Death Note

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 12:55 AM Jun 05, 2007 on Nippon Television Network Corporation



  • Trivia

    • Moved Scene: The scene of Aizawa putting nail marks under the notepads is moved from after Near finding no shinigami possessing Mikami to before Light and Kiyomi have their conversation via the notepads.

      This was most likely done so as to combine it with Light and Kiyomi's more significant meeting. The manga follows Aizawa's nail-marking scene with another of Light and Kiyomi's meetings, but the contents of that meeting are not shown.

    • Altered Scene: Gevanni's Role

      Before SPK Agent Gevanni reports to Near about seeing Mikami talk to himself, the manga has Near and Commander Rester bounce ideas off each other about Mikami's shinigami. Near ponders over why Mikami and Light would not use Mikami's own shinigami as a way to contact each other, instead of Takada, while Rester suggests that the shinigami may simply not be as cooperative as the one directly working with Kira. What the two did not even consider until Gevanni's report was the possibility of Mikami not having a shinigami at all.

      Later, the manga has Near make further plans to have Gevanni actually touch Mikami's notebook to confirm that there indeed is no shinigami connected with Mikami's death note.

    • Altered Scene: Aizawa and Near

      The time of Aizawa seeing Near in person is changed in the anime. In the manga, Aizawa first sees Near's face when he contacts him the first time (after the Kira supporters raid the SPK). When Aizawa later contacts Near about the notepads, he merely contacts him through phone. The meetings are essentially switched in the anime, with Aizawa seeing Near's face in the latter rather than the former of their meetings.

      Furthermore, the anime cuts their conversation short, with Near not going into detail about the significance of Aizawa and the rest of the Task Force keeping watch on Light.

    • Look Closely: Among the pop icons participating in the East West Pop Music Festival is Hideki Ryuga, the person whose name L takes on as his own while attending University with Light.

    • Altered Scene: The East West Pop Music Festival

      Before the festival begins, the manga has Light calling his mother and Sayu, apologizing for not being able to be with them for the New Year. Aizawa, now fully convinced that Light is Kira, wonders just how far he is willing to go to create Kira's perfect world. He reaches the conclusion that Light may have to eventually convince his mother and sister to accept Kira so that his father's death would have been seen as inevitable. Matsuda, the most excited about the festival, talks to Light, revealing that Misa will be announcing her engagement to an office worker, who she will refer to only as "Mr. A."

      As the Music Show nears its close, the manga has Near contact Light, specifically telling him that he plans to capture Kira with solid evidence. Light understands that Near means to put his final plans to capture him into action, making a point of taking out any "unnecessary players" (Misa).

      Back at the festival, an audience member is taken away for complaining about Misa's absence while the festival ends with a happy note from the announcer.

  • Quotes

    • Near: Without a doubt this was written by Mikami. If that's the case, it can be done.

    • Near: (talking to himself) Amane Misa, highly suspected of being the second Kira, is now captive. Yagami Light, you should know the meaning of this move.

    • Misa: (referring to the SPK)Hurry up and let me go back to NHN! If you don't do that, Misa will be seen as someone who backs out at the last minute!

    • Near: (talking to Aizawa) And after that, please witness… The end of Kira.

    • Aizawa: (referring to Light and Kiyomi) They're communicating in writing!

    • Takada: (talking to Light) For right now I'll believe what you say, but if you're lying, the consequences will be heavy… because I'll tell Kira.

    • Light: Takada-san, please believe me. Right now, there's only you
      Kiyomi: "There's only you?" That doesn't sound like Yagami-kun at all. Such a common line.
      Matsuda: (talking with Ide and Aizawa in the monitoring room) Indeed, it doesn't sound like Light-kun at all. It's just a poor excuse.
      Ide: Then… between Amane and Takada, who is he really interested in?
      Matsuda: That would be… both of them.
      Ide: Both of them!? How can anyone allow that kind of thing?
      Matsuda: Hey! It's not me that's…
      Aizawa: Shut up!!!

    • Near: In any case, we must first get close to Mikami. But in order to do that, we must fist be wary of something. That is… the existence of Shinigami.

    • Light: Near, abduction is a crime.
      Near: But Mr. Mogi and Amane accepted happily.

    • Light: Women are such unreasonable creatures.

    • Takada: Yagami-kun. I spoke privately with Amane-san yesterday.
      Matsuda (elsewhere): This puts Light-kun in a pinch!
      Ide: What are you so happy about, Matsuda?
      Matsuda: Pinch! Pinch! Big pinch!
      Aizawa: Matsuda, shut up!

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