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  • Best show ever

    One of the smartest anime shows. I love it.
  • Profoundly disturbing, and you can't stop watching

    This isn't a family friendly anime, nor is it a particularly feel good one. Is it enjoyable, that is questionable. Is it interesting? That goes without a doubt.

    The main feature that is so interesting, is the statement that power corrupts, and absolute power, corrupts absolutely. The Death Note is comparable to the Forbidden Fruit, all who taste it are forever damned. He eventually becomes a monster, the thing he had sought the power to fight against, and that is just it, the reason why people like this anime so much.
  • Piece of shit

    I felt it the the most awesome show or episode ever but as it ,i felt I was the worst anime ever cause l dies in episode 27 ,l is my favorite character in the history of anime and yet they kill him ,so I conclude by saying when you first start watching this episode you might feel its good ,but it is the worst cause l (l as alphabet l)dies

    And that is the part where I hate this anime cause l is my favorite character and they killlll him

  • Amazing.

    My favorite animated series of all-time. It's simply an amazing story. It does decline after the first 25 episodes, but it's still really good.
  • One of anime's greatest...

    The only reason this did not get a ten is because the episodes get progresivly worst over the series, with annoying characters like misa, and L dying, it is still, at least for the first season, the most clever, slick, one of the most dark, intriging, animes ive ever seen. A must watch for any anime fan.
  • Death Note Fan

    Honestly, it will never make any sense to me. Why Light mentioned Kiyomi's name in the end. In the manga, he does seem to love her. But he seemed more ruthless in the anime. It just doesn't make sense. I hate Misa, and apparently Light was forced upon her, because of the creators. But he could've left Kiyomi alone. She would've been fine with just being Mikami's spokeswoman. God Damn it, Light.
  • First half would get a 100000/10 but the second half ruins the entire show.

    I loved the first half of the show it was so brilliant. It was so smart and was filled with so much drama. I watched the first 15 episodes in one day. I loved the first half But the second half was terrible. Misa became comic relief. Light lost his way. L was dead. N is annoying. Melo was an unnecessary character. The plot was virtually going nowhere and everyone was acting out of character and the animation quality just dropped. They also hurt my favorite character Sayu. I'm glad it ended. I loved Death Note but the second half of the show just killed it for me.
  • pain and hurtful people

    i think if i found the death note i would kill everyone thats ever hurt me plus criminals
  • The Demon God

    Anime's have a way of intriguing its viewers; even if you're not an 'anime freak'. The reason is because animes find a way to make its storyline more the evolving and more original than most shows on today that were all use to.

    Here we have "Death Note", a series that has been compared much to the great "Code Geass".

    I simply don't see the comparison, these are two different shows. What I do see is a show that is more than its plot expects us to know; we meet its hero or should I say its 'villain', Light Yagaomei. He finds the book of the Shemiegami (aka a somewhat Demon) outside his school. He picks it up, discovers its rare power and decides instantly to use the book to change the world.

    The book is the 'Death Note' and its power is writing someone's name in the book and moments soon that person will die. This is an incredible book, and Light soon becomes so possesed with it that we find irony with his name and his character.

    The series at its first few episodes is dark and serious that we don't have much fun with it. Light writes criminals' and killers' names and they die. Okay, he's murdering bad people but this becomes a nation wide situation that involves his father, an honest cop. And also involves the government of Japan and yes, the US President.

    This is a crime drama, a smart and riveting thriller. Thats what makes "Death Note" watchable and we soon understand where its creators are going with this. In later episodes we are relieved with some funny sequences that can allow us to take a break from the deep drama, but that only happens rarely.

    Ironically the fun comes from the Shemiegami itself, Ryuk who has an obsession with apples and lives in a apocalyptic hell. And the show's most compelling character is a detective known as L. These two supply some uplifting spirit with "Death Note" and yes there is a girl, Misa, who also is the lightest of the bunch. She becomes connected to the story when she finds a 'Death Note' herself, and has a female Shemiegami named Rem stand aside her.

    L is an incredibly interesting character because he has such a way of himself. The way he sits, observes situations, thinks and his use of words. He is brilliantly written that he maybe one of the best heroes in any anime. A hero because he doesn't strive for anything other than taking down Light, who is named 'Kiera' (killer in Japanese). He has an excellent and quiet moment involving his first encounter with Light; he confesses to him that he believes 'Kiera' is him.

    There comes a time when the plot for "Death Note" becomes murky and loses itself. Then there comes a time when the show's plot becomes so intense and focused that we become unfocused of who's doing what and who's who and who's where.

    The thing I loved about "Code Geass" is its involving hero. In "Death Note" were not sure if we like or hate Light. In fact I don't know if I appreciated him as a character. He plays a villain and when we try to see his plan is for some good, we can't help but notice the damage and hell he caused on many good people. I liked L and I wanted him to win. After a turn of unfortunate events, we are introduced to a wannabe L who is named Near aka 'N' and his brother Melo. These two characters don't have the same brilliant charm that L possesses.

    "Death Note" is well drawn, and it has a satisfying ending. It could've been a masterful series if it didn't lose itself after a certain turning point. To say Light has changed is a negative; how did he suddenly turn into a killer when he first got that book? Where was the history of that? I didn't like Light in the way I didn't like an evil villain. A villain should have some aspects behind all the madness and Light was just a genius Zodiac. In the end is there really peace time?
  • A great anime and has a great English dub

    I recently got into Death Note and I think it was a really good anime. Hell, the English dub was very good as well. For people who want to get into this, I would recommend both the Japanese version and the dub. Seriously, the dub is that good.
  • Death Note

    this overall had okay art and a good plot. I'll say that for sure. But I kinda have a problem with the story. While I continued to watch, I would feel my mind explode as he would make his decisions and be like "He could've done this" or "Why would he do that?". Don't get me wrong; I'm not an vicious or dark person whatsoever. I don't know, it just seemed to unravel predictably. It's not that this is a bad anime, I just felt that there could've been a way to word it. This is a good form of entertainment however, and enjoyed watching.
  • A Masterpiece

    I'm not so sure about the last episode . it should be more tricky . but overall clearly a masterpiece . keeps you guessing every second with it's darker plot and characters . a great character development too . Light

    reminds me of this line from dark knight "You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain "
  • Great, just more Anime disaster.

    This show will make you feel immature! 0/100 Extremely Horrible.
  • It's pure brainwashing

    The anime raises the question of just society and answers to it by Hollywood's stereotype - crime is the main problem. The genius protagonist sees injustice in criminals whom he begins to kill mercilessly. I doubt that this approach would lead to significant reductions in crime. A person commits crime not to be caught. You can kill a criminal boss, but his place will be filled momentarily. No one asks what pushes a person into the path of the crime? There is almost no crime in Scandinavian countries, and this is not due to terror but to happiness of the majority of people. Isn't that the major purpose of society? Modern psychology says that to be happy society needs the equality. Oh, you probably forgot this word. In Denmark, Finland, Sweden average income level of 10% of the wealthiest people is only 3 times more than the average income level of 10% of the most poor. Therefore, Kira should have taken over the control of the governments to enact appropriate laws and, of course, laws encouraging political activity of people - if not, what will happen to the world after Death Note ends? Let's leave criminals to the police. I don't believe in free will. I don't believe that a person can choose. Therefore there is only one excuse for punishments. Severity of punishment must be judged from the expedience in accord with the major purpose of society. Social studies show that increase in severity of punishments does not lead to reductions in crime. If we don't want to come down to fascism society has to take full responsibility for the upkeep of convicts and ensuring comfort conditions in jail. There are only two crimes that must carry the death penalty, not in revenge but to bring society to understanding of the gravity of these crimes. And they are corruption and drug sale. There are more deaths from drugs every day in my city than Kira can stick down in the note.


  • The manga based thrilling story of the notebook is here...

    When I finished reading the manga of the same name, I had mixed feelings about it; the story was different and definitely thrilling, the art beautiful, but the story progressed slowly.

    The anime fixed any problems regarding that.

    There is nothing new to the story, compared to manga. The story remains the same, although there are some small pieces missing. A notebook falls from the shinigami world, picked up by Light Yagami - a bored, intelligent young man who seizes this opportunity with minimal hesitation. Write down a person's name and they will die. Get more elaborate, and the death shall follow instructions if possible. Throw in master detective L, and the game is ready to begin.

    The art is exceptionally nice to look at.

    The pace is just right, the characters' qualities embraced.

    For anyone in love with Death Note manga, check this out.
  • This is one of the best shows ever made! And it happens to be my favorite!

    Light (or Raito) Yagami (17 years old) is an ace student in Japan. In fact he is one of the leading students in the nation (with top scores). However this brilliant and popular student, who seems so cheerful and happy on the outside, is actually bored out of his mind. Of course, that all changes when he finds the Death Note. Light is no ordinary teenager, he has what he believes to be a strong sense of justice. The Death Note, is a notebook dropped by a Shinigami (Japanese for god of death, or death god). There are rules of how to use it which are already written
    out, in English. The main rules are, whoever\'s name is written in the notebook, shall die; and that if a cause of death is not specified within 40 seconds, the person whose name was written in the notebook, shall die of a heart attack. After testing the Death Note, to find that
    it really works, he feels that it is his moral duty to purge the world of all of its evil. As for the Shinigami, whose name is Ryuk (or Ryuuku), he claims to have dropped the notebook in the human world purposely, only because he was bored. Light chooses the method of killing off all of his victims by a heart attack. It may seem like a
    noble goal, but the police don't think so. Before you know it, this has become a giant controversy, and the whole world is talking about Kira (derived from the English word, "Killer"). During an Interpol meeting on the matter, a representative of a legendary detective steps
    in. This detective is known world wide, as L (for he has never revealed his true name or identity to anyone in the general public or media. In fact, there are only a handful of people in the entire world who know who he is (which is learned only much later in the storyline). L only gets involved with cases that interest them, which are usually the ones that no one is able to solve, and this case happens to be one of them. Through his brilliant methods of deduction, he is somehow able to find out that Kira (Light) can kill by irregular means (this method is shown in the second episode). And Now a major battle of the wits has started. It has now come down to a game of cat and mouse. Both are hunting each other down, to find out each other's identities. In the end, there will be a winner, as well as a loser. And the loser, will die. Who will prove to be Mentally superior....L, or Kira? This show airs on Wednesdays on Nippon TV, in Japan.

    Overall, this is a great series. It is an anime (Japanese animation) which is based off of a 12 volume manga (comic) series. So far the show has only been aired in Japan, however it is a show worth adding none the less. Although the show has not been licensed in any other country other than Japan, yet, the manga has been licensed in several different countries, including the United States. It has achieved much popularity world wide, especially in Japan. There are many fans of the original manga series, and the show sticks very close toe the manga. Accoording
    to Wikipedia, the show is supposed to have a total of 37 episodes. However only 9 episodes have aired so far, so there is no way of knowing for sure yet how many episodes there will be (considering that Wikipedia is not always accurate). Why I reccomend this show is because it is an
    original, fast paced, thought provoking story. It really gets people to question the morality of what Kira (Light) is doing, as well as their own. The story is thought out brilliantly, and the events in the story line are clever, and have been perfectly planned out. Considering its
    popularity, it shouldn't be too long until Death Note is licensed in other countries, inluding the United States.(Also, although this show is animated, it is not for children).

    To sum it all up, I strongly reccomend this series to anyone who loves mind-bending situations, and anime, with huge plot twists!
  • Beautiful

    This is my favorite anime. It's so dark and complex, yet has wonderfully funny moments. The animation and soundtrack are fantastic, too! The only things I didn't like were Near and Mello. Everything else was perfect!

    To those who say there was no character development... Light developed in so many ways. He went from a bored college student, to someone who was killing for good, to someone with a god complex, to someone who killed to get his way. Matsuda also developed over the series... he finally snapped at the end! It would be interesting to find out how his life was affected by that...
  • i loved this show but im sad

    im sad because they had canceled and now they only show them with subtitles and ther in chinese most of the time i want to hear wat there saying instead of reading it
  • Beautiful anime, ingeniously written, thorough plot, amazing dialogue- Character development?

    Now, this is only my opinion after watching the anime and reading the manga. All my friends say it's their favorite, best anime ever. But honestly, I don't see what's so great about it.

    Yes, everything's amazing. Well, almost everything.

    While reading the manga, I was astonished. The plot was so thought out, and carried out beautifully. There were hardly any flaws. However- I found it very difficult to get attached to any of the characters.

    There's no character depth. There's nothing interesting about any of them- In fact, I hardly cared about Light at all. I thought he was a loony, angsty teenage dweeb. L didn't have any character either. I couldn't relate to them, and I didn't want to. Nobody was interesting. I didn't care if they died or not.

    It seemed that this anime had everything BUT the character development, which usually is the other way around when it comes to other animes. Honestly, it's disappointing, because I want to like this anime as much as my friends do, but none of the characters in the show motivate me to care.

    It's like a video game with insane graphics and terrible gameplay. Death Note was just missing the life in its characters for me.
  • i was honestly happy it didnt last forever...

    ...because good things go to crap when they last too long! death note is absolutely wonderful, mature and captivating it keeps your interest, but doesnt go on seemingly endlessly like other mangas/animes
  • Death Note

    I love this anime! It's too bad it's so short, I loved the whole L vs Light action.
  • Light Yagami,A bored young man, finds a notebook that enables him to kill people by writing their name in it. He decides to rid the world of evil using this notebook. This starts an all out battle of wits as he tries to pursue his goals and avoid arrest.

    This is the my favorite anime. It's story is so compelling, and original. It starts out simple, but then explodes into a truly amazing experience. The twists and turns involved in this story are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. What good is a story though, if the characters are bad? Fortunately, the main characters are all interesting and fleshed out. The animation is also great. It truly is beautiful. The music is also superb, from the shows theme songs, to background music. But, the best thing about this series is the fact that there is no definate good or bad guy. It is all up to the viewer to decide. That alone, makes this a unique experience. At the end of the day, If your a fan of compelling stories, deep characters, stunning twists, and vivid animation, then this is a show for you.
  • A good anime

    Death Note is definitely one of a kind.As the name implies,it is about a note book of death.Yagami Light is a high school genius who is bored with his life,he hates the crime and disorder he sees around him. One day,he finds a notebook dropped somewhere in his school grounds.On the front ,the words "DEATH NOTE" are clearly printed.When he opens it,when he opens it,on the first page ,certain terms of use are printed like, for example, if a person's name is written on the notebook, he/she dies within 40 seconds of a heart attack if any alternative form of death is not prescribed. He first tests it and after becoming convinced of its power,he decides to use it to rid the world of evil and then set up a utopia consisting only of good people. He only has to dispose of those who are in his way.
    So now I will do a critical analysis of the series. Death Note has pretty much everything a fan of the suspense genre could ask for. It has a meticulously woven plot with good twists, strategies, mind games and so on. But it certainly has a few flaws which I would enumerate
    1. The character of Light is barely developed and sometimes feel too "perfect". He is one of the top students in Japan, but is good at sports and extracurricular activities as well. Of course, some might say it contributes to his "boredom" and that he was "supposed" to be like that but it just makes him a completely unrelatable and sometimes uninteresting character. By contrast, "L" with his unkempt appearance and his rather weird set of quirks is infinitely more memorable. We barely know the guy Light was(even during the part where he lost his memories)before he got the Death Note and he seemed to have killed his conscience and jumped onto the megalomaniac bandwagon too easily. 2. The supporting characters are also not too interesting. It's almost as if they are dispensable and interchangeable. Only a few like Light's father Soichiro and Misa seem to contribute anything of significance. Even Near and Mello are poor substitutes of L with one half of his personality each. You never really seem to care about any of them.
    3. The ending as well as the second half of the series beginning after L's death were too rushed. I would've liked for the creators to have slowed it down. Overall, while having definite flaws, this anime is certainly Grade A and is worth checking out for any fan of the anime genre.
  • I've never seen anything like it. Death Note's just amazing.

    Light Yagami was just a normal student. That is until he saw a notebook fall from the sky. That notebook changed his life. It was called a Death Note, and it had the power to kill a person by simply imagining their face and writing their name down in it. With the Death Note and the idea of ridding the world of all evil, Kira was born. Not everyone supported Kira's murderous ways though. Never in my life could I imagine something as brilliant as Death Note. Whoever came up with the idea for this series has to be some kind of genius. It's incredible how well written the story line is, not a single detail is left out. Every character is well defined, each scene is new and unique, every cliff-hanging episode ending is practically ungraspable, this show's in an entire new league of it's own. I couldn't fairly compare it to another show if I tried! It's just so far ahead of it's time. The first episode alone was captivating enough to make me want more. Each episode draws you in immediately and the plot twists are all so deep and intense. If you watch five minutes of this show, I guarantee you'll be hooked. You'll see characters that you never would've imagined, and with every character there's a lot of development throughout the series. Especially with Light, but it was definitely going in the wrong direction. The use of the Death Note made him more and more power hungry until he wanted to be the 'God' of the new world, the Death Note was slowly corrupting him over time. In the end, true justice prevailed. I can't begin to describe the ending. It was one of the best endings I've seen. There was so much symbolism and meaning behind every little thing. I only wish that there were more episodes. Who knows, maybe we can expect another season in the future. Obviously I reccomend Death Note to everyone. If you watch it, you won't be wasting your time.
  • SPOILERS below!

    This is definately a must-see, at least the first 25 episodes. However, after L dies the anime loses it's touch and it gets boring from there. The suspense is gone until the last few episodes. It should've ended short after episode 25. Near and Mello weren't even close to the amount of tension L provided.

    It also lacks character development. Surely if you hate something you would want to get rid of it, but it's as if Light doesn't even have a conscience, he is just a mindless murderer. Anyone with the kind of family he has would at least think something like killing your own father through, yet he does it as if it's nothing more than a simple task.
  • By far the best non action anime ever.

    OK I already know there are gonna be some haters for this show but if they hate it its because they never seen this epicness. The only thing that I can come close to hating this show is when L died. After that she show just became a whole different show. The movie was a joke but still this is by far one of the best shows ever. Certainly one of the darkest animes ever but the plot was just so good. L shouldn't of died because everyone liked him. Even girls wish there were handcuffed to him :P. If i could give it a 100 i would.
  • This anime is another way of seeing death from a high school boy's viewpoint. Shinigamis definitely have a great power over humans... Besides the quest for justice and hapiness is the motivation for causing death, which is rarely the case...

    I was immediately turned on, the first minutes I watched this show! It's very captivating! Yagami Light is a very smart boy who hasn't got any friend and I think most of us has already seen such person in one's childhood at school! After watching Death Note, I tried to figure out how life could be when you are like Yagami, I mean when you are lonely... Either you want to kill people or you want them to worship you, that are the only conclusions I came up with... In the case of Yagami, his primary goal is to get the world rid of bad guys, then this goal evolves in the quest of bcoming the world master! The anime shows perfectly how mad a human can become once he realizes he has got powers that others don't. Moreover Yagami is getting more and more apart from the world as he doesn't have any feelings for anybody, he tricks his own families and fans. I felt bad for him at the end of the show!
    Regarding L, well if such detectives could exist in the real life it could be helpful :-) I was fascinated by the way L analyzes the situation in a cool manner with kind of crazy eyes!lol Another form of smartness maybe... Also do you think Death Note is also a way to pass through the message that smart people are crazy??
  • Boring

    On the surface, Death Note is and will continue to be one of the most unique and mind-blowing anime in recent history. The tale of a young man full of disgust towards the world and society is nothing out of the ordinary, no, it’s very commonplace these days. The world is in a downward spiral, murderers, sexual predators and thieves all walk the streets alike, free from the constraints of a struggling government and prosecution system. Where are the gods when an innocent child is murdered, when women run through alleyways in terror of an ever approaching rapist? I’ll tell you; they’re watching. And a few have come to play.

    If you were granted the power of a god, if you had the power to kill, would you? Would you kill to save others? Would you kill for justice? Would you be able to maintain your own sanity and morals? Would you be able to prevent yourself from greed for recognition, or maybe even simple fun? Where will it stop, how will it end, how many innocent people will you have to sacrifice for a world of peace? These are all questions Yagami Light faces when he discovers a Death Note and encounters a Shinigami, a Death God, named Ryuk.

    When he realizes the full power of the Death Note, Light knows exactly what to do. He will kill all those with evil traits and will lead a new world into sanctuary. His excitement is frightening, never once does he regret his actions. He’s hollow, his only emotions come at the thought of eternal glory as Justice itself, and when he must mentally battle his equal, his only obstacle, L. Light, dubbed as Kira, is able to kill simply knowing the name and faces of his victims, by writing their names into his Death Note, but his plans for greatness continue to be thwarted by the mysterious and cunning L.

    The mental battles between L and Light can be astonishing, but they all boil down to one thing: “Will he outthink my outthinking?� It’s a constant turn-by-turn board game. Both are 15 steps ahead of the real-world, the one who wins won’t be decided on wit, but rather by trust. The trust in others will be what makes or breaks these players. Trust the wrong person and you’ll die. Trust the right person and you’ll survive.

    The animation is average for the more recent popular anime, but the key scenes are delicately touched up. The character animations are realistic, to give that feel of connection with the viewer. The music is great, minus the last opening and endings which sound like a middle-school band banging on garbage cans and ripping their vocal cords with retched screams of incomprehensible lyrics.

    Death Note is an amazing anime, the plot and story are perfected beyond greatness. But there’s one thing that keeps this anime from being renowned as a masterpiece, character development. There’s very little depth to the main characters. They are all clear-cut with no inner-emotional battles. Light himself never once thinks twice about actually killing thousands of people, he uses and abuses the few allies he has, which will end in his destruction. He has no conflicts with himself, yet he’s not a senseless killing machine; in essence, he’s nothing. The creators of this series failed to recognize these inhuman attributes as just that, inhuman. When viewers cannot fully understand the main character, they cannot connect with him.

    Thankfully, I can forgive the shortcomings of Death Note. What really made me love this series is its unmistakable perfection of suspense. Every episode will leave you begging for more, and yet there are no horrible cliffhangers! The ending of this series really pushed it to become one of my all time favorites. In the second to last episode I honestly felt like I was about to have a heart attack. My heart was pounding against my chest, my blood was rushing. I knew what would happen, the only way the series could end, but it didn’t matter! I was so enthralled with the emotion of the episode; it sends chills down my spine just thinking about it! No other anime has ever given me such a thrill, the emotions I experienced were surreal and benign.

    I highly recommend Death Note to any fan of suspense or thought-provoking entertainment.
  • An incredibly dark and suspenseful anime series, Death Note sets the bar very high for other adaptations of great mangas.

    Death Note is a show about a very smart high school student who attempts to rid the world of evil by writing in a notebook. Many long arguments and conversations are had by the characters, with usually very little action per episode. Although this sounds like a slightly boring premise, Death Note manages to be one of the most exciting and suspenseful "cartoons" I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. The characters in Death Note are top-notch, with the two main characters being some of anime's greatest and most interesting. Light and L's constant battle of wits throughout the series are more entertaining than the majority of other shows on television. The unique connection the two feel towards one another is marred by the fact that they are sworn enemies, and eventually this battle will lead to one of their defeats. The plot twists and turns constantly, with many unexpected decisions, revelations, and of course deaths. The actual artwork is strikingly beautiful, most noticeable in the first and last episodes of the series. The translation from the manga to the anime is mostly solid, although a few changes were made. Some storylines and scenes from the manga were sorely missed, but many other alterations, especially towards the end of the show, actually improved upon the source material in my opinion. Ultimately, Death Note is a great series to watch. The end of every episode will leave you anxious for the next one, and although the second half is slightly inferior to the first half, this ride through the world of "Kira" is well worth taking.
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