, but they were always meticulously planned for months in advance. This one finally forces Light to think on his feet, and I must admit that it still appears that he has everything under control.

    It is another wonderfully crafted episode--just the edge-of-your-seat drama that keeps me coming back for more, and of course those ever-present cliff-hanger endings that all but command you to return to the set to watch the next installment. I'll still be here next week.
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