Death Note

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Mar 27, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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While Higuchi is finally captured, Light inadvertently regains his memories as Kira.

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  • How did Light know how months of not having the notebook and his memories of it, would go his way. He's amazing, but L is also amazing.

    Really confusing, but the second you see how it was done your mouth opens and you say NO WAY. Light planned to lose his memories and go to jail only to get out and work with L to catch the new Kira eventually leading to him touching his old death note and regaing his memories. After that killing the current Kira and becoming the new Kira once again. He also got Misa free as well, which he promised Rem he would do. Light is on a whole other level of smart than everyone anywhere, except for L who is just as smart if not smarter, hanging out with the enemy which he thinks is the man responsible for countless deaths of criminals. Simply amazing.moreless
  • Light regains his memories, Higuchi is captured.

    Once again, Death Note does not dissapoint, it's always full of surprises. Though most of us guessed it was going to happen anyway, Light has regained his memories, which I must say was an epic moment. Rem, the shinigami is made visible to the task force, including L who can finally confirm that shinigami do exist and come to the conclusion that there are possibly more notebooks. When Light regains his memories, he secretly kills Higuchi with a small piece of the death note he hid in his watch, and wrote the name with his own blood. Light, being as clever as he is makes sure that his name would be cleared when he had gotten Ryuk to write down fake rules in the death note. Now Light is no long under suspicion, or so he would like to think. Knowing L, he still suspects Light to be Kira. However, because there is no solid proof, and all the evidence points to Light's innocence, he has no choice but to the get rid of the handcuffs, and to get rid of the surveillance in Misa's room.

    After that was done, Misa regains her memories by digging up the death note in an isolated area where Light told her to go, and Light leaves her a letter saying that once she has gained her memory back, to kill L. Unforutunate for the both of them, Misa cannot remember L's real name and makes another ideal with Ryuk, cutting her life span in half once again. Oh Misa, you're an idiot, no offense to any Misa- Misa fans out there.moreless
  • Amazing....Light is amazing!

    Light is amazing everything was planned. He is a true genius he amazes me. Every step of the way he knew what was going to happen. With his knowledge it's no wonder he keeps giving L the slip. I sometimes compare the two and wonder who is the true genius. Now with his memories back I can't wait to see what Light does next. His actions are so carefully planned. With his memories back Kira is back He is truly a great thinker. Amazingly smart and cunning. This makes Death Note a series that I can't wait to finish now!moreless
  • Unprecedented…

    Every now and then this whole plot serves to remind you of how GOOD it is… And this is one of those episodes…

    Truly an epic chapter in this amazing saga… The drama was captured brilliantly, swirling and coalescing around Light who is back to his evil and sadistic self. (You know, the Light we all know and love?)

    During the aftermath of the insanity that was the capture of Higuchi, Light manages to once again get the Death Note back into his hands… This, unexpectedly, returns all of his lost memories as Kira, and we quickly learn that retrieving these memories was all part of his plan from before he lost them the first place. This event, once more, illuminates Light’s genius and resourcefulness that supports and ushers him down the ambitious path he is once again following… Light quickly brings things back to the way they were, with him in possession of his Death Note and Misa with hers… with one exception, his and her names are cleared thanks to a clever trick that, he is positive, will at last bring L down.

    All in all, this is one of several Death Note episodes that simply lifts the standard for all entertainment.moreless
Kazuya Nakai

Kazuya Nakai

Kanzo Mogi

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Keiji Fujiwara

Keiji Fujiwara

Shuichi Aizawa

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Kiyoshi Kobayashi

Kiyoshi Kobayashi


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Altered Scene: After Higuchi

      After Higuchi's death, the manga cuts to the Task Force HQ, where everyone throws around ideas as to how Higuchi could have died. Aizawa than gets off his phone conversation, confirming to L that the death note's material, including the ink used to write down the names, is made of something not of this world.

      The anime, on the other hand, immediately cuts to when Aizawa begins reading the rules written down in the notebook.

    • Omitted Scene: Rem's Interrogation

      While the Task Force regroups after Higuchi's death, the manga has L begin interrogating Rem. He begins with Higuchi's previous claim about an "eye trade," and eventually confirms that it allows one to see another's name and face. L then considers everything that has happened so far and in particular the Kira case in connection to Misa, who L still highly suspects to be the second Kira.

      He continues, asking Rem the connection between the death note and one's memory, to which Rem refuses to give an answer to. Light then begins thinking to himself, saying that questioning Rem is the only thing L can do at this point and that he will "put him out of his misery soon enough."

    • Altered Scene: Light's Letter

      In the manga, Light makes a point to tell Misa that she must not kill L right after finishing the letter, since it would only put more suspicion upon herself. However, in the anime, this crucial bit of information is not included in the letter at all.

    • Altered Scene: Ryuk's Return

      Upon Ryuk offering Misa an apple, the anime has Misa immediately demand for the shinigami eye trade. However, in the manga, she actually explains her current situation to Ryuk before actually making her plea. Ryuk then attempts to console her, saying that Light most likely would not have been able to remember every name he has written down in the death note only to take the thought back, making Misa feel even worse off.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Matsuda: Oh, after all this time, I'm saying good-bye to Misa-Misa!
      Aizawa: Come on, Matsuda, let's leave them alone.
      Matsuda: Good-bye, Misa-Misa!
      Aizawa: Enough!

    • Misa: (after regaining her memories) Light, I remember. I remember everything that happened when I had this notebook. I buried this one so I can come here and regain my memories.

    • Light: (thinking, to L) And just like that, Misa and I are proven innocent. A notebook of death filled with rules written by a Shinigami. He has no choice but to believe it. He just lost his edge thanks to the fake rules I created. Listen, Ryuuzaki: No matter what the world, the God of that world creates the rules. In truth, you've been defeated by the rules I created. And as punishment for defying the God of the New World, you will die...

    • L: (thinking) There have to be two notebooks! Possibly more! This isn't over yet...

    • L: Rem, was it? That's your name, isn't it? The white thing over there..?
      Matsuda: Ryuzaki, isn't it a bit rude to go around calling someone a "white thing"?

    • Light: (thinking) This has gotta be the longest forty seconds of my life...

    • Higuchi: You probably won't believe me, but I've got a special notebook. If I write someone's name in it while thinking of their face, that person dies.

    • Light: (thinking) I've won. Exactly as planned.

    • Light: Misa… I've decided that I want to live with you in our ideal world.
      Misa: Light… I'm so happy!
      Light: Misa, let's create a world free of crime, and just for people with pure hearts.

    • Misa: That's right! Here! (pulls an apple from her bag) Light told me to bring this.
      (Ryuk makes rapturous sounds as he quickly eats the apple)
      Misa: Is it that delicious?
      Ryuk: Yeah. Apples from the human world are really "Juicy!"

    • Light: (thinking while he waits for the Death Note to take effect) These are the longest forty seconds in my life.

    • Light: This notebook… If we have it analyzed, do you think there'll be any results?
      L: Yagami-kun, that's not funny. That's something that can't be analyzed.
      Light: (chuckles lightly) You're right.

    • Rem: Yagami Light, what are you planning?
      Light: Believe in me, for Misa's sake.

  • NOTES (3)