Death Note

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Apr 10, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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A transmission intended for L's successor shows all of L's findings on the Kira case. Afterwards, Light furthers his plans for a utopia, dividing the world into those who support and those who fear Kira.

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  • We go back and look at L's findings since he was investigation Kira.

    The first half of the episode were just flashbacks of what had happened from the beginning until now. It was all of L's findings and his material for the Kira investigation. The other half was mainly the task force, talking about what to do next. They cannot use the headquarters because both L and Watari are dead, they all come to the conclusion that Light should be L's sucessor as well, and that Mr. Yagami should be the one to hold the death note for now. Though Light may think he has one, and has continued to punish criminals, and moving into a new world, playing god, he's got another thing coming. He thought he could keep L's death a secret, but just as I thought, L had some tricks up his sleeves, and set a transmission for when he dies, it would be sent, to his true sucessors. So Light, what's going to happen now?moreless
  • Light recollects his time after he found the notebook, from L finding out he was in Japan up to the moment L died. He also continues to kill criminals, nine of which were his allies.moreless

    Flashback episode, nothing much happened at teh first fourteen minutes. It was to show Light's adventures, along iwth Ryuuzaki. Although, L's death, it really shocked me...*eye twitch*

    Anyway, afetr teh flashbacks, light appears on top of a building along with Ryuk. He resumes onto writing names on the notebook, nine of whcih were his allies once. The seven Yotsuba people and the two who were old criminals but turned to help in the Kira investigation. Light is beyond carzy.

    But at the end of teh episode, three people, one of which was someone who looks like he was a friend of Watari, appear. The man says L's dead. Mello, one of the two yonger people, reacted immediately, but the otehr one, Near, hardly reacted. These two will be the cat/mouse people in the later epsiodes, my logic states.moreless
  • Reshuffling the deck…

    This was basically a wrap up episode for the first arc of the anime, and the introduction and set-up for the second arc.

    It began with a recap of all L had done and learned regarding the Kira case, it was cleverly packaged as his own review of his work, it is likely that it was not meant for just anyone, nevertheless, it is Light that finds the document.

    The rest of the episode was mostly pretty uniform; obviously there were several new and motivating developments, (Light becoming the new L, moving in with Misa and starting a new surge of Death Note justice) non-recap substance was limited to half the episode, so drama and excitement were not present. Despite this, the introduction of Light’s new rivals was very interesting and promises to deliver the goods in the future.

    Moreover, a decent recap and adjustment episode, which sets the stage for the righteous entertainment to come.moreless
Hirofumi Nojima

Hirofumi Nojima

Reiji Namikawa

Guest Star

Ted Cole

Ted Cole

Reiji Namikawa (English Version)

Guest Star

Hiroyuki Yokoo

Hiroyuki Yokoo

Suguru Shimura

Guest Star

Naoya Uchida

Naoya Uchida

Soichiro Yagami

Recurring Role

Chris Britton

Chris Britton

Soichiro Yagami (English Version)

Recurring Role

Vincent Tong

Vincent Tong

Touta Matsuda (English Version)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Altered Scene: The Time Period

      The narration near the end of the episode reveals that after the time skip, the year is 2012. However, at the same point in the manga's story, the year is 2009, meaning that in terms of the year, the anime is three years ahead of the manga. This was most likely done in order to keep the beginning of the story coinciding with the actual year in the real world (ie: the anime began airing in Japan in 2006; the current year in the Death Note series was 2006 as well).

    • Goof: At the beginning of the recap, the first confrontation between L and Light is shown. However, in the dubbed version, L's scrambled voice is not the same as the one L actually uses and is instead merely a different sounding voice. Though if one listens carefully, the voice is the same one normally used, but is missing the "deep sounding scrambled" voice that plays alongside it.

    • Goof: At the end of the series recap, a farewell message from L to his successor is shown typed out in English. However, the message is not grammatically sound, with the opening sentenced seen as:

      "The following is the record which contains everything I have investigated on Kira Incident."

      In the Viz dubbed version, the footage is not changed, but they did make an attempt to fix the "Engrish error," having L narrate the message and reading the opening sentence as:

      "The following is the record which contains everything I have investigated on the Kira Incident."

    • Altered Scene: The Task Force

      The Task Force's conversation following the series recap is much shorter in the anime, cutting out some of the less significant details. Near the start of the scene, the manga has Mr. Yagami address how he hid the fact that L has died to the higher-ups for the sake of keeping the Japanese Police involved in the Kira Investigation.

      Later in the scene, the manga has Aizawa bring up the point of Rem's sudden disappearance after L and Watari's deaths. Mr. Yagami adds on, mentioning how even Rem brought up the possibility of there being multiple notebooks in the Human Realm. Aizawa continues, saying how Kira must have been able to gain information on L to be able to kill him. However, Matsuda brings up that with the shinigami now gone, it is difficult to confirm anything.

      Light closes the scene in the manga, saying how although a shinigami was the source of all this trouble, Kira is the one who took the notebook from the shinigami in the first place. His father agrees, saying how they will definitely capture Kira in the end.

    • Listen Closely: Upon being asked to live with Light, Misa claims victory over Kiyomi, Yuri and Mayu, women Light has previously dated. Yuri only appears in episode 4: Pursuit while Kiyomi first appears in episode 14: Friend. Mayu, on the other hand, was never shown and is only mentioned in this episode.

    • Altered Scene: Ryuk on the Roof

      Ryuk's conversation with Light about how the death of everyone in Light's way will only lead to boredom has been relocated from a street corner accompanied by Misa in the manga, to a dramatically lit roof-top in the anime. While on the roof, Light begins to kill off various criminals, finally taking back his role as Kira.

      In the manga, it is also on the street corner that Light asks Misa to live with him. On the other hand, the manga has him bring up the idea at the local coffee shop.

    • Altered Scene: Aiber

      In the anime, Aiber suddenly dies in front of what is suggested to be his wife and child. The manga, however, has him slowly die of liver cancer with his family at his side in a hospital in Paris, France.

    • Altered Scene: Yotsuba

      During the montage of deaths, the anime actually shows each of the remaining Yotsuba members realizing the errors of their ways and deciding to start their company anew only to all die in their meeting room. The manga, however, mentions through narration how they all died of heart attacks on the same day eventually resulting in the fall of Yotsuba Group's stock.

    • Moved Scene: The scene covering Near's story during the montage explaining the events preceding the time skip in the series is moved to the beginning of the next episode.

    • Omitted Scene: Near's Decline

      In the Wammy's House, before Roger calls Mello and Near into his office to inform them of L's death, we see Mello and other children playing outside. When asked to play, Near declines, happier to be working on his jigsaw puzzle.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Misa: Light? This is our first date in forever! Can't you enjoy yourself a little more?
      Light: Misa... Let's move in together.
      Misa: (gasps) Do you mean it?
      Light: Yeah. I've already rented a place.
      Misa: (stands up from her chair) YAY! VICTORY IS MINE! MISA WINS!
      Ryuk: Victory?
      Misa: Over Kiyomi and Mari and Yuri. (sits back down) But it's alright now, don't worry! I knew you were just using those other girls into tricking L. You don't have any reason to see them anymore, right?
      Light: Right.

    • Narrator: In April 2012 Light Yagami age 23 joined Japan's National Police Agency. In the Summer of 2012 Kira's killings increased at an unprecedented rate. Numerous people around the world were terrified of Kira, and yet there was just as many cheering him on. Gradually their private thoughts became public opinion, and soon certain nations began to accept Kira's judgment. The world was heading into a dark age in which Kira's will was the only law.

    • Mello: What is it?
      Roger: L is dead.

    • Ryuk: Hey, are you really going to take L's place?
      Light: Yeah.
      Ryuk: Then… there won't be anything interesting to see.
      Light: That's not true, Ryuk.
      Ryuk: Hmm?
      Light: From here on, I'll show you the creation of a new world.
      Ryuk: Oh?

  • NOTES (4)

    • According to the interview with Takeshi Obata (artist of the manga) in Death Note Volume 13: How to Read, upon making the designs for Near and Mello, he initially "switched" the two's designs; the current Mello was Near's design and vice-versa. However, his editor wrote in the wrong names when submitting the designs to Tsugumi Ohba (writer of the manga), who soon approved of them. After getting the approval, Obata did not have the heart to admit that their designs were supposed to be the other way around, so as he continued the series, he always thought of Near as "the more evil one while Mello was more calm and feminine."

    • Canada (YTV/Bionix) Airdate: April 25, 2008

    • US (Cartoon Network/Adult Swim) Airdate: April 20, 2008

    • Manga Correlation*:
      - Chapter 059, "Zero"
      - Chapter 060, "Kidnapping" (Pages 1-6, 12-13)

      *Note that while the episode also recaps the series so far, this manga correlation only covers the new footage that played afterwards.