Death Note

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Mar 06, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation



  • Trivia

    • Omitted Information: Misa's Sister

      The corresponding manga chapters talk of how Eraldo Coil (Aiber) was able to get information on Misa from her sister, who lives in Kyoto. However, this information was excluded in the anime, most likely since Misa's sister is never mentioned again in the series. It is probable that Misa's sister was made up for the sake of making Coil's information seem more reliable to the Yotsuba members.

    • Goof: Rem's "Headband"

      At one point, upon seeing Misa in the bathroom, Rem's reflection in the mirror is incorrect, having her right eye covered up in the mirror instead of her left. This error was also done in the manga version.

    • Altered Scene: Rem's Information

      The manga version of Rem's meeting with Misa is significantly longer, with Rem completely filling Misa in on the current situation as well as how Light most likely plans on eventually reclaiming ownership of one notebook. She continues, saying how seeing the current Kira's selfish actions have made her decide to help Light in his cause. However, her sudden change of heart toward Light has made it impossible for her to kill off L without dying herself.

      While Misa admires Rem for giving her such information, she claims that Rem is stingy about putting her own life before Light's.

    • Omitted Scene: Soichiro's Plan

      After Misa discovers who the latest Kira is, the manga shifts to a scene with the Task Force and L discussing their own separate plans on how to end the Kira case. While L's plan concerning Misa is already underway, Soichiro plans on having Sakura TV announce everything they know concerning the case.

      Both Light and L clearly demonstrate their dislike of the plan. And L asks Soichiro to delay his plan for one month since they were already able to delay Yotsuba's killings for that long. Soichiro reluctantly agrees to L's terms and agrees to give aid to L in any way he can, saying how if Kira is not captured until then, he will continue on with his plan.

  • Quotes

    • Misa: (after seeing Rem) What is this thing? Some kind of monster?

    • Misa: But you can't really kill him... If Light dies, Misa can't carry on living...

    • Misa: (thinking) Higuchi's Kira? That bastard!

    • Light: (thinking) The way the original Kira acted is disturbingly close to my ideals... What the hell am I thinking? I'm not Kira. Something's gotta be wrong with me if I'm seriously comparing myself to that murderer.
      Rem: Light Yagami is Kira!

    • (after Misa provides a not so convincing performance)
      L: If you don't get serious about this, I'll kick you.

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