Death Note

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Nov 14, 2006 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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Light continues his conversation with Penber's fiance-- an ex-FBI agent who is determined to hunt down Kira.

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  • Oh ... my ... god.

    This episode literally had me white-knuckled the whole time. I was fighting temptation to skip to the end and see what happened. I was amazed beyond belief with this episode.

    Light spent most of the episode gaining Naomi's trust. He acted very well. Light knew she was still grieving for Raye and when he gave her a chance for revenge by joining the investigation, he pretty much had her in his pocket. But it was Ryuk's maniacal laughter that made it for me. He must be having the time of his life following Light.

    The snow falling just as her ID was passed over - genius. Aizawa opened his umbrella as he walked past them and therefore unable to realise that Light and Naomi are just right in front of him. That was such luck on Light's part. And had the timing been off by a few seconds he might have caught Light admitting he's Kira. I noticed myself hoping he'd make it past this obstacle.

    I seriously got chills down my spine when Light looked Naomi in the eyes and said "because I'm Kira"... I believed that line. It could have been melodramatic, but it wasn't. It was perfect. It captured that terrible truth perfectly. The music also gave me chills. I think her silence, followed by the walk to the gallows was tragic. That combined with that evil, smug look on Light's face... It was so powerful.

    I wonder if it will come to L's attention that Naomi had important information concerning the Kira case and was last seen with Light? I guess most wouldn't be thinking about it through means other than a heart attack, but perhaps L would grab on to it.moreless
  • I was literally yelling at the computer screen when I was watching this.

    Another completely awesome episode. When Naomi gave Light her name I thought it was over for her, and I was cursing her for being such an idiot (despite the fact that given her circumstances, I would have probably done the same thing, but my stupidity isn't the point at the moment). When Light wrote her name in the Death Note and it had no effect, and Light figures out it was an alias, I was almost punching the air, because I express my excitement like that. When they were nearly back at task force headquarters and the clock was ticking for Light, this was the point I was yelling at the screen. I was like 'Come on Naomi!!!!! Just a little further and it's all over for him!!!!!!!' Luckily my parents were out, but the neighbours probably thought I was on crack. Anyhow, when Light finally killed her I was moaning at her for being such a moron and falling for his little 'I work with the task force and you can join, just give me your name' thing. And seriously, this time I actually wouldn't do the same thing in that situation. But yeah, it was a real nail-biter of an episode ^^moreless
  • Geez, Light! You'd kill your own mother if she tried to stand in your way!

    Light Yagami has to be one of the most ruthless dictators ever! He's right up there with Adolf ( forbids his last name) and Attila the Hun! Now he's after this chick named Naomi Misora, which is her real name, but I don't remember her alias. Anywayz, Naomi is like the female version of L. Her deductive skills are incredible. She knows that Kira is responsible for killing her fiancee, Raye. Now she just has to find out who Kira is. In the last episode, she met up with Light. She told him her alias, and that she plands on catching Kira. Light puts on his innocent act that makes me want to barf, and tries to convince Naomi that he will help her. He knows that she did not give him her real name, because it didn't work in the Death Note and Ryuk keeps laughing whenever Light or Naomi says the alias. Naomi decides it would be best to go and see L alone, and asks Light to leave her. Well, he can't do that, because Naomi has some info regarding Kira. *sigh* In the end, he uses his boyish charm to convince her that he is not Kira, which he is, and that he is working undercover for L. So Naomi tells Light her real name, he writes it in the Death Note, reveals that he is Kira, and Naomi goes and hangs herself and Kight hides her body. URGH! People should know by now not to trust anyone but L and Matsuda!!!!!moreless
  • Light Kills a girl that is a threat to him.

    There was a lot of suspense for Light in this episode because he had barely enough time to kill a girl who could cause him to be known as Kira. Obviously Ryuk was right next to him and offered the Shinigami deal. Light was clever and I really didn't think that he could get the girl's name. If he played his cards right he could get her name and not risk the fact that she could give a little hint making him Kira. That was a smart move for Light. In general, this episode was good. It is good because it had some details into how Light thinks in situations where he could have a chance of being accused of being Kira.moreless
  • Only the strongest and smartest will survive...

    I haven't gotten around to reviewing this episode recently so know should be the time to do so.

    Don't get me wrong by the review score. This was another great episode that really pushed Light to the edge, which I always enjoy when I get to watch him squirm. The reason I score this episode low is because it's sad to me.

    I won't go into the details about the episode, but it had a sad ending that always gets me wheter it is the book or anime verison.

    There was a couple of good moments and a good joke through in there as well. Overall, this episode didn't really do much for me and makes me relive the worst part of the series in my view.moreless
Naoko Matsui

Naoko Matsui

Naomi Misora

Guest Star

Tabitha St. Germain

Tabitha St. Germain

Naomi Misora (English Version)

Guest Star

Naoya Uchida

Naoya Uchida

Soichiro Yagami

Recurring Role

Vincent Tong

Vincent Tong

Touta Matsuda (English Version)

Recurring Role

Keiji Fujiwara

Keiji Fujiwara

Shuichi Aizawa

Recurring Role

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    • Matsuda: Why did you give us fake IDs?
      L: As you know, Kira requires a name and a face to kill. We will confront him with that premise in mind, and I think it should be obvious why.
      Ukita: Yes, but of all the people, the police shouldn't use fake IDs!
      Chief Yagami: Enough. What choice do we really have given the capabilities of our enemy? As long as you're working on this case, I think we're going to need all the protection one can get. It will be foolish not to use them.
      Matsuda: Yeah, you got a good point.

    • Light: So, have you told anyone else about this?
      Penber's fiancé: No, you're the first person I've told.
      Ryuk: (laughing) You're lucky. But how will you get rid of her? It's not like you can do it here.
      Light: (thinking) Well, you have a gift for stating the obvious, Ryuk.
      (he takes out a piece of the Death Note)
      Ryuk: Aha, aren't you bold.

    • (L's cell phone rings at the meeting)
      L: Excuse me. (he answers the phone)
      Matsuda: (thinking) Unbelievable! He tells us to turn off our cell phones...

    • (Forty seconds have passed since Light wrote Penber's fiancé's name in the Death Note)
      Penber's Fiancé: Kira will definitely be caught. Don't you think?
      Light: Huh? (thinking) What's going on? It should have happened already! This doesn't make sense. I don't understand why she's not leaving! I've had no problems making people kill themselves in the past. All I had to do was write the word "suicide." The criminals I tested it on all hung themselves exactly when I specified. My experiments indicate that in a situation like this, I should be able to control a person's actions. So, what's wrong? (Ryuk laughs hysterically) Ryuk...he laughed just like that when I was writing in the Death Note. And that's not all...I remember thinking it was bizarre how he laughed when I asked for her name. In fact, he's reacted the same way every time her name comes up! (he finally comes to the realization) An alias!

    • (The task force has been introduced to Watari)
      Watari: Gentlemen, it's an honor to meet all of you.
      Aizawa: This person is Watari?
      Matsuda: Um, what about your usual outfit?
      Watari: If I dressed like that, I'd be announcing to the world that I am Watari. That's all it takes to give away the location of our headquarters and Ryuzaki.
      Matsuda: Oh. I see.
      Watari: Ordinarily I'd never show my face to any of you. The fact that I'm here is proof that you've won Ryuzaki's trust.
      Matsuda: Now that you mention it, I do feel honored...heh heh...
      (he looks anything but)

    • (Light is debating what to do about Penber's fiancé)
      Ryuk: (laughing) Hey, Light! You know, that deal I mentioned is still open. It's just like putting on contact lenses: completely painless.

    • Light: (thinking to himself) I'd like to see how this woman dies, but I can't exactly follow her. So... Hurry to your death!

    • (The NPA members are putting on their special belts)
      Matsuda: Cool! It's kinda like we're special agents pursuing Kira!
      Chief Yagami: Matsuda! This isn't a game! Don't make such childish comments!
      Matsuda: (sadly) Yes, sir.

    • Ryuk: (to Light) It's amazing how you can lie so much.

    • Misora: Um, why are you paying such close attention to your watch?
      Light: Oh, this? That's because... I'm Kira.

    • Light: Farewell, Misora Naomi-san.

    • Light: But, why would you tell me you wanted to talk to L?
      Misora: When I was irritated that I couldn't meet with the investigation team, someone calling himself the son of the head of the investigation team appeared... no... that's not it. I'll tell you honestly. You remind me of L. I felt you were similar to him.

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