Death Note

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Dec 26, 2006 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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The Task Force recruits Light and has him work with them to create a video response to the "copy-cat Kira." But playing both sides of this conflict becomes more of a burden for Light than he thought as the copy-cat hints at the existence of shinigami in his response video to the Task Force.moreless

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  • Misa is susceptible of being manipulated and throw away once her usefulness expires.

    The episode was very impressive since Light is pressured on how to contact the second Kira without allowing the investigation team to gain an edge over him to that clue. L's freaking out was a little unrealistic. It didn't fit such a cool, calm and collected character to act like that. It surprised me.

    The story that Rem told Misa about Jealous was touching. It is really amazing how they managed to show such emotion from that scene. I also loved the colour imagery. Misa's red hat when she was about to be murdered matches Light's hair when he's thinking. It fits the red (evil) vs. blue (good) battle very well. It's almost like Misa's red hat was foreshadowing her becoming an owner of a Death Note.

    Shouldn't have Ryuk and Rem spotted each other in the cafe? I mean they are always floating besides their "owner" so I would have expected that they would have seen each other.moreless
  • We learn how Misa obtains the notebook...

    Gee, I kinda wish I'd written a review for these episode right after I had watched them... I don't really remember much. I do remember that L asks Soichiro to ask Light to join the Task Force. And of course, Light accepts. Other than that, my mind draws a blank up until the point where Rem reveals to Misa why she has the Death Note. A few years ago (or maybe a month or two, I can't remember), an old, ragged, Shinigami fell in love with a beautiful, young, girl. The Shinigami's name was Gelus. Gelus loved the girl very much, and watched her every single day. But he was sad, for he knew that she was to die young. On the day of her scheduled death, Rem came to sit by Gelus's side and watch the girl die. On her way home, the girl was approached by a man holding a knife. The man told the girl that he would kill her if she did not date him. Or something of that sort. The girl refused, and the man came at her, preparing to stab her to death. Gelus could not bare the thought of losing his love, so he quickly began to write the name of the girl's attacker in his notebook. Rem tried to stop him, but his love for her was too great. The attacker had a heart attack, and died. Gelus saved the girl's life, but payed with his own. The Shinigami Rule is that under no circumstances must a Shinigami ever save a human's life. After he saved her, Gelus crumpled to ash and died. Rem kept his notebook. Sometime later, she decided to go to Earth and seek out the young girl. She succeded in finding her, and Rem gave Misa Gelus's notebook.moreless
  • How does one kill a shinigami?

    Though lacking in the action and intellect one usually sees in the series, this episode had enough of a killer revelation to make up for it. Such a romantic way of killing, as Misa would say. I believe that Rem's voice was cast with this episode in mind, as it fit the story-telling perfectly. The viewer was given a glimpse into Misa's life, revealing just what kind of a background she's introducing: the childish model type (something of a Hannah Montana figure). Luckily, she does think about people other than herself and it shows the true depth of her character that she could so graciously accept Jealous's final gift.

    I give this episode a 8.7/10 on a Death Note scale.moreless
  • We meet Kira #2, who is very different than one might expect.

    I never really thought it would be possible, but in this episode is featured someone who I actually wouldn't mind Light using the Death Note on. Misa Amane is a popular model, actress, singer, blah blah blah, just your average teen idol, I suppose. She has somehow come into possession of a second Death Note and worships Kira. The only other minor issues are that she looks about twelve and sounds about six. She's also decorated her room with some creepy gothic stuff.

    Her shinigami Rem is pretty cool, though. The focus of this episode is Rem explaining to Misa how to kill a shinigami: apparently you must make it fall in love with a human. She tells Misa a story about a shinigami named Jealous who fell in love with a girl about to be murdered, and wrote the would-be killer's name in his Death Note at the last possible second. But that isn't really the point: the point is that Misa was the one about to be murdered that day. (That's right; if stupid Jealous hadn't interfered, Light, L, and even we, the audience, wouldn't have to worry about her.) Since he saved Misa, Rem decided to give Misa his Death Note. Also during this episode was Light "deducing" that the videos were sent by a second Kira. This Kira in question also sends a video reply to the real Kira that actually mentions the existence of shinigami (L does not take this news well at all. What a drama queen).moreless
  • 2nd Kira revealed..........

    This episode is about the second Kira, Misa Amane............

    The episode is pretty good, and is mostly about Misa and her shinigami, Rem. It shows the story of how a shinigami once saved misa, and revealed the secret behind how to kill shinigami. Misa secretly sends a message to Light through a letter where to meet. Light doesnt end up meeting her right away, but Misa does figure out who Kira is finally......

    Overall, I'd say this was a great episode, and in depth as expected from Death note. At death note standards, this episode lives up to its' potential completely.....moreless
Ken'ichi Matsuyama

Ken'ichi Matsuyama


Guest Star

Michael Dobson

Michael Dobson

Gelus (English Version)

Guest Star

Naoya Uchida

Naoya Uchida

Soichiro Yagami

Recurring Role

Chris Britton

Chris Britton

Soichiro Yagami (English Version)

Recurring Role

Vincent Tong

Vincent Tong

Touta Matsuda (English Version)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Altered Scene: In the Japanese anime, while discussing what he learned, L deduces that, because the criminals killed in the first video appeared in Women's Magazines, that the second Kira was a woman. In the Adult Swim version, that part is omitted.

    • Symbolism: During Rem's flashback, everything is in shades of gray with exception to Misa's red hat (which she only wears in the anime, and not the manga). The color red can be viewed as a symbol of sin as well as love. In the shinigami realm, killing a human for the sake of increasing the life span of another is a sin punished with death, as was what happened with the shinigami, Gelus, who saved Misa in the flashback in an act of love.

    • Altered Scene: When Watari informs the Task Force via L's laptop that the second Kira has responded to their video, the anime shows the letter "W" (done in the style of L's insignia) on the laptop's monitor. However, the manga has the monitor showing the letter "L" with Light mentally commenting on how complicated things must be with the laptop contact also serving as "L."

    • Omitted Scene: Mogi at HQ

      The manga actually covers a short scene of Mogi (another member of the Task Force) sorting through Sakura TV's mail. He finally stumbles upon a letter containing a tape and the familiar handwriting of the second Kira and contacts Watari through the use of his electronic belt. The anime cuts this scene out, immediately moving on to when Watari informs the rest of the Task Force of the second Kira's response.

    • Altered Scene: In the manga, Light thinks of how to manipulate the second Kira while in his room. However, the manga has him in a café with the second Kira later entering the same café. The two then think of what the other is like, unaware that they are in the same room.

    • Filler Scene: Before Misa talks with Rem, a short scene of a photographer taking her picture is shown.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Rem: Shinigami exist only to shorten and take human lives. We aren't permitted to undo that which has been fated.

    • Second Kira: (To Kira, through the video) Please tell me how I can meet you without the police knowing. You'll think of something, and when we meet, we can confirm our identities by showing our shinigami to each other.
      (L gasps)
      Aizawa and Matsuda: Shinigami?!
      Light: (thinking) He's a liability! If I don't do something about him quickly...

    • Second Kira: (addressing Kira through the video response) I really want to meet you. I don't think you have the eyes, but you don't have to worry; I would never try to kill you. That's a promise.
      Light: (thinking) What the hell is he thinking? Talking about shinigami eyes in a public message like this...

    • L: (About the Kira message Light wrote) It's written amazingly well... But if you don't take out the part that says, "I don't care if you kill L," I'll die.

    • Rem: To kill a shinigami... you must make it fall in love with a human.
      Misa: (After a short pause) What a romantic way to kill...

    • L: D... Death Gods? You expect me to accept that such things exist?!

  • NOTES (3)


    • During Rem's flashback, everything is in shades of gray with exception to Misa's red hat (which she only wears in the anime, and not the manga). A similar effect was utilized in the film Schindler's List, which told the story of one of the Holocaust's death camps. The entire film was in black and white save for one little girl wearing a red dress. Whether or not this was intentional is debatable.