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  • Season 2 Episode 18: New World

  • Altered Scene: The Finale

    In the manga, after being shot by Matsuda, a writhing Light begs Ryuk to kill the Task Force and the SPK by writing all their names in his own Death Note. As Ryuk slowly takes out his Death Note and pen, the Task Force attempts to shoot him, but to no avail, since Shinigami cannot be killed by such means. However, Ryuk clarifies his reasons, and says he is actually going to write down Light's name. Near also mentions that Ryuk would not be one to give in to such orders. Surprised, Light begs Ryuk not to kill him, even going as far as tugging at Ryuk's leg. But it is already too late, as Ryuk has finished writing Light's name down. In the forty seconds before his heart attack, Light remembers what Ryuk said when they first met: that death is equal in the sense that everyone goes to the same place when they die.

    In the anime, however, Light actually escapes from the warehouse, using Mikami's suicide (also not shown in the manga) as the perfect distraction. The Task Force then leaves the warehouse in search of Light, against Near's orders. Now injured both physically and mentally, Light runs along a street, past an image of his former, more innocent, self. While Light takes shelter inside a building, Ryuk finally writes down his name in his Death Note, reminding him that he would be the one to kill him in the end. As Light dies, with a look of regret on his face, he sees a hallucination of L staring down upon him.

    The anime also includes an additional scene, as Light dies on the stairs, of Misa taking a bus ride in her lolita outfit. She is last seen standing at the ledge of a building, suggesting that she soon commits suicide herself, as explained in Death Note Volume 13: How to Read.

  • Omitted Scene: Epilogue

    Following the end of the Kira Investigation, the manga has a final chapter, serving as an epilogue.

    It has been exactly one year since the events concerning Light and Near's confrontation at YB Warehouse, and the world has finally gone back to how it originally was before Kira ever existed. As Matsuda and Ide walk the streets of this "new world," Aizawa (promoted to head of the National Police Agency) receives a call from none other than the new Watari, who directs him to the new L - Near. Apparently, Near needs Aizawa's help in capturing some drug dealers who are to meet on January 31st at YB Warehouse. Aizawa relays the information to Ide and Matsuda, who both then head off to HQ for further instructions.

    On the way there, Matsuda tells Ide his theory on how Near actually tested the notebook swapped out with Gevanni's fake by writing down and controlling Mikami. Finding it suspicious that Mikami would not test the notebook himself before arriving at the warehouse that day, Matsuda is convinced that it was due to Near controlling him with the real notebook. Ide humors him, listening through Matsuda's entire theory, but shrugs it off, telling him that there is no longer any proof, since both notebooks have been burned after checking that the 13-day rule and the rule concerning the death of anyone who destroys the notebook were false according to Ryuk.

    Matsuda continues, telling Ide another theory. According to him, Near must have gotten Lidner to pass down information to Mello to get him to act in some way (kidnapping Takada) and thus confirming that Mikami was holding a fake notebook, with the real one being held in the bank. To this, Ide merely tells Matsuda that he is no longer speculating, but wishing. Although Light was indeed Kira, Matsuda was still fond of him. Ide finishes out, telling Matsuda that the only reason he believes they did the right thing at the warehouse that day was because if Near had lost there, then they all would have been dead. Matsuda finally smiles, telling Ide that he must be right.

    Finally at HQ, Matsuda and Ide are greeted by Aizawa, Mogi, and new member, Yamamoto, who Matsuda seems to enjoy giving a hard time to. With everyone finally present, L provides the details of the case via monitor.

    At that same time, a cult is seen walking through the mountains, candles at hand. One member, a beautiful woman, places her candle at the edge of the mountainside, praying to "Kira our savior."

  • The ending animation and song ("Despair Billy" by Maximum Hormone) are not included in this episode and are, instead, replaced by rolling credits, which appear while the episode continues to a close, accompanied by the instrumental "Coda ~ Death Note" by Yoshihisa Hirano (available on the third Death Note Original Soundtrack).

  • Season 2 Episode 17: 1.28

  • Omitted Scene: Near Picks up the Pieces

    Near the beginning of this episode, the manga has an additional scene of the SPK Near gives orders to Gevanni, telling him to continue tracking Mikami for as long as possible, while still being able to arrive at Daikoku Wharf by 1PM on the 28th.

    Lidner then calls HQ, apologizing to Near about Mello's rash actions just moments before. But Near simply brushes off the comment, telling her that "The problem is solved" as long as Light follows through with the date of their meeting.

  • Altered Scene: January 28, 2013

    The morning of the 28th, the Task Force and SPK make their final preparations before meeting each other. However, the anime cuts out some parts starting off that day, including SPK Agent Lidner driving Mogi and Misa as well as Light telling the others that Near will most likely not provide any information aiding in the solving of the Kira case, but that they must attend regardless.

  • Altered Scene: How to Use

    As Aizawa removes the death note from the safe, a flashback of deaths are shown, alongside a reading of the notebook's main rules. In the manga, Aizawa never has such a flashback (nor are the rules stated) and he simply removes the notebook hesitantly.

  • Omitted Scene: Mikami's Departure

    The anime shows scenes of the two parties (the Task Force and the SPK) as they head off to YB Warehouse. However, the manga shows an additional short scene of Mikami leaving for their destination, too.

  • Altered Scene: Preceding their Entrance

    Preceding the Task Force's entrance into the warehouse, a number of minor details are altered.

    The seat positions of the Task Force members inside the car, while driving to YB Warehouse, are different from the manga. The manga has Light in the back seat with Ide, with Matsuda in the passenger's seat and Aizawa driving. On the other hand, the camera angles in the anime make it seem as if the car has a third row, with Light sitting by himself in the back, Matsuda and Ide in the second row, and Aizawa driving in the front.

    The anime also differs as Aizawa goes inside the warehouse beforehand to make sure that the actual SPK Agents and Mogi are there. The manga has Aizawa go inside with Matsuda to not only verify that the SPK is present, but to check for wires, tracers and cameras, as well.

  • Altered Scene: Near's Puppets

    Near's explanation of X-Kira's arrival is cut significantly shorter in the anime, removing the more obvious details covered in the manga. For example, Near explains (through his finger puppets) how Mello's kidnapping of Takada prevented Light from contacting Mikami. He then continues, saying that Light would not have contacted Mikami anyways, certain that he would not change the date of their meeting with the SPK. Aizawa's lines about having X-Kira write down everyone else's names in the notebook along with Near is also cut out, having Near provide those lines, instead.

    One of the more significant parts of the scene that were cut out was when Aizawa speaks to Near, telling him that Matsuda (as well as the others) have good reason to suspect that Near is actually Kira, if he insists that everyone's name be written into the notebook. As he says this, Light is slightly irked, thinking that Aizawa should stay out of it. Aizawa then gives in to Near's order, anyways, along with Mogi, giving some reassurance to Matsuda and Ide that they will not die.

  • Look Closely: As Teru Mikami spies through the door leading into the warehouse, the scene changes to his perspective, revealing the true names of all the SPK Agents, including Near, via the shinigami eyes:
    - Near: Nate River
    - Commander Anthony Rester: Anthony Carter
    - Agent Stephen Gevanni: Stephen Loud
    - Agent Hal Lidner: Halle Bullock

  • Season 2 Episode 16: Malice

  • Omitted Scene: Gevanni's Finishing Touch

    Before the opening montage begins in the manga, Near still wonders if SPK Agent Gevanni is being controlled by the Death Note, keeping in mind that the notebook has the ability to control people for up to 23 days. Near even goes as far as ordering Gevanni to go to the hospital for a complete physical examination to see if he has developed any illness. He then makes plans to settle the conflict with Kira at the first possible opportunity after the 23rd (the final day that Gevanni can be controlled). Near tells Gevanni that he, in particular, has one last finishing touch to do.

  • Altered Scene: Opening Montage

    The episode's opening montage is slightly different from the manga, which does not actually show Mello. In particular, the anime makes clear that the person calling Hal is indeed Mello, which is not verified in the manga until much later.

    The manga also includes Light's younger sister, Sayu, in Takada's report on the Coming of Age Ceremony (confirmed in Death Note Volume 13: How to Read), suggesting that she has recovered from her trauma of being held hostage. Her mental health is never fully confirmed by the author, however.

  • Omitted Scene: Aizawa's Suspicions

    After Near and Light schedule to meet, the manga has a short scene of Aizawa becoming anxious about the meeting, knowing that it will bring an end to the Kira case. He then drives Light to meet with Takada, worrying that Light will leak information about the meeting with Near to Takada. However, he begins to calm down, telling himself that Near would have explicitly told Light not to meet with Takada if it were to interfere with his plans. As he continues to drive, Aizawa's suspicions about Light continue, seeing Light's calmness as some kind of sign that he truly is Kira. Then again, he tells himself that Light could just look calm because he himself is not.

  • Moved Scene: News Report

    The scene, spanning from the Task Force finding out about Takada's kidnapping to when Near is about to call them, is moved from after Mello drives off with Takada in the delivery truck, in the manga, to before Mello initially kidnaps Takada on the motorcycle, in the anime.

  • Altered Scene: Hal Calls Near

    When Near contacts the Task Force, telling them that he was not the one who kidnapped Kiyomi, he confirms that Mello must have been behind the kidnapping by getting in contact with Near. While the anime merely shows a quick shot of Hal being contacted, the manga goes into significantly more detail.

    While driving, Hal contacts Near to confirm that Mello was behind Kiyomi's kidnapping. After a moment of silence, Near asks Hal if she has been leaking SPK information to Mello, to which Hal admits to. However, Hal tells Near that she did not leak any information about Mikami at all. Near reveals that if Mello finds out about Mikami somehow, "this will all be a waste." He then orders Hal to stop Mello at all costs. Hal is hesitant at first, but finally gives in when Near orders her with a blunt "Do it," thus better explaining why she appears in front of the church at the end of the episode alongside Light and the Task Force.

  • Filler Scene: Light Calls Kiyomi

    Preceding Kiyomi's call to Light while kidnapped is a short scene, not shown in the manga, of Light attempting to call Kiyomi's cell phone while at the Task Force HQ but to no avail.

  • Altered Scene: Takada's Tears

    While she is obviously in great alarm while contacting Light via cell phone while kidnapped in both the manga and anime version, Kiyomi Takada never cries in the manga nor does she bleed slightly from the nearby broken window.

  • Season 2 Episode 15: Vigilance

  • Moved Scene: The scene of Aizawa putting nail marks under the notepads is moved from after Near finding no shinigami possessing Mikami to before Light and Kiyomi have their conversation via the notepads.

    This was most likely done so as to combine it with Light and Kiyomi's more significant meeting. The manga follows Aizawa's nail-marking scene with another of Light and Kiyomi's meetings, but the contents of that meeting are not shown.

  • Altered Scene: Gevanni's Role

    Before SPK Agent Gevanni reports to Near about seeing Mikami talk to himself, the manga has Near and Commander Rester bounce ideas off each other about Mikami's shinigami. Near ponders over why Mikami and Light would not use Mikami's own shinigami as a way to contact each other, instead of Takada, while Rester suggests that the shinigami may simply not be as cooperative as the one directly working with Kira. What the two did not even consider until Gevanni's report was the possibility of Mikami not having a shinigami at all.

    Later, the manga has Near make further plans to have Gevanni actually touch Mikami's notebook to confirm that there indeed is no shinigami connected with Mikami's death note.

  • Altered Scene: Aizawa and Near

    The time of Aizawa seeing Near in person is changed in the anime. In the manga, Aizawa first sees Near's face when he contacts him the first time (after the Kira supporters raid the SPK). When Aizawa later contacts Near about the notepads, he merely contacts him through phone. The meetings are essentially switched in the anime, with Aizawa seeing Near's face in the latter rather than the former of their meetings.

    Furthermore, the anime cuts their conversation short, with Near not going into detail about the significance of Aizawa and the rest of the Task Force keeping watch on Light.

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