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Death Note

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Oct 03, 2006 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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Episode Summary

Light Yagami is a high school genius bored with life in general. Ryuk, a shinigami, is also bored, so he decides to drop his Death Note (a notebook shinigami use to kill humans) on Earth. After which, Light finds this mysterious book and decides to rid the world of all wicked people and rule a utopia as a god.moreless

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  • Decent Intro

    It was a fair intro, but like most intros are they're the build up so they're not always gonna be the best, but this one was better than most.
  • Surprisingly good start

    This opening episode starts with setting up the pieces in classic fashion. However I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth and elegant way to explain how a rational mind like Light comes to try the death note.

    Another surprise was the speed at which the main plot was set. I was expecting a few episodes about some inner fight within Light's mind about morality and the use of the note. In fact this is solved quite quickly and we discover very soon that Light is not the average Joe.

    Last good surprise: the relationship between Light and Ryuk is not what you would normally expect and this too becomes clear in the very first episode.

    The only reason why I cannot put 10 is the opening credits. The song is terrible to my ears and the pictures unattractive. I had to force myself to keep watching it till the end.moreless
  • An excellent starting, the start of Kira.

    This episode starts the reign of Kira, Light finds the Death Note and is corrupted into Kira. Light learns and tests its power. Light feels he is doing good by killing off all the criminals. He wants a better world, one that is not rotten. You can watch the whole series, but its your opinion if Light is the good guy or the bad guy. Light is what you would call the perfect student he is smart, popular, athletic etc... Ryuk thinks humans are fun, their hatrid or kindness is amusing to shinigami, or just Ryuk. He is different from most shinigami. Ryuk puts his Death Note in the human world which starts this series off. How far will this duo go. Watch the series and find out.moreless
  • If you got your hands on that...

    This was a good way to start off Death Note. In the begining, you meet a smart 17 year old student named Light who doesn't like all the evil and mess in the world. One day, he stumbles across a booklet called Death Note and learns that the name of someone written in it will die. Light uses it to kill evil people and starts to grow into it, believing he's changing the world for the better. He meets shinigami named Ryuk who was the original owner of the Death Note and they stick together. Is Light doing a good think or a bad thing? Its your conclusion.moreless
  • Just what on earth have you got yourself into, Light Yagami?

    This episode accomplishes in exploring the drives and motivations of Ryuk and Light. The concept is highly appealing to me. It was interesting how it led into the episode title with both of them thinking that their world is rotten.

    The thing that impressed me the most was the music. It matched the mood of each scene perfectly. I also loved the animation. It's so dark and gothic and reflects the darkness and twisted nature of the story perfectly. The little dabs of humour here and there is surprising considering the serious tone of everything.

    This episode is pretty much a set-up episode done tastefully. The scene when Light starts mass killing criminals was superb. Some would say that the writing of names was over pimped with the sharp hand movements and the super shiny pen, but I loved that. It just showed how crazy Light is. He really does think of himself as a god. I've would have given it an eight out of ten if not for those last two minutes. That sealed it a nine. Ryuk's reaction at the end was priceless. I especially loved the mischievous smirk at the end, foreshadowing all the trouble that is yet to come.moreless
Tomohiro Nishimura

Tomohiro Nishimura

Shibuimaru Takuo

Guest Star

Kazuya Nakai

Kazuya Nakai


Guest Star

Takeharu Onishi

Takeharu Onishi


Guest Star

Ai Satou

Ai Satou

Sachiko Yagami

Recurring Role

Saffron Henderson

Saffron Henderson

Sachiko Yagami (English Version)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Altered Scene: Taku

      In the manga, the girl outside the store was being harassed, and wasn't touched. In the anime, she was nearly raped, up to he point where her clothes were damaged.

    • Altered Scene: Picking His Note

      In the anime, Light picked up the Death Note using his right hand holding the right side of the book. In the manga, he gently lifted up the Note by holding on to the top.

    • Altered Scene: Light's Remorse

      In the manga, shortly after he kills the biker, Light actually begins to cry and feel faint, muttering "I killed... two people..." while the anime does not. This actually shows that Light is actually not an evil person, just that the Death Note has begun to erase his own conscience.

    • Goof: When Light sees the Death Note falling, it lands with the front cover facing down, but when Light goes to pick up the Death Note, the front cover is facing up.

    • Symbolism: The entire episode's setting is dark and cloudy until the end of the episode, when Light reveals his plan of purging the world of evil. Once he brings this up, a ray of sunlight strikes his desk through the window, suggesting how much of an improvement to the human world he thinks the Death Note will bring.

    • Filler scene: Ryuk's affinity for Earth apples is introduced in this filler scene, when Light's mother interrupts his conversation with Ryuk to give Light a bowl of apples.

    • Moved Scene: At the very end of the first manga chapter, the last panel shows the reader a glimpse of L. However, this scene is cut out and pushed to the next episode.

  • QUOTES (14)

  • NOTES (3)


    • The theme playing at the very beginning of the episode is a chanted variation of the prayer Kyrie Eleison, which is Greek for "Lord have mercy."

    • The first time we see Light's classroom, one student is playing a handheld game that looks like a Nintendo DS Lite.

    • The large projection screen seen on the side of a building in this episode, has the title "Fanasonic" written underneath it. This is a reference to the popular electronic comapany, Panasonic.