Death Note

Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM May 15, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation

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  • Teru Mikami, he looks interesting...

    Though only shown at the end of the episode, we got a glimpse of another Kira, I guess he is the 4th Kira, Teru Mikami. In the English version, he has the habit of saying "delete" after killing a criminal or victim. I do believe in the Japanese version of the anime he tends to say "eliminate" or something along those lines. Aizawa (sp?) and Mogi are probably the only people sharp enough to finally suspect Light is Kira, but they should have figured that out a long time ago. They search his room and stuff, but like if that would do any good. Light is smarter than that, even if he didn't have Misa give up ownership of the book, I'm sure he wouldn't let her have it lying around, where they can find it. Besides that, I'm excited to see the next episode, and to see what else Teru Mikami has to offer.
  • Hit or miss, and the consequences of both…

    This episode was shear genius, the embodiment of exciting and purely brilliant entertainment…
    Kira’s attempt to finally kill Near fails miserably very quickly, when Near makes clever use of his resources and escapes the SPK building. The attempt, however, backfires on Light and casts further suspicion on him because of his position as the new L and the coincidental attack on Near.
    Light is being shoved into a corner, or at least that’s how it looks…
    With Aizawa leading the way to Kira’s identity as Light, his fellow member of the taskforce, Light makes some quick decisions that essentially takes all the incriminating evidence off of him and moves it, along with the Death Note to another. Light’s power as the true Kira is once again transferred to another of his choosing… His plans appear indissoluble… But they have that effect often…
    I simply loved this episode.
  • A great episode in a great anime.

    This episode has to be one of my all-time favorites in the death note series. The episode kinda starts out slow but then the suspense heats up towards the end. As normal u have people trying to accuse Light as being Kira. Which he is but,they don't know 4sure. So some of the guys that work with him go and bug his house. They get nothing out of it,but then a lot of kira followers die,and light and misa are not to blame. The rest of them are clueless about whats going on. They are so stunned at that point. Now enters Kira-X. This episode is one to see 4sure.
  • Enter Mikami Teru, also known as Kira-X.

    It's been discussed far too often how the intelligence level of Light seems to be dropping as the series progresses, and in this episode that carelessness came to a head. Viewers knew it was inevitable Kira would begin to get comfortable without L around, and he did, almost exposing himself to Near.

    But of course he's able to form a back-up plan and all remains well for the time being. The only problem with this is that it's been done before. The whole point of the Yotsuba Group was the passing off of the Death Note, and that scheme is nearly impossible to top. Passing it off again is only disappointing to the fans, who have come to crave the insane battle of wills present in the series.

    I worry that with the speed in which the episodes are covering the correlating manga will prevent a return to such plot lines.
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