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  • It's pure brainwashing

    The anime raises the question of just society and answers to it by Hollywood's stereotype - crime is the main problem. The genius protagonist sees injustice in criminals whom he begins to kill mercilessly. I doubt that this approach would lead to significant reductions in crime. A person commits crime not to be caught. You can kill a criminal boss, but his place will be filled momentarily. No one asks what pushes a person into the path of the crime? There is almost no crime in Scandinavian countries, and this is not due to terror but to happiness of the majority of people. Isn't that the major purpose of society? Modern psychology says that to be happy society needs the equality. Oh, you probably forgot this word. In Denmark, Finland, Sweden average income level of 10% of the wealthiest people is only 3 times more than the average income level of 10% of the most poor. Therefore, Kira should have taken over the control of the governments to enact appropriate laws and, of course, laws encouraging political activity of people - if not, what will happen to the world after Death Note ends? Let's leave criminals to the police. I don't believe in free will. I don't believe that a person can choose. Therefore there is only one excuse for punishments. Severity of punishment must be judged from the expedience in accord with the major purpose of society. Social studies show that increase in severity of punishments does not lead to reductions in crime. If we don't want to come down to fascism society has to take full responsibility for the upkeep of convicts and ensuring comfort conditions in jail. There are only two crimes that must carry the death penalty, not in revenge but to bring society to understanding of the gravity of these crimes. And they are corruption and drug sale. There are more deaths from drugs every day in my city than Kira can stick down in the note.