Death Note

Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM May 29, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • Fit in the pieces…

    Near, still certain the Light is Kira, must untangle the webs his target has placed in front of him. Everyone is positive that is not directly influencing the killings but to find his hand is another matter.
    Near arrives in Japan finally and sets up his probes, the SPK, and quickly finds Teru, through his association with Kiyomi, and has him watched.
    Meanwhile, Light informs Kiyomi that he ultimately wants her in a more important position, and Takada isn’t without ambitions herself…
    Misa, feeling rejected and out of the picture, with Light now focused on Kiyomi, confronts her ‘competition’ in front of Halle Ridner, who is a mole and member of the SPK…
    Nears wealth of information on the whole plot is at last being filled in, and one rash move by Teru could prove to be the last piece of the puzzle…
  • Near has almost completed the puzzle.

    Near is amazing, though I still liked L better. Near has made his way to Japan and is challenging Light, and Light accepts the challenge, confident that he will win. Light, being as clever as he is, has the task force only recording audio evidence, as he meets Kiyomi. This way, he will be able to pass notes to her, and communicate with Teru, and Near has also already figured that much out. The scene which I got some humor out of was Misa and Kiyomi's dinner. Kiyomi probably thinks that Misa is either stupid, or thinks she is more special to Light because she knows that he is Kira and he has shared his power with her. Little does she know, Misa has been by his side, as a supporter of Kira the whole time, even if she has lost all her memories of the Death Note currently. However it was funny because they were just basically fighting over Light, and Misa can get drunk pretty fast. The battle between Light and L still continues, even though L is dead, but now we have Near and Mello in the picture.
  • Near has come to Japan, he and Light wish to meet, will they decide who is Kira?

    the pieces of this puzzle are finaly fallling into place...Near is in Japan with Light...They are going to meet somewhere...Misa without a Death Note...Light is L and Kira And a God...all that I feel realy is missing is Mello not being in JApan also...but I guess the question now is...who shall win in the final battle / war / confrentation? I only can hope that no one learns that Light is indeed Kira. Misa surely will live but that is starting to go into the final episode,New World, now am I? This is one of the things that start a chian-reaction to the final part.