Death Note

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Jun 12, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

Episode Recap

Random captures of moments in the city are accompanied by mellow music, leading into the Japanese Task Force HQ. The men work in the office, passing around cups of coffee; Misa and Mogi play cards; Near works at his computers; Kiyomi enters a building; Mello speaks with someone on the phone; Gevanni continues to stalk Mikami. It seems as if the world stands still for these few moments before everything restarts.

Someone reports to Near that everything has gone smoothly. Kiyomi informs Mikami that he has learned all he needs to know. He says that he "has confirmed it" before hanging up. Kiyomi contacts Light to convey the message from Mikami.

Gevanni reports to Near that he has followed through with his orders. Afterward, Near contacts the Japanese Task Force and requests a meeting, claiming they need to share something on the Kira case. He requests a meeting, trying to make it clear that he 'trusts' the team in seeing his face. Near explains that all members of both parties should be present for the meeting: four from the SPK and five from the Task Force. On that day, the SPK will bring Mogi with them and release Misa. With Mogi with the SPK, Light agrees to bring the rest of the Task Force and himself.

They move on to deciding a meeting place. Near sends a picture that evokes a gasp from the entire Task Force. He recommends meeting at the Daikoku Wharf, in a place known as the Yellow Box Warehouse. Near also requests that they bring the Death Note and that Light not carry it. When Light asks why, Near responds that there would be no one guarding it if they were to leave it at HQ. Next is the decision of when. They decide for 3 days later, on the 28th, at 1 PM. Light is now sure that Near knows Mikami's schedule; Mikami writes down names in the Death Note after midnight and the deaths are usually reported the following morning. Light later meets with Kiyomi and tells her that he will be busy for the next 2 to 3 days while he passes her a note that tells where the meeting is. Everything has been set for the final confrontation.

Kiyomi dramatically enters her work building as Matt speeds into the area and fires a smoke bomb. Hal helps Kiyomi towards the building while Matt speeds away just as quickly as he had arrived. Hal and Kiyomi are advised not to enter the building by a helmeted motorcyclist (Mello) who takes Kiyomi. Hal then informs Guard Teams A and B to keep an eye on Kiyomi. The guards keep up until Mello turns down a side alley and handcuffs Kiyomi to himself. Matt, following the chase, sees a barricade too late and becomes surrounded by police. He comes peacefully out of his car at gunpoint, but says the wrong things, and is shot to death. Meanwhile, Kiyomi realizes that her abductor is one of the people Light told her to watch out for. Mello drives inside a truck, stopping his bike. He then asks Kiyomi to remove everything she is wearing and place it in a box, offering a blanket to cover herself.

Near contacts Light and claims he has nothing to do with the incident that had just occurred, and that he knows it was Mello. Kiyomi requests the blanket before removing her undergarments and after a slight pause, Mello agrees. Kiyomi removes a piece of the Death Note paper from her bra before removing it. The Japanese Task Force watches the news of Kiyomi's disappearance. Mello deposits Kiyomi's clothing in the back of a mail delivery truck before starting up the truck he drove into and leaving. It is on the truck's TV that he learns of Matt's death and apologizes for getting his partner killed.

Back at the Task Force, Light finally gets a call from Kiyomi, pleading for his help. Back in the truck, Kiyomi is huddled in the corner, shivering, bleeding slightly from the broken window leading to the driver's seat. Apparently, Mello put up a good fight before dying from the notebook. Without sounding too suspicious, Light is able to confirm Mello's death with Kiyomi, who also tells her a vague description of where she thinks she may be. In particular, she remembers seeing a sign outside saying "to Nagano," which is significantly far from the Task Force HQ. She repeats several times that she has done everything Light asked her to, but Light demands her to do more. Kiyomi at last realizes that she has been used more than loved and begins to cry. Naked, shivering, wiping away her tears and smudging her lipstick in the process, Kiyomi is finally being punished for serving as Kira's spokesperson. She then calls Mikami and tells him to do as much judgment as possible. Mikami then leaves his office, claiming to head for the scene of his case.

Light, Ide, and Aizawa race towards Kiyomi's location, using her phone call to find her. Alone in the backseat of the car, Light pulls out his watch compartment, which reveals a scrap of the Death Note, and writes Kiyomi's name down as well as her cause of death--suicide by burning the entire area she is in. The Task Force arrives on the scene, as does SPK Agent Hal, only to see that the building has already been lit on fire, burning any evidence as well as people who may have been inside it.
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