Death Note

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Oct 24, 2006 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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Light creates a complex plan involving the Death Note and another criminal to try and expose his follower's name and identity.

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  • Intense

    I totally didn't expect the twist ending, but it was by far a high point. Really gave the show some impact.
  • I really enjoyed watching Light's schemes in this episode. Seemingly flawless.

    So the Death Note has some limitations after all: things have to be realistic. It's kind of ironic that its not realistic in anyway itself. Anyway, this episode may be my favorite so far. Now, Light is using criminals as pawns against the people who oppose him.

    This episode showed us how good he is at planning things out. His scheme to get the name of the agent following him pretty clever. I really didn't expect him to get that creative. And using paper from the Death Note was a masterful touch. Ryuk must be happy that it fell into such capable hands. I love how Ryuk was just standing there talking to himself as the criminal was shooting him.

    But what will Light's next move be? If he kills the investigator right away, then it might make him look suspicious. But if he doesn't kill him, the guy could report that all kinds of weird things happened while he was tailing Light. In comparison to the other people he must be tailing, the only one with such outlandish events happening is Light. The other people he is investigating must be pretty boring, so Light may have only succeeded in drawing attention to himself.moreless
  • Light test the death note and tries to reveal the name of the person who was following him.

    In this episode Light tests the death note a bit more. He tests to see what he can make his victims do before they die. He tests it 3 times and learns that he can't make his victims do certain thing. It was a good advantage for Light to know that he could test the notebook without anybody knowing that he was kira. Light also tries to reveal the name of the person who was following him. His way of figuring out his name was very interesting. His plan went perfectly and it ended in the outcome that he wanted. The episode was good.moreless
  • Very clever, Mr. Yagami, very clever indeed!

    Light just doesn't know when to quit, does he? Well, first he refuses Ryuk's offer of obtaining the Shinigami's Eyes. He tells Ryuk that he wants to increase his life span, not shorten it. He plans of playing God for a very long time. Then Light begins to experiment with the Death Note. He writes the names of six criminals in it. He alters the details of death so that the inmates do a number of weird things before they die. Three of them did logical things. One drew a picture on the wall in blood, another wrote a strange note, and the other broke out of his cell and ran to the bathroom. However, Light comanded that the other three do strange things as well, but they were impossible. One was to die in front of the Eiffel Tower in one hour, one was to draw a picture of L's face on the wall, and the other was to write a note explaining everything he knew about the Kira Case. And from those, Light figures out that the Death Note can't do the impossible. Then he coems up with a plan to determine the name of the investigator who is stalking him. The man follows him onto a bus when he is on a date. (LOL, she's dating The Kira! :P) The bus stops, and a criminal that Light saw on the news boards the bus and tries to hijack it. The stalker tries to calm Light and his girlfriend down, but Light accuses him of being an accomplise. The stalker determines that Light is not The Kira and shows his ID badge. Raye Penber. Now Light can kill him. Other stuff happens, and the criminal accidently touches a page of the Death Note and is able to see Ryuk now. The sight of the Shinigami scares the crap out of him and he runs out of the bus, only to be hit and killed by a passing car.moreless
  • That was a stunning piece of work that left me loving it more and more.

    That was a stunning piece of work that left me with a love for the show more and more.

    Light has a complex plan with the Death Note. He uses a dangerous drug addict as a part of teh plan. And such a criminal dies at exactly 11:45 A.M. as written in the Death Note.

    Cool!!!!!! I love it!

    The criminal takes teh bus hostage. Light drops a paper from the Death Note and teh criminal gets it and throws it away. But then he sees Ryuk, and uses all his bullets on Ryuk, but Ryuk didn't die. The criminal rushes out and gets in an accident, as written in teh Death note.

    A marvelous episode that would have been enough to beat all the bad epsiodes in 24 Season 6.moreless
Hideo Ishikawa

Hideo Ishikawa

Raye Penber

Guest Star

Katsuhisa Houki

Katsuhisa Houki

Kiichiro Osoreda (Bus Jacker)

Guest Star

Michael Adamthwaite

Michael Adamthwaite

Raye Penber (English Version)

Guest Star

Naoya Uchida

Naoya Uchida

Soichiro Yagami

Recurring Role

Kiyoshi Kobayashi

Kiyoshi Kobayashi


Recurring Role

French Tickner

French Tickner

Watari (English Version)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In this episode, it is revealed that the FBI agent following Light, is a man named Ray Penbar. However, in the English manga version of Death Note, his name is spelled "Raye Penber."

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Ryuk: The Shinigami realm is slowly rotting, we live meaningless and empty lives. And the only reason we still take human lives is because we are afraid to die ourselves. The truth of the matter is that we no longer even know why we exist. In fact, I doubt there is any reason for our existence at all.

    • Ryuk: Oh, I get it. That little note that Light "accidentally" dropped was actually torn from the pages of the Death Note itself. Since he tricked this guy into touching the paper, he's the only other one on the bus who can see me. That's so smart!
      Busjacker: Get away!
      (He tries to shoot Ryuk.)
      Ryuk: Sorry, pal. I'm a shinigami, so I'm afraid those bullets aren't gonna kill me.
      (Busjacker freaks out and empties his gun on Ryuk, in vain.)
      Ryuk: Anyone who touches the Death Note can see me...I stay 'til the Death Note is finished or I see you die, whichever comes first...And a shinigami can't die from being shot. I've said all these things at one time or another. Well, he is the top-ranked student in the country. Guess I shouldn't be surprised.

    • Ryuk: (thinking about Light) He's not the slightest bit daunted by the fact that I'm a shinigami. He doesn't suck up to me, and he seems to have no problem giving me a hard time.

    • Light: Next it's your turn, Ray Penbar.

    • Light: Don't you think it would be godlike to have wings and be able to take to the sky at will? It's a dream humans have had since ancient times.
      Ryuk: You'd stick out if you had wings and could fly. That alone would be enough for the cops to come after you.

    • Light: But if I make a bunch of deals on things like wings and eyes, before I know it, I'll become a real death god. Wouldn't that be interesting?
      Ryuk: Relax. Light, even without doing something like that, you're already.... a fine death god.

  • NOTES (3)