Death Note

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Jun 12, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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    I cannot express how much I hate Kiyomi Takada. I disliked her in part one, but I don't think I really hated her until part two when Light cheated on Misa with her. You see, I used to have a boyfriend that is a lot like Light, and I am a lot like Misa. So when me and my boyfriend broke up, he dove for this girl who acts a lot like Kiyomi, so I hate her! ^_^ That may sound stupid to you, but I'm a teenage girl, it can't be helped. And because Light killed Kiyomi, he was my 6th favorite character up until I saw thisweek's episode... Which was intensely terrifying, by the way! Especially to watch in the dark at midnight like I did! Anyway, in this episode, Mello, whose hair I was just starting to like!, kidnaps Kiyomi, who is being a big baby about it and starts crying and all sorts of crap. Mello locks her inside a truck and drives around. Kiyomi *coughslutcough* calls Light and whines to him that she's been kidnapped, and he tells her to kill Mello, and she does. I'm sorry, Bry! Bryson was a big Mello fan girl. So then Kiyomi begs Light to free her, and he sets the truck on fire with her inside and she dies!!! XD I was laughing like a crazy person the whole time, it was freaking awesome!!! XD
  • *spoilers* Loved this episode, Light your such a bad boy.

    This episode had a lot of exciting things going on. Kiyomi was kidnapped by Mello, with the help of his friend Matt. Matt looked like a cool character, I wish we had seen more of him. Misa and Mogi don't seem to be in any trouble. While Kiyomi was kidnapped, she was forced to take of everything she was wearing and place it in a box, it was probably in insure safety or something. However, she snuck a piece of the death note, and was able to kill Mello and get in contact with Light. Light must have been ever so happy to hear that she was able to kill Mello. Now since that is done, there really is no use for Kiyomi. I cannot believe Light went as far as to kill her, making it look like suicide. I guess I shouldn't be surprised at what Light did, but I still was.
  • Darn you, Light Yagami!!!!!!!!!

    I had all I can stand from this guy. I let him get away with countless murder. I allowed him to use Kiyomi Takada. I agreed to him joining the task force. I applauded him for giving up his memories of the Death Note. I even let him smile on L's death! (L, you will be missed) I grinned and said "Go for it. I won't stop you." Now, that jerkface made Kiyomi kill my favorite character, Mello!!!! I can't take his unrational desisions anymore!! I really, really, REALLY hope Near catches him and brings him to justice soon. Oh, and if that wasn't bad enough, Light the idiot decides to use Kiyomi to set the truck on fire and commit suicide just because she's nothing to him anymore!! Light Yagami, may you burn down there! Mihael Keehl, rest in peace.
  • How else can this series surprise you?

    In this episode towards the end of the series, let me say something. Mello dies, Matt dies, Takada dies. All by Light's hand, mostly. Speaking of Matt, what was his point really in the series. He has only appeared in one other episode and didn't talk, and then he's in this episode and then shot at no warning. Wow. Anyway, this was a very good and nerve-wracking episode. A ton of suspense. You can now tell that the final events of the series are coming ever closer, now that Near wanted to meet L (Light, ahem). But Light knows no limits and has deceived everybody. The way things unfolded actually surprised me, and now I'm wondering if it can be topped, which it probably can.
  • in this one here light and near agree to meet. but some how the reporter was kidnapped by near, still the one light has chosen to do the judging is still getting followed and is still not realizing it.

    i thought it was great each scene keeps getting better and better and i hope and pray on the 37 one everything will be explain well and not leave you the questions. but i was really sad about the lost of the reporter. as for mellow he deserved it if you ask me... the question still puzzle me in my mind why haven"t the guy that light chose notice anyone following him or is he that stupid and caught up in his own world.another thing that is really kind of shocking was that her body guard was working for near the whole entire time... this has been the best anime i have seen yet...
  • Unstoppable…

    Light Yagami, hunted to the edge and with all his enemies suspecting him and hot on his heels, will not go down easily. With the confidence of a fool, yet the genius to back it up, Light knows how to move forward every time his pieces are in a tricky spot, and every trip along the way he somehow manages to eventually transform into a successful leap…
    While both Light and Near carefully try to navigate and predict the quagmire that is the other’s plans and provide counterattacks, and then counterattacks for their opponent’s counterattacks, both forget another player in the game, and Mello takes full advantage of their mental lapse.
    Takada Kiyomi, the spokeswoman for Kira, a powerful figure, and a public one as well. Turns out she was far too unprotected and easy for Mello to snatch and potentially ruin both Light/Kira and Near in one swoop.
    Unfortunately for Mello, Light was actually not completely unprepared for such a move, and the whole scenario backfires abruptly. Once again, the face of the game has changed…