Death Note

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM May 22, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • So just like I thought, Teru Mikami is interesting, and look who it is, Kiyomi Takada.

    We learn more about Teru Mikami which was quite interesting. I do think he is a tad bit...crazy, yelling "delete" whenever he kills someone with the death note. He is a prosecutor, which makes sense. It's an ideal job for him knowing his sense of justice. He impresses me, and I'm sure he impresses Kira, he can act without Kira's permission because he understands, and thinks like Kira. He's not like Misa Amane who just sits at home waiting for Light to tell her what to do. She turns out to be more incredibly stupid than I thought, even Mello can't believe she was suspected to be the second Kira. Misa needs to learn to be more independent, and not rely on Light so much like a puppy. Towards the end, we are reintroduced to Kiyomi Takada, Light's ex girlfriend from college. She is smart, and would make a better partner for Light than Misa, but however, I am furious at Light, and how he toys with women emotions just to get what he wants.
  • where are the intelligent females?

    the lack of strong female characters in the world of Death Note have slowly been eating away at me, and this episode pretty much brings that realization full circle.

    it certainly didn't help that the introduction of (yet another) temporary holder of a notebook was as boring, shallow and predictable as can be. at the very least, i was hoping for a little more creativity with Lights' evil (yes, evil) genius. but instead, here we are treated to more of Light working out how he can use the people that admire him for personal gain. been there, done that. and apparently, going there again, and doing that again.

    the episode gets a passing grade because Light sorta solves the problem of how to communicate with the temporary notebook holder... but seeing as how it was Lights' plan to send him the notebook in the first place, Light comes off as kind of a goof.

    i really like the character Near a lot. i think his role and influence in the plot line is a great thing. this episode loses points for having absolutely zero Near.
  • Allies in high places…

    This episode initially focused on the newest character: Teru Mikami, who is very focused in his sense of right and wrong, so much so that his beliefs are extreme to say the least. Believing that there is no such thing as black and white when it comes to intention and people in general, you are either good (on the side of justice) or bad (evil, worthless.) Now, certain that he has been gifted by god himself with his own power, Mikami seeks to aid him in his quest to rid the world of it’s “evil.” First however, he must find him.
    With Demegawa killed off, Teru fills the empty spot and allots a new Kira spokesman, to speak publicly about Kira’s own word. But of course it is Takada Kiyomi, Light’s ex-girlfriend from college.
    At first Light despairs that this new spokesman is only going to have his task force immediately tie him to her from their former association, Light quickly sees the advantage of knowing her personally, and knowing that she is already an adamant supporter of Kira and his rule. With this knew proverbial mouth, Light can again reestablish his connection with his ultimate power as Kira, and command his new wielder of the Death Note...
  • To add it all up it shows how Light is still a genious and meets up with his old girl friend from college who is the new Kira spokesman or should i say women. Now after he meets her he talks to his new puppet to be Kira and reveals him self to him and her

    In all it was still a good episode for just explaining that he has a new Kira to do his judgement and spokesman as well as new lover. Woooh he's just to big of a pimp to stay with misa and its a damn shame that she loves him that much. Well he does all this and does it with a straight usuall and that about sums it up.