Death Note

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Mar 06, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • Return to greatness…

    After a few iffy episodes Death Note once again returns to its good ol’ amazing stuff. This episode was very exciting and offered assurance that the story was not headed downhill.
    During an interview with Misa and the Yatsuba Group, Rem reveals herself to her, very quickly Misa learns almost everything about the real Kira and the new. Misa then devises a clever plan to get proof of the identity of the current Kira. We learn from this episode the new Kira’s identity and that Misa is very bold and intelligent, but perhaps recklessly so…
    Anyway, a great episode, and I can’t wait for the next.
  • A great episode, Rem and Misa are reunited, sort of, and Misa tries to be useful to the Task Force, mostly for Light.

    I must say, Misa is actually pretty smart in some sense, and yet, kind of not smart in another sense. Misa is being interviewed by Yotsuba, which turns more into an interrogation when they begin to question her about L. While in the building, Misa is reunited with Rem. Rem makes herself known to Misa, and tells Misa about her being the second Kira, and Light being the real Kira. After Rem explains everything Misa, Misa learns who the third Kira is, and he indeed in the yotsuba group as all had already knew. Misa trying to be useful, confronts the thrid Kira and goes on a date with him, trying to get him to confess that he is in fact Kira. Misa tells him how she is the second Kira, and proves it to him by getting Rem to secretly kill a person he orders Misa to kill. When that is done, the man from Yotsuba is convinced that she is the second Kira, and wants to marry her. He feels that he will need Misa by his side. Misa, records the whole thing on her phone when the man admits that he is Kira, and that he would prove it to her. After Misa shows it to the members of Task Force, most are surprised, a few are proud, but I really couldn't make out L's reaction? Was he happy? Mad? Or did he realize, or observe something that no one else did? I began to wonder if Misa had recorded the whole entire thing, even when she had to prove she was Kira by killing a man. Though it wasn't her, and it was Rem who actually killed the person, if that was recorded, that would convince L that Misa was the second Kira after all. But who knows? Just a thought.
  • The Third Man

    A good episode nothing enitirely spectacular, I'm still waiting for that story that's going to blow me away. However I liked this episode because we learn to things one how enginuitive Misa truely is as well as who the third Kira is. Misa I always felt was a smart person but her achilles heal is reckless dechion making and acting. Which can result in either good or bad things depending on the luck of the draw. Her choice in choicing Light as a so called significant other just proves that recklessness, she proclaims it as love but I can't help but feel it's really more of a Stockholm Syndrome lust.

    Anyway I really like seeing her in action, how clever she truely was in infiltrating and locating the third Kira. Basically by taping into the guy's weakness, there was I'll admit a degree of suspense in the scene where she was in the car with him and as the interplay escilated it was starting to get uncomfortable which could of resulted in a rape. But of course Misa, pull things of with her enginuity and gets the job done in the end.

    But we get insight into the third Kira who I will say is a disgusting man. He is a perverted man with not just lust for women 24.7 in his mind but lust for power. The Deathnote he has just inherited has put him on what you call a power trip, and he figure he's going to stretch that trip even further by trying to marry Misa so he can have twice the power.

    I get the feeling his power trip may come to an end sooner than he thinks.
  • The identity of the third Kira is revealed.

    I liked this episode. It was the first one after Light's loss of his Death Note that didn't bore me. And it was great to see Misa in action. I've got to give props to her, but I think the way she went about it was bad. She gave herself away, and I even think L noticed her change. But I'm glad to see her memories return, now Light needs to hurry up and be revived!

    It seems like the series is finally coming out of stagnation, but I won't be happy until Ryuk comes back. Although Rem has a certain twang about her, I still like the quirkiness of Ryuk.
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