Death Note

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Mar 06, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

Episode Recap

Continuing from the previous episode, the Yotsuba group receives information from Coil that there might be a connection between Misa and Kira. Because of this, Coil suggests in his report that the Yotsuba group hire her to obtain some information. Some members dislike this idea because it seems as if Coil wants them to get info from her themselves. Another member suggests that they should ask Coil to come so Kida makes a phone call to Coil (Aiber). In response, Aiber pretends that he's not happy that Kida contacts him and wonders if there is something important. Upon hearing what Kida said, however, Coil tells him that he has an idea. Inside the 3rd Kira's home, 'Kira' whines about how he still has criminals to punish even after meeting and being 'Kira' is a busy job. He is sure that Misa is the 2nd Misa and was captured by L. He thinks because of this, she had no choice but to forfeit her note and as a result, she lost her memory.

Rem is shocked when the 3rd 'Kira' tells her that he intends on making Misa his wife. He thinks everyone will be jealous if he has wealth, power, and a beautiful wife. Once they are married, 3rd 'Kira' intends on investing a lot on her life insurance. Rem is horrified to hear this and once 3rd Kira disappears, Rem decides to rip part of the note, saying that this is the only thing that she can think of to help Misa. Inside the hotel, Aiber and Misa are trying to practice the roles that they'll play in front of Yotsuba. Aiber begins by accusing Misa of coming to Tokyo to see Kira. L immediately smacks her with his microphone, asking her not to overdo the line. Misa claims that was a first-class acting but L doesn't care and asks her to do it again. Not wanting to be outdone, Misa calls him "Big Director Ryuuzaki", prompting L to tell her that he'll kick her unless she takes this seriously.

Later on while driving Misa to Yotsuba group, Mogi is informed by the girl that he can't seem to smile. In response, Mogi suddenly becomes cheerful, creeping Misa in the process. He tells them that although the trip is for the advertising job, this is also their investigation mission. Misa assures Mogi not to worry because she's aware of this. Because of this, she wants Mogi not to forget his role either: that of a happy manager. Be afraid, be very afraid. Mogi holds up his words and plays it hyper as the two of them greet the Yotsuba reps. After the Misa is courted to go inside, however, Mogi thinks that he's not suitable for the role. Aiber, who now sits along with the Yotsuba group as Coil introduces himself as 'John Wallace'. Aiber goes straight to the point and tells Misa that he's found out that Misa worships Kira, who punished the robbers who killed her parents. He believes that Misa has come to Tokyo with the hope of meeting Kira.

Misa feigns surprise and asks Aiber/Coil/John who told him such a thing. Aiber tells her that her facial reaction proves him that he's right. The Yotsuba group seems to be impressed with Coil's method of investigation. Coil then tells Misa that she has something else that she's hiding: the fact that she was captured by L. Misa pretends to be nervous and tells them that it is true that she was questioned by L about Kira but she explained that she's not 2nd Kira nor has any connection with Kira. She also tells them that she didn't see his face because the voice was coming from a speaker. After a while, Higuchi becomes impatient and tells them that this starting to feel like interrogation so he excuses himself because he wants to go to toilet. Upon hearing this, Misa decides to go to the toilet as well but unknown to her, Rem has sneaked the piece of paper that she ripped from Death Note into her hand. This effectively allows her to see Rem.

Misa is freaked out upon seeing the Shinigami but Rem manages to cover her mouth before she can scream. She knows that Misa's memory won't return from her touching the scrap paper. However, this at least allows Misa to see her form. Rem then tells Misa that she's in a dangerous situation and asks her to listen to her. Misa, however, is more afraid that 'monstrous' Rem will kill her. Rem tries to tell her that she's her ally but Misa is not convinced about this. Meanwhile, Light comes to the realization that there's a big difference between the previous Kira and this new Kira. The current Kira kills anyone who's reported of killing someone. The previous Kira, however, didn't persecute those who didn't have intention to kill or accidentally killed someone. For example, people who inadvertently killed someone else in an accident. Light thinks that if he were Kira, he would think this way. After a while, however, Light shrugged this off and claims that he's not Kira.

Back inside the Yotsuba group's office, Rem tells Misa that Light is the real Kira and wonders what he's currently doing. After letting go of her hand so Misa can talk, Rem tells the girl that she's a Shinigami and that they've met before. She then informs her about Death Note, which can be use to kill other people by writing those people's name on the book. With this note, Light killed criminal and was known as "Kira". Misa also had the same power and with this power, she managed to get close to Light. Upon hearing this, Misa realizes that what L said was right. Upon hearing this, Misa tells Rem that she believes her and that she still loves Light until her death. Rem realizes that Misa's feeling still has not changed at all. She also warns Misa about the current Kira, which she feels is the worst human being. When Misa returns to the interview room, she looks at the person who sits in front of Rem and realizes that the new Kira is Higuchi.

Later on, Misa finds out from Light that the plan to lure Kira out has been cancelled because it's too dangerous for Misa. L is surprised when Misa simply tells Light that she'll follow whatever he wish. Misa is grateful to Light for being worried about her but she has a plan. The plan is to switch into a nursing costume with her friend so Mogi won't notice her disappearance. Misa then goes into a car with Higuchi and then telling him that she's the 2nd Kira. In order to prove this, she agrees to kill a person. Unknown to Higuchi, it's Rem who actually writes the guy's name in the Death Note. Higuchi immediately declares that he wants to marry Misa and that he's Kira. Misa refuses to believe this unless Higuchi can prove that he really is Kira. Since his note is at home, she wants him to stop killing criminal until she tells him to do it again. The episode ends with Misa reporting to others that she got a recording of Higuchi admitting that he's Kira.
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