Death Note

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Apr 03, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • The most shocking and sad episode of this series.

    As you have read in the summaries of others, this is the episode where L dies. The story really does punch you in the gut and made me come very close to wanting to cry. His death scene is very well done and sad, but it is a shame he had to die. Silence also does a good job at showing the cold side of Light and how manipulative he can be. From the very beginning of the episode, you kind of get the feeling that L had a sense that his days were coming to an end. Sad stuff, but brilliantly written
  • This episode is by far the best and the saddest one of the whole series. However people seem to think that L was sumbitting to Light (the god). This is not the fact from the place i stand in.

    There are 3 important scenes out of the thousands in this one episode. The first is where L's hair is dripping wet and a few drops fall onto Lights leg. Those are the unshed tears of L, since he never cried for the death he knew about. Next is where L is in the rain and talks about the bells. remember he is from england and as probably read the essay "Devotions upon Emergent Occasions" where it talks about bells tolling for the death of ever person on earth. Light is killing criminals and L knows about it. Lastly there's the massaging of the foot "You'll get used to it"(L). He is telling Light that even when he's dead, he has ways of getting to Light.
  • I think this episode shows that L and Light were kind of friends more than enemies. They are alike in many ways, but also differ in many ways.

    There was a very odd seen in this episode, when they are outside in the rain, they have a nice talk. When they're done its kind of like why did it have to be this way. Then Leading to L's death by Rem which Light controlled. L is not through yet, he sends a distress signal to his succsessors Mello and Near. When L dropped his spoon I thought it was interesting like he loves to eat and now he won't need it anymore because he's done eating. Truly one of the best and sadest episodes of the series Death Note.
  • L is acting more strange than usual, maybe he's seeing something we don't. And Light finally tricks Rem in killing L.

    One of the most greatest episodes of this great series. Starting with visions of the little L and ending with the death of the most original character, in both anime and fiction, of this time.
    This episode reveals you a lot about L. We see that maybe during the entire episode, he, somehow, knew that his death was drawing near. But even knowing that, he never surrender and he fought Kira (Light Yagami) to the end. A sad episode for every fan of L and even the fans of Yagami Light, because even them can't deny the fact that L was a fantastic character who will be the base for future characters in all media. L, a character like no other.
  • sooooooooooooooo sad and now ive seen this i hope some one gets l's revenge

    this episode is soooooooooooooooo painfulto watch, it would have been a perfect 10 if l didnt die. ok im giving everything away but still why why why why why did l die it just isnt fair!! surly now that l is dead dn is practicaly gonna hav another story line to it. and when they were in the rain and l said he could hear bells and at first thought they were wedding bells then i think he was gonna funeral bells. since he said that he must have known that he was gonna die but i wonder if her knew that light was gonna be behind it? anyway i suppose if light didnt contiue to be kira the case on kira would hav been closed and l and light wouldnt hav been able to see each other say no anymore. but still l didnt have to die!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! So tragic! (super spoiler).

    I would have given this episode a 10 if L hadn't died. How could you Light? Getting Rem to kill L, and Watari, and you knew she was going to die to. Ah, Light, you cleverly plotted this whole thing out, now nothing is standing in your way, or so you would like to think Light. Knowing our beloved L, he has got some tricks up his sleeves, even when he is dead. Poor, poor L, how could he die? I just cannot get over it. It was even spooky, like he knew he was going to die. "I can hear the bells," he would say or "You and I will be parting ways soon." Though I'm not to sure if that was in the manga, perhaps just added in the anime. Oh Light, how smart you are, but you were never smarter than L. Making Misa kill criminals for you again, and yes you knew Rem would do anything to save Misa, you even made it seem that L's death was the only way to keep Misa's safety. L is never wrong, he knew from the beginning you, Light were Kira, too bad he was only able to confirm it right before he died.
  • I officially hated light after watching this episode! L DIDN'T HAVE TO GO!

    Silence..... This episode is a very sad episode for L fans. In this episode L feels he is farther than ever from solving the Kira case, and for some reason, hears bells? About half way through the episode, Light finds L in the pouring rain, and L states he's been hearing bells resembling church bells all day, and starts to doubt himself. L later says that he's found a way to unearth Kira's true idenity, which puts Misa in potential danger. Rem realizes this, and discovers Light's plan for her. L comes up with a plan, in which the Death Note will be transported to a different country where a criminal will test the fake 13 days rule. Rem takes this initiative. All of a sudden (If you haven't seen the whole episode yet, stop reading now) the building blacks out. And Watari is dieing of a heart attack. He looks at L through his computer screen, and his last action was deleting all the data regarding the Death Note. Everyone's confused by this, except L. "I instructed Watari, to delete all the data in case something unexpected happened to him." All of a sudden, he realizes.. Rem is gone! Rem wrote a name in her Death Note. and L says: "Everyone! The Shiniga-" By far... the saddest episode.
  • As much as I love DN, I couldn't help but feel that this episode was lacking. I wanted to learn more about L's past, and I thought it would be more drawn out.

    L died. I already don't like this episode. I gotta admit, I was in a lotta suspense when I learned that Rem would die because she lengthened Misa's life-span by killing L and Watari. I didn't figure it out. xD But I wanted to learn more about Wammy's House from this episode, and all I got was some crying kids and tiny L holding Watari's hand in front of the place. -_- It made me made when the writers put Misa singing for 2-3 minutes instead of a little bit about L's past. I haven't read that chapter yet, so I dunno if there's anything even in there, but they should have included something besides that crying scene. The infamous rain scene made me feel all funny inside...I ono why. But it was pretty amazing when the famous line "Have you ever even told the truth, Light?" came up and the instance of silence made me just gasp a little. And the filler scene with L drying Light's feet made me start analysing the series [[gah, it brought out the English nerd in me]]. The death scene made me cry, but I didn't think it was emotional. It should have been drawn out more and there should have been more suspense. After L died, I stopped crying and started throwing things around screaming, literally. o.o It wasn't the best episode, in my opinion. It could be the fact that L died that made me not like this episode, but I don't believe it is. The episode was just lacking. I do really want to finish the series, though. :D Btw, I love Hello Panda! Those snacks are amazing!
  • Why?

    I literally cried. That was so mean! He should have died. It was good but really sad episode! They also cut out when L talked in his head. Light killed three people in one hit.
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  • I wanted to cry after this episode ended.

    I love this show especially L, which is why this episode was painful to watch not because it was bad or anything but because it was really depressing to have to watch my favorite character in the show die. Still, depressing as L's death may have been this was still one of the best episodes in the series in my opinion mainly because of the rain scene. One thing that could have made this episode better though was if they illaberated (sp?) on the first scene in the orphanage, like if they just gave a little background on L and the other Whammy boys since this is the episode right before Mello and Near are introduced into the series (sadly Matt only has a real part in episode 35 and a few 5 second appearences. Literally). Besides that the episode was pretty damn good.
  • L..... DEAD...... SPOILERS....

    Light is beyond crazy. he's a psychopath. Rem found out about his real objective, but was forced to see Misa happy, so he had to.... *chockes* kill ryuuzaki or more known as.... L.

    That episode was so dramatic. Everything in teh epsiode was cool. You can't hate it. But the last part left me shocked. Light says he's won. L's dead. How much worse is it going to be for the good guys?

    It seems that Light's got everything going for him. What I don't get is what was taht crying kid all about and those bells that only L can hear? A fragment of his past or something?......
  • L...Dead? :'(

    This is a very a special episode. TO think of this whole series Light has pretty much rebounded on everything L has done and even tricked a Shinigami! This episode was a very quiet episode for the first half and where L can even tell that his life is going to end soon EVEN though he didnt say it. L was forced to think that Misa was still doing all the killings which of course puts Rem in a corner on how to keep Misa happy. Since L was in the way of Misas happiness Rem was forced to save her and kill of WAtari and Misa and Rem even figured out the plan half way through and still continued to go for the kill. With this plan continuing forward a dramatic scene was placed where the two legends die! (Watari and L) May we take a 5 second silence please :P just joking. This episode has concluded Lights troubles for now and is nearly on his way of become God of a new world. Yet we still have some episodes left until this series finished and so we can wait to see if L still had anything up his sleeve? or maybe there is another person to challenge Kira also known as Light! Enjoy it, believe me it hurts to see L die and in such a peaceful way to . Its a great episode and was really goood animation.

    Enjoy Thanks for reading.
  • It was almost unreal...

    This has to be the one Death Note episode that I have seen the most. I loved the episode, hated what happened in it.

    I have the rooftop scene practically memorized by heart. That one scene has to be my favorite one from the entire series. It was so revealing and foreshadowing it was almost creepy.

    The scene following the rooftop sequence was a complete allusion to the Bible. As soon as I saw it, I automatically remembered the time that Jesus washed the feet of his follower. I think that in total this was a great episode, and probably the episode that shows Light losing his last shred of humanity.
  • There was a major clue in the rain scene in this episode!

    I don't think anyone has noticed this but i think i saw a major clue in the rain scene when we see Ryuzaki wiping Light's leg.Most people believe this scene as Ryuzaki finally accepted Light as a god and thats why he is wiping his leg.But i feel there something behind this. As we can see when Ryuzaki was wiping Light's leg, light suddenly felt a bit of pain as we can see from Light's expression on his face, as if something pricked him.What i can make out of this scene is that Ryuzaki hid a small needle containing some kind of poison or paralyzing drug in the towel and pricked Light's leg when he was wiping it.This theory makes sense when you think that exactly after he has done this Ryuzaki says "I am sorry".And as Ryuzaki continues he says "I am sad" and he further says "You'll understand soon".By saying these words we can be sure that Ryuzaki is sorry for what he has done to Light now and by saying "You'll understand soon" he means the poison will affect him after sometime.

    This theory of mine becomes even strong because in the earlier episodes of Death Note, Ryuzaki says that Kira and Ryuzaki himself both hate to lose.So there is no way that Ryuzaki is admitting defeat by washing Light's leg.And from fact that by watching everything Ryuzaki has done in the past episodes it is clear that he never does any action without a secret reason, as both he and Light are the smartest people in the Death Note anime.

    I am predicting that during the climax of the anime, we will see that after Light successfully killed off his enemies, he will be very happy and laughing and will be thinking that he has finally become the god of the new world.When suddenly the poison will start to affect him and then he will remember the rain scene with Ryuzaki.He will then notice that the poison was the parting gift of Ryuzaki.Light will either die or become totally paralyzed for the rest of his life and thus finally ending Kira. I have not read the manga and i am watching this anime for the first time.I have watched up to this episode.I don't know if my theory is 100% true but the probability of it being true is high.And also we can be sure that Kira will not have a happy ending as he has killed lots of people including "innocent people". The anime authors won't give a happy ending to Light, this is a common human nature.He will either die or become paralyzed mentally or physically or something same like this.This is done so that people who watch the anime should not feel that you will have a happy life by killing innocent people.This is another moral line.If Kira is victorious in the end(which i don't think will happen), then this anime will be probably be banned by parents for their children.As it is common that parents do not want their children to think that a person who is evil will have a happy life in the end.As this will affect the popularity of the anime, i am sure that Kira will be defeated in the end of the anime.

    I am sorry for writing such a long review, but i just want my thoughts for the episode to be known to someone.
  • Heart wrenching…

    I feel a little hurt after watching this episode… It was so heart breaking, slow yet fast paced at times it was hard to wrap my head around it, the ambiance of the entire episode was thick and mesmerizing, L’s last performance was masterful and terribly sad.
    Right now I simply can’t get over how good this was, from the special moments between L and Light, (despite the horrible undercurrent of Light’s malicious intent) to the dreamy and dreadfully moving feeling I got while watching L fall…
    A beautifully cinematized masterpiece containing euphoric and creative animation, a gorgeous soundtrack, wonderfully awkward moments that are so different from the norm even for this show, and of course the dramatic end of L.
    It will likely always remain as one of those things, be they anything you experience, see, or feel, that will stick with you for an indefinite amount of time. It’s hard to imagine something so detached from one’s self can affect one so…
  • Brilliant. Everything about this episode was just perfect!

    What can i say, although it had been foreshadowed, L's death still came as a huge shock to me - i refused to believe this was it! But this episode truly was brilliant, from the artwork, to the dialogue, to the plot itself, the fruition of all of Light's plans to date.

    Death Note has always delivered outstanding quality of atmosphere and mood through scene, and this episode was just outstanding. There were a coule of scenes which were very cleverly done, such as the scene on the roof - classic manipulation of weather to foreshadow whats to come. Also the black-out beginning the series of clips leading to the final moment. And finally the picture towards the end of Light against a backdrop of thunder and lightning through the window was just a superb image.

    And again, i thought that the writers were clever with the conversations in this episode. The filler scene where Light and L chat on the roof, i thought was very clever, and had an almost conclusive tone to it.

    Finally, this episode exposed the true extents to Light's ingenious plan, and for that, this particular episode deserves full marks!
  • He can't be truly dead!

    Before L appeared "Death Note" was an almost average anime, having played more dull episodes than good ones. Now he's dead after a very awkward dialogue with Light, or at least we're lead to believe that is so.

    For sure we see Rem turning to dust, but this cannot be the last of L since Rem realised what kind of people Light really is and probably becomes certain he cannot make Misa happy.

    The question is, however, how L and Rem reached an agreement and how Light will be from now on be hindered from his ultimate goals.

    Regarding the episodes scenes directly, I must say L and Light roof scene was pretty amazing, even if their "towel enconter" after gave me the creeps. I was about to think Light would discover himself gay nothing unusual for an anime major character. Also, Misa's scene was too awkward, even for her scenes' standarts. Lastly, I'm wondering when will we find out the meaning for L's childhood flashbacks.

    Stay tuned. It's boiling with tension!
  • This is an episode that is probably the most important episode up to this point...Where they can go from here is limitless...VERY EXCITING as well!

    At first I thought this episode was going to be one of those traditional anime episodes where we get a complete episode of flashbacks. I thought it would be an episode where all we did was look into L's past and go through his childhood and yadda yadda yadda basically just flashbacks. This episode started out that way but then it didn't stay like that for too long.

    In this episode, we figure out Light's plan of how he would deal w/ Rem, L, Watari, and anybody else who opposed him. He was going to use Rem's deep love for Misa against Rem. Light uses Misa to continue the killings and everyone is confused why they're still going on.

    Then comes the awkward scene on the stairway between Light and L. (ew!) haha Anyway, L wants to test out the rule Light came up with (The one Ryuk put in the notebook about if the owner of the Death Note does not kill within 13 days of the last entry, he or she will die) by using a person on death row to test it out.

    I won't talk about the rest of the episode because I'm not one who likes to spoil it for others. I've never read the manga or seen any of the movies, but I really enjoy this anime. I had no idea it was going to play out like it did, but I thoroughly enjoyed the last 6 or 7 minutes of it. The ending of this episode was probably the best bit of this anime that I have ever seen and definitely reinforces why I love this show so much.

    The ending of this episode was probably one of the better scenes of drama, heart-break, anger, happiness, and emotion all bottled up into one scene. It was pure cinematic glory; it was amazing. But, this is why I like Death Note. It's like no other show out there because it deals with a serious topic. If you had the power to rid the world of evil would you do it? Would you commit murder of those judged by society as evil, corrupt, and wrong people? And it's hard to cheer for Light, at least in my mind because of all the killing he's doing in the process but it was very interesting to see him butt heads w/ L and cover his tracks from L. In a way you wanted to see him get away with it and hid it from L; but then again it feels wrong cheering for him.

    Well now, there's a lot of routes they can go and I know I'm very interested in seeing the next episode because it's going to be cool seeing how Light reacts to not having anyone to stand in his way anymore.
  • An excellent episode where one of Yagami Light's most impressive plan so far comes to life. In an attempt to clear all obstacles blocking Light, Light uses Rem love for Misa to clear all that stands against him.

    One of the best episodes I have seen. It started out slow but as the episode neared the end a major change changed the whole series. The last 7 minutes of the episode are some of the greatest in all anime. It is a tragedy and will make you cry. The series will never be the same. This episode is excellent and will make you wonder what will happen next. It shows Yagami Light's darkest side and leaves with nothing but hate for him. Lights plan may have been the most brilliant plan he had so far, though the his plan may kill it is well thought out. This episode is my favorite so far.
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