Death Note

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Apr 10, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • We go back and look at L's findings since he was investigation Kira.

    The first half of the episode were just flashbacks of what had happened from the beginning until now. It was all of L's findings and his material for the Kira investigation. The other half was mainly the task force, talking about what to do next. They cannot use the headquarters because both L and Watari are dead, they all come to the conclusion that Light should be L's sucessor as well, and that Mr. Yagami should be the one to hold the death note for now. Though Light may think he has one, and has continued to punish criminals, and moving into a new world, playing god, he's got another thing coming. He thought he could keep L's death a secret, but just as I thought, L had some tricks up his sleeves, and set a transmission for when he dies, it would be sent, to his true sucessors. So Light, what's going to happen now?
  • Light recollects his time after he found the notebook, from L finding out he was in Japan up to the moment L died. He also continues to kill criminals, nine of which were his allies.

    Flashback episode, nothing much happened at teh first fourteen minutes. It was to show Light's adventures, along iwth Ryuuzaki. Although, L's death, it really shocked me...*eye twitch*

    Anyway, afetr teh flashbacks, light appears on top of a building along with Ryuk. He resumes onto writing names on the notebook, nine of whcih were his allies once. The seven Yotsuba people and the two who were old criminals but turned to help in the Kira investigation. Light is beyond carzy.

    But at the end of teh episode, three people, one of which was someone who looks like he was a friend of Watari, appear. The man says L's dead. Mello, one of the two yonger people, reacted immediately, but the otehr one, Near, hardly reacted. These two will be the cat/mouse people in the later epsiodes, my logic states.
  • Reshuffling the deck…

    This was basically a wrap up episode for the first arc of the anime, and the introduction and set-up for the second arc.
    It began with a recap of all L had done and learned regarding the Kira case, it was cleverly packaged as his own review of his work, it is likely that it was not meant for just anyone, nevertheless, it is Light that finds the document.
    The rest of the episode was mostly pretty uniform; obviously there were several new and motivating developments, (Light becoming the new L, moving in with Misa and starting a new surge of Death Note justice) non-recap substance was limited to half the episode, so drama and excitement were not present. Despite this, the introduction of Light’s new rivals was very interesting and promises to deliver the goods in the future.
    Moreover, a decent recap and adjustment episode, which sets the stage for the righteous entertainment to come.