Death Note

Season 2 Episode 18

New World

Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Jun 26, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • Quite disappointed of the ending

    I did read the manga few years ago but now I try to watch the anime, just want to share the thought...

    I'm actually expecting a somewhat "null" Light did lose not in that such simplistic way. I know Ryuk is neutral, but for him to write Light's name on his own death note didn't seem too neutral for me. I wish of him could be more of a watcher, cos he did contribute in Light's death. There was not enough complexity in the ending considering how this show pulled all the story up in such enormous twists on it all the way to it. It should have been far much more better... It's still an awesome anime and manga because of the originality of the story and the "brain war" shows between those geniuses. i didn't fancy anyone on the show. I didn't hate Light as I didn't hate L. I'm not saying what Light did wasn't wrong. But I just remained neutral. Every single character have their own appeal as they have their own annoying side. As for Near's plot, I found it too rapid and seems to be done quite in a rush. That was quite bothering me actually.
  • Superb!

    This episode was awesome. The series ended exactly how it should have. The only thing that ruined the episode (and the whole 2nd season) was Near. His conclusions are too perfect. But overlooking that, everything else was perfect. It was fitting that Light's overconfidence lead to his downfall... if he had just waited a few more seconds to proclaim his victory, he would have won! But no. I also find it fitting that Matsuda was the one to shoot Light... it's sad, Matsuda will probably never be the same after that.
  • Ending of one of the best anime not so good.

    I was a fan of the show and the ending greatly disapointed me. I was out at the point where they didn't die, but i continued to watch the ending. While i have never read the manga i can only imagine that it is great. I have read the trivia on the ending that they ommited and it sounds better than what I saw.

    First i will start with problems with the episode. First the major one. Ryuk never said he was going to write Lights name in his Death Note. While i refused to watch the show my brother did and he watch the first three episodes and in none of them did Ryuk mention that according to my brother. Now he could be wrong but I too don't remember Ryuk saying that as well. Second the show cheats seriously if it was a video game you would be yelling at the screen. L was smart Near jumped to impossible conclusions. It also fealt kinda ripoffy how Light looses as well. His plan being as good as it was, was ruined by because the other guy writes goes to the bank mysteriously a second time a month. This come to be a problem in the fact of how in an earlier episode how Near figured out that Mikami did it.

    While it comes down to it the show should have ended in a hour ending at least. Summing up three manga in thirty minutes probally is what did it in for me. Plus they ommited the rest. Point blank they took chances and for me they blew it. I am not going to give it slack cause i loved the show and neither should you. We should expect better from our favorite shows.
  • Freaking amazing!!!!!!!!

    I think it is amazing that Near was able to find out that light was kira i hate that L had to die to help out the investigation but i thought it was funny that light thought he has near beat... It was kinda weird i wonder if misa just forfeited ownership of the death note so she would not be taken to prison i hate that you cant go to heaven our heel poor people... That was a great last show for death note i hate that it had to end but i like that it showed L standing in the wear house were light was dieing that was cool...
  • Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!! Thank you Near!!!

    Finally! I can now rest knowing that Light Yagami, aka L #2, aka Kira is now dead!!! Happy days continue to shine for this fan!!! I can't believe this really happened. I'm still really happy! I don't care if others say it's unoriginal, I don't care if they call me a loser! Light is dead! He'll finally get his at the hands of all of the people he's killed. I hope he does get his. Near now ranks number 2 on my favorite character(He's right next to Mello). Light, how long did you think you could keep this up? I really am glad he's gone. Here's my review of what happened. Light is dead and will get his, Ryuk is back to being bored, Misa doesn't have a lover anymore, Mikami became crazy and commited suicide(Didn't like him that much anyways), L saw Light's death, Mello is avenged, Near solved the Kira case and Matsuda finally had a spine! That, in my opinion, is a very good ending to an excellent anime...
  • *spoilers* Light lost his mind...

    Light lost his mind indeed, and it was not the only thing he lost, he lost the fight as well. This is the kind of ending I expected. I am happy to see L and Mello did not die in vain, for Near finally caught Kira. I liked this episode especially because it makes us think, who was right and who was wrong. Is it particularly right for someone to go around killing criminals, even if they do not deserve to live because they are seen as foul people. Is it really justice? And that is what we ask ourselves when watching a show such as this one. Was Near the good guy or the bad guy? He captured Kira, the one who considered a hero to people. When you look at it from certain views, Light was a superhero, and Near was the villain trying to bring him down and succeeded. Another view is Light as psycho serial killer, and the good guy, being Near, is hunting him down. I love this show, because it brings of the questions of what is right, and what is wrong. In my opinion, though I am sure Light had good goals in mind to create a better world, his sense of justice was in the wrong place, but that is just my opinion. Due to the fact he wanted to create a new world, he let all the power to get to his head, and he began taking advantage, and killing innocent people in order to obtain his goals. He may have thought of it as necessary sacrifices, but when you start killing those in order to be at an advantage, you know you have lost your sense of what is right and what is wrong. I wish this show had been longer, I have enjoyed it very much.
  • The good guys win again....

    Is there some kind of tv law saying the good guys have to win all the time?! To me this series fell into the same trap as most of the other shows out there - where the "good" guys must always vanquish the "villians." Seeing how compelling and innovative the rest of the series was I was expecting better from this show. Simply calling Light a villian is too simplistic, he was much more complex than that. Many people that we call great today committed questionable acts. And I know everyone says it brought a nice and neat conclusion to the show but but to me it was just another stale and flat good guys win kind of ending. I know a lot of people like that kind of ending but to me it's been done to death. Oh well I guess my search for truly original programming will continue...
  • The ultimate end to a GREAT GREAT show.

    The series finale of Death Note was so awesome because of the fact that everything almost every question was answered.I have not felt that way about a lot of shows but then again Death Note is the exception to a lot of the anime stereotypes.What made this episode so great was the build up from the previous episode how you did not know who or if anyone was going to die or who would achieve the ultimate victory Kira or L's succesor in the final showdown.

    The only real question that you are left with from Death Note is not a easy one to answer and that is who is right and who is wrong and what side are you on.

  • Lots of shouting, everyone goes insane, everyone dies...

    Lots of shouting, everyone goes insane, everyone dies...

    Yup, that pretty much sums it all up. Well, this was the Death Note series finale. One would think that Light controlled the world the entire time, but actually, it was all in the hands of Ryuk. Anyway, this episode picks up from the cliff hanger where Light declares his victory and Near's defeat. Only Near and everyone else is still alive!!! :O Matsuda was so cute. He was covering his head with hands, as if that would save him from a heart attack. :P Then Light freaks out because everyone was supposed to have died. But then Near admits that is Mello hadn't decided to help him out, then he never would have made it on his own. Then he points out that Light Yagami is indeed Kira, and then Light goes on a psychotic rampage. He dances around for a while, then laughs maniacally, before admitting that he is Kira. Then Matsuda asks him why he let Soichiro die. (Soichiro was Matsuda's mentor, in case you don't recall) Light laughs and says that his father was a fool, which leads Matsuda to go insane and he pulls out his gun and starts shooting Light to pieces. And blood goes everywhere, and it's very nasty. Then Near points out that Mikami was actually the one who killed Kiyomi the Whore, not Light. Light was unaware of this, and starts cussing out poor Mikami, who by this point, is also pretty insane. Well then Light starts to stumble off, but being full of lead, he only gets as far as the staircase leading to his and Misa's apartment. Ryuk decides that it's best to kill Light now, so he does and Light dies while seeing an apparition of L!!! XD YES!!! I'm sorry, I just don't care much for Light. :( No offense to his fans. Meanwhile, Mikami commits suicide, and Misa has gone completely gothic after the death of Light, her lover. It doesn't show it in the anime, but she hangs herself in the closet. The Death Note Saga has come to a close. I would like to write the names of all those who have died now, to pay respects. But there were so many people who died, that I will only write the important ones, and those I can remember. L, Rem, Watari, Higuchi, Aiber, Wedy, Sayu and Sachiko Yagami (they didn't die, but they're spirits were pretty destroyed), Matt, Raye Penber, Naomi Misora, Teru Mikami, Misa Amane (Yagami? Didn't she marry Light? Or were they just engaged?), Light Yagami, Kiyomi Takada, (who is a total whore and I hate her), Soichiro Yagami, Mello, and I think that's everyone. *sighs* I will mis this show. :(
  • I can't believe the ending..why did light have to die?

    "New World"-Is my favorite epsiode of Death Note..i was so sad at the end when light died though. I don't think it was fair...they should have just set some knd of sircomstances for that he could keep on with the killings, but only to the people that do harm to the world and other people..if they have a family or would be there decision to end there life depending on what crime they me kira is an inspiration... because he was making alot of bad turn to good and the people that where doing bad things stopped because they where afraid of kira killing them...when i was watching the episode i was so sure that Light had Near....and that they where all going to de...but they didn't...i was so......shocked...after that i knew Light was done for,i was also shocked when Matsuda went off on Light...i didn't think he would have the strength to do that...but besides all that i thought the ending was pretty good and at least Light got to die in peace.^^
  • light dies and everything works out...

    ....blah blah blah.why do the "good guys" always have to win? when i first saw this show i thought great, finally a twist in a story and then all the episodes leading up to this last one it seems like light's going to win but then BAM! i know light was the "bad guy" for killing all those people but they deserved it,well most of them. oh well i don't know it was kinda fun to see it all unravel but that sucks that light had to die!!!! oh yeah it was also really confusing with all the note books and stuff i got kinda lost. in the end i guess it was what everyone wanted even if it wasn't what i wanted to happen.
  • Even though some people hated the ending I think that it was a great ending because everyone got what they wanted. It made me cry at the end.

    The things that people wanted and got were as follows: Light wanted a new world, he got it. L wanted a friend he got it. Misa wanted to be with Light, she got it. Mello and Near wanted to avenge L, they got it. Ryuk wanted some fun, he got it, Rem wanted to protect Misa, she got it. See it really was a great ending. It also proves that their really was no villan, and that L and Light were equals, and friends. As Light died L was there with him, as L died Light was there with him. They are now together in death. I'm sorry, my eyes are getting teary. Great show, great ending.
  • 36 episodes of dramatic tension all comes to an end with one slip up between Light and Teru Mikami. He is shot, he sees L and Ryuk kills Light just as he said in the first episode.

    This is more of a review of the series, and my opinion on its ending and events.

    I don't know about the rest of you but this is pretty much how I thought the ending of this show had to be. Even though Light was an evil and sometimes insane main character. I had to admire his genius is his planning. Even though i'll always have L as my favorite character, Light being the main will always be up there in the ranks. Light had to die. It would be boring if everything worked out for him, but then again I didn't want to see him die. But they sure couldn't keep Light alive after all of this. Basically you can't have the main character who is a murderer succeed in his mission as the god of the new world. I felt bad for those who got pulled into this Light's father, his family, Takeda, Misa, L, and just everyone on the Task Force. Misa got annoying in the end but how Light just threw her aside was harsh. Anyways this show was refreshing in a sense for the anime department. No giant swords, classic big eyed expressions and what not. I don't have a problem with the above at all, but it's nice to have a battle of the brains going on. The show made you think from the side of both good and evil, and how to think outside the box. Well at least it did for me. For those of you who think the show should've had some miraculous back from the dead scene with Light, well all I have to say is tough, as smart as the main character was he screwed up and after getting away scott free with most of his wrong doings his one screw-up had dire consequences. Light had to die, he did die, the end. He couldn't have kept coming up with new ideas like that, its better that the show ended with a bang and it wasn't continued on for ratings. So Light, L, Mello, Misa, Takeda, Mikami, Light's dad, and the task force guy who got killed by Misa in the very beginning. Rest in Peace. This show kicked ass.

    **One theory I want to share. Since those who use the Death Note don't go to Heaven or Hell, I think they become a Shinigami. I don't care how far - fetched that sounds. I think it makes sense. ------------------------------------------------------------
    "I'm L" -- L
    "Humans are so interesting" -- Ryuk
    "I am Justice" -- Light & L
  • Pretty good, could have been a little better.

    The series ends now. Everything is resolved, and secrets come out. Near and the police discover Light's identity as Kira through a slip-up between him and Mikami, and he's screwed. He completely loses his head, and attempts to kill Near from the piece of the Death Note in his watch. Matsuda shoots him, which was seriously painful to watch. It was sad to see how things turned out. Mikami kills himself, letting Light escape into an abandoned warhouse. Ryuk decides to write Light's name in the Death Note, and he sees the vision of L before he dies. Light suffered so much in this episode. It was cool to see how things happened, and Light actually died! The plot was a little too simple for a series finale, I preferred the manga's ending, but it wasn't bad. Things were a little drawn out, but it was a sad ending and a good one at that to one of the best anime out there.
  • It had been a dissapointment

    It becomes so typical and such a cliche making the so called "GOOD GUYS" rise triumphant over the Antihero.

    Centering in the egoist wills of KYRA, becoming the god of a new world, he deserves to die, because no one have the right to decide who lives and who die.

    But. Even though KYRA was killing people, it was only for the good of the humanity , making it a perfect place to live for those who where pure and good willing.

    In Conclution, It has been such a disappointment seeing Light's death. It could be better and more interesting seeing the world ruled by KYRA.
  • a good end to a good anime.

    it's very easy to see why fans of Light hate this episode. i personally couldn't stand the loser and his god complex. although i can't go so far as to say the conclusion was perfect, it was darn good. here's my breakdown:

    the good
    (1) although he loses, Light still gets the crown as the most intelligent individual. it's great how Near admits that neither he nor Mellow could individually surpass L, and thus, also could not individually have defeated Light either. This is very important to me, because i can't stand how fans of Light give this conclusion a failing grade, simply because he lost, and saying that the show didn't take enough risk by having the evil win. ummm... hello... L was setup to be the HERO of the series and Light KILLED him... Light--a cold blooded murderer--was the MAIN character. don't try and tell me there's no risk in that.
    (2) not only does Matsuda finally lose his cool but he does so in a very believable way. the way he brings up Lights' father is just perfect. aside from Light and L, every other character seemed to be straight from a cookie cutter up until this point. it was a breath of fresh air.
    (3) Misa is sitting on a train alone and for the first time, doesn't seem like a complete airhead. although this could be because she doesn't say anything. i can almost imagine her having learned her lesson: beg to be used, and you will most likely, get used.
    (4) Light finally gets what he deserves.
    (5) Ryuk remaining un-emotional in Lights' defeat stays true to his character.
    (6) Nears' toys that are supposed to look like him, Mellow, and L are funny.

    the bad
    (1) i found it a bit odd that someone could so easily break into a bank safe deposit box in the middle of the day in the spur of the moment. but then again, he is, afterall, a special agent skilled enough to work for L's successor.
    (2) Mellow didn't seem to be smart enough or willing enough to pull off what he did. but then again, this is a show of difficult to believe actions, such as Light and his potato chips or having Misaki write in a fake notebook because he magically knows it will be needed.
    (3) towards the end we are treated to a series of clips of the "good" Light. this feels like both a tearjerker moment for Light fans and a last ditch effort to get Light haters to hate him less. but to me, Light hater supreme, it doesn't work. he's still just an a-hole with above average intelligence.

    the ugly
    this really should be point number 7 under my "good" group, but, ha! does Light ever turn UGLY in this episode!! this really made me happy. i can't stand it when losers like Light and Misaki are so good at seeming all calm and collected. nothing is more satsifying than to see their respective you-know-what hit the fan. =)
  • What A Terrible Ending!!WTF

    Awful Ending, the show was too smart ,and original for that crapy ending,abismal whatever word you want to use to describe this terrible series finale. The way he get caught or how it unfolded was brilliant ,but the fact of the matter is Death Note a Smart and Original show that fell right into the trap of movie plots that are based on good vs evil. Good always finds a way to defeat evil which is B.S. in the "reality" does every murder or rapist get caught the answer is no some get away , based on lack of evidence or what have you. From now on every shouldn't waste their time on series that are based on good vs evil because we all know how its going to turn out.
  • I let my impatience get the best of me- I just couldn't wait for every Saturday to get a new episode, so I ended up downloaded a subbed version of the series...SO glad I did.

    This episode was absolutely great. It had me torn to the very end. I didn't want to accept that Light was going to die, even though my own morals and sense of justice kept telling me that he was nothing more than a mass-murderer. And it wasn't his Kira side that I wanted to see live, but the Light Yagami we got to know after he reliquished ownership of his Death Note, and was handcuffed to L. That Light was completely different...dare I say...wholesome? Nah, I wouldn't go that far, but if it wasn't for him really being Kira... he'd made an excellent 'real' successor for L. It kills me that we still didn't find out L's real name. I was waiting for Near to say it. Loved this show, it is definitely one of my favorites now.
  • I beg to see a continuation. This season 2 finale was very good, a horribly sad ending.

    Scene One: Light screwed up. Near is smarter than he thought. Mikami is restrained. Light feels hopeless. He tries to write Near's name on the DEath Note paper in his watch, but Matsuda shoots him. Light does some bad language, but in a few while, he is shot many times again, but still survives.

    Scene One Comments: It was a surprising thing for Matsuda to do that. My fave genius character to be shot???? *gasps* Matsuda's kinda mad.

    Scene Two: Suddenly a lot of blood is coming out from Mikami. He screams, and Light runs out of the warehouse. He keeps on running memories when he hasn't found Death note is shown. It made me horribly sad. Then Ryuk writes his name on the Death Note. Scene Two Comments: *cries* He died........... That was awesome!!

    Scene Three: Misa is in a train, and looking in city view. The credits roll, Light looking, well, dead.......

    Scene Three Comments: Misa will miss him....

    That was a very sad ending. It was very nice.
  • The horribly melancholy ending to a great series.

    Personally, I hated how weak Light looked in his final minutes. Through out the series I was torn between supporting our role-reversed Antagonist. I'm probably going to be shot, because I like this ending a little bit more than in the manga. Mostly because you see what happens to Misa, (Which I changed my mind from hating her) and you see L's ghost waiting for Kira. His first and only friend. And enemy. Though in the comic, it had a very aitheistic view on the afterlife. (There being no Heaven or hell) I just thought that seeing the most popular character for the last time in the last episode for that brief glimpse made it all the more heart renching.
  • What a depressing end.

    This was a decent yet most terrible conclusion to a masterpiece. It needed a more delicate, pro-Light-living end. A draw with L that lead to understanding and Light giving himself up and perhaps a partnership or something along those lines would have been a better exploration. Mello seemed unintelligent and could not have really have had means of complementing Near's cheap immitation of L's abilities. Thus since neither M nor N was on par with L, they shouldn't have been able to outsmart Light since M had little to no contact with N therefore could not have really helped therefore N could not have really taken steps ahead of Light who was superior to L. The fact that M&N are supposed to equal L, means that they shouldn't have won since Light was superior to L. It was also a pretty weak and convenient "twist" for Teru's bank to be so unreliable as to let someone break into their vaults during midday and jimmy open a box and steal something. The story was botched up. Of course I haven't watched the movie or read the manga, this is purely opinion of the anime. I also did not agree with Takada's death. I preferred her over Misa.
  • Conclusion

    I found this series the perfect anime, great characters, superb sound, and proves than anime with original plot are the most interesting.

    I found the final incredible, Light down by his own, and let us the lame of the "justice will prevail",in all cases, Yagami Light will be my favorite anime character ever, the way than he execute his plans and make this series big was incredible, and his seiyuu make an magnificent job making us fell the character, all his fellings, emotions, desesperation, all! I will remember this anime forever and his all incredible and epic moments

    Totally recomended to all
  • An amazing, humanizing ending to a deep, moving series.

    Unfortunately, I had the ultimate results of this series spoiled back around episode 20. But even knowing the outcome, it was a spectacle to watch how it came about. The previous episode led up to one great expectation which demanded that the viewer watch the finale, and that expectation was eventually shattered. When a genius's plan fails, a "god" named Light breaks. His reaction to the events illustrates how even the almighty Kira has his emotional, human limits. The scene deteriorates into an emotional screaming match, shots are fired, and blood is spilled. After the entire series builds up either an attachment to or distaste for Kira, the finale delivers an overload of emotion. If the viewer supported Light's ways, he or she feels shocked and horrified at his behavior, and if Light was detested, the viewer is glad to see him crack.

    By the end, Kira's world is left by a viewer who might not have expected such an ending, but had to have enjoyed it.
  • As well you know the finis is not that good

    i hate the finish !
    Sukcs ! ! ! ! really it not how i aspect-ed noo . . .
    i think they cold make a season 3 whit Misa . . and if Misa find a way to rise Yagami Light from death will make a better eND like this is kind of sorry guys nothing more!!!
    Ryuk . . . . is stupid killing him . . . what deal? S U C K S
    who can say is that great watch over and over again the last 2 episode . . . . . . . . and than he should speek!@
  • Last episode of death note

    For the first few minutes of this episode, I was spazzing in my seat. I couldn't believe that Light was actually outsmarted by someone, so I expected him to have some secret plan where he would actually out do Near in the end, but that didn't happen. I sorta of suspected Light to die, but I thought that the others would die too. It was a good episode that it left everything finished and it didn't leave you hanging. And I did feel bad for Light, even though he was a psycho most of the time and used Misa, pretending to love her when I don't think he really did.
  • And Then it Ends…

    Finally, and at last, the saga is over, Light fought hard, but the opposition was united in its desire to defeat Kira and were made much more powerful then even Light could comprehend…
    For the final time, Near and Mello have outwitted Kira, by at last deciding to work together to bring him down. Although Mello lost his life in the process, Kira’s only weakness was exposed: Mikami Teru, a once flawless tool for Kira, screwed up, and Kira’s identity was at last revealed with concrete certainty, Light Yamagi, Kira, at last has fallen.
    This episode had every emotion forced upon the viewer, and as very different and awkward as it felt, the end was righteous and beautiful, and would have likely ended no better way for me.
    Kira’s ideal world was an illusion that no man can force upon his fellow man, and certainly not by killing his fellow man. The power to change, no, to create a new world, is ultimately up to all who live on it, and all must decide to create it, cooperatively, together…
  • A satisfying conclusion to a great show

    I was waiting with anticipation this series finale. The ending probably went in the direction many hoped for, the capture of the real Kira although the way it got to this episode was quite unsatisfying. Killing of L made the anime/manga loose a lot of ideas and creativity although this episode, with many twists and turns is what brought it back to the levels of the first episodes. The Manga closing would have probably been more entertaining but I can say that the ending was more than satisfying in order to close a great show of great minds put at confrontation!
  • This episode finished the series. It was an excellent episode, but it could have been slightly better. It doesn't matter though, because the feeling it left you with was good enough to rate this episode a 97%, or 9.7/10.

    The first 10 minutes or so were the same as the manga ending, which is great. Then, they suddenly changed it up in order to "finish" off the series differently, which they did. Some people didn't like how the anime ended it, a lot of people said it was better. Personally, I felt both endings were great. One wasn't really better than the other. For the anime ending, they made it more emotional and Light seeing the innocent version of himself as opposed to begging Ryuk to kill everyone there (in the manga ending) put a different feel to Light.

    I could reminisce about the start of the series by seeing the flashback of L at the end (a great touch), and by seeing the younger Light who actually looked innocent, it's just that we didn't notice his change until we see him as he originally looked.

    This made up for the change to the manga ending, which was also great.
  • Stupid ending, the millionth chance to let an underdog character see a glorious finale blown to bits.

    Just when the thought would occur that somebody would dare to break the rules and let someone who isn't a goody two shoes live on, they give us this lousy ending. And to be killed off in a similar way as in the movie is just lame. And then I'm still not considering the fact that in the series he was stopped by a less admirable opponent as "L".
    Why is there this unbreakable trend of Bad Guys can't win, isn't there any producer, director, writer that is willing to take a chance?
    Progress requires sacrifice and this was beautifully portrayed in this series, we have democracy in most parts of this world because people stood up and eradicated those who cling on to stupidity and stubborness.
    I was hoping for an open ending and see Light walking throught a mystifying Japanese landscape with Misa by his side. Peace could've prevailed. Guess I'll just have to keep looking for something more daring.
  • Light and Near face off for the final time, and their fates are decided.

    The greatest ending to an anime I have ever seen. It was simply beautiful. The episode truly took me back to the first episodes. Not to mention it was the first time we've seen Ryuk in a long time. This was the way it had to end. Spoilers from here on. Light's death was truly beautiful. Near was right, even though Light considered himself justice, he was just a cold-blooded killer. The one thing that bothered me was that Ryuk said Light would be in prison, but it is more likely he would be setenced to death. I'm sad that the show is over, but adding anymore epiosdes would be stupid. I wouldn't mind a filler that shows the other characters' fates though. Most importantly, Near admitted he could never surpass L. Like I said, the ending was beautiful. Simply perfect.