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  • The Demon God

    Anime's have a way of intriguing its viewers; even if you're not an 'anime freak'. The reason is because animes find a way to make its storyline more the evolving and more original than most shows on today that were all use to.

    Here we have "Death Note", a series that has been compared much to the great "Code Geass".

    I simply don't see the comparison, these are two different shows. What I do see is a show that is more than its plot expects us to know; we meet its hero or should I say its 'villain', Light Yagaomei. He finds the book of the Shemiegami (aka a somewhat Demon) outside his school. He picks it up, discovers its rare power and decides instantly to use the book to change the world.

    The book is the 'Death Note' and its power is writing someone's name in the book and moments soon that person will die. This is an incredible book, and Light soon becomes so possesed with it that we find irony with his name and his character.

    The series at its first few episodes is dark and serious that we don't have much fun with it. Light writes criminals' and killers' names and they die. Okay, he's murdering bad people but this becomes a nation wide situation that involves his father, an honest cop. And also involves the government of Japan and yes, the US President.

    This is a crime drama, a smart and riveting thriller. Thats what makes "Death Note" watchable and we soon understand where its creators are going with this. In later episodes we are relieved with some funny sequences that can allow us to take a break from the deep drama, but that only happens rarely.

    Ironically the fun comes from the Shemiegami itself, Ryuk who has an obsession with apples and lives in a apocalyptic hell. And the show's most compelling character is a detective known as L. These two supply some uplifting spirit with "Death Note" and yes there is a girl, Misa, who also is the lightest of the bunch. She becomes connected to the story when she finds a 'Death Note' herself, and has a female Shemiegami named Rem stand aside her.

    L is an incredibly interesting character because he has such a way of himself. The way he sits, observes situations, thinks and his use of words. He is brilliantly written that he maybe one of the best heroes in any anime. A hero because he doesn't strive for anything other than taking down Light, who is named 'Kiera' (killer in Japanese). He has an excellent and quiet moment involving his first encounter with Light; he confesses to him that he believes 'Kiera' is him.

    There comes a time when the plot for "Death Note" becomes murky and loses itself. Then there comes a time when the show's plot becomes so intense and focused that we become unfocused of who's doing what and who's who and who's where.

    The thing I loved about "Code Geass" is its involving hero. In "Death Note" were not sure if we like or hate Light. In fact I don't know if I appreciated him as a character. He plays a villain and when we try to see his plan is for some good, we can't help but notice the damage and hell he caused on many good people. I liked L and I wanted him to win. After a turn of unfortunate events, we are introduced to a wannabe L who is named Near aka 'N' and his brother Melo. These two characters don't have the same brilliant charm that L possesses.

    "Death Note" is well drawn, and it has a satisfying ending. It could've been a masterful series if it didn't lose itself after a certain turning point. To say Light has changed is a negative; how did he suddenly turn into a killer when he first got that book? Where was the history of that? I didn't like Light in the way I didn't like an evil villain. A villain should have some aspects behind all the madness and Light was just a genius Zodiac. In the end is there really peace time?