Death Valley Days

(ended 1975)





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  • death valley days

    Folks it does now air every week day, twice. It can be found on Direct T V Encore Westerns. It sure brings back some fond memories. It is very informative as well as entertaining.
  • This series was reminescent of the old west as it happened. As a kid, I waited eagerly to watch this show each week. To me, it was one of the good things about the "old days". Sure wish they would show it on a cable channel like TVLand.

    I loved this show as a kid. I remember listening to it on radio for years, then watched it on tv. I loved the pictures of the 20 mule team and felt the Old Ranger was a friend. His voice plus his mannerisms made everything very realistic. I wished he was my grandfather. I had a difficult time waiting a week for the next episode. I wish this program could be featured on a cable network like TVLand. I enjoyed Reagan as a host, but the Old Ranger (Stanley Andrews was the best. The background music fit the show like a glove.
  • A "Great Western Classic" that should be aired once again!

    Everytime I use Borax it reminds me of Death Valley Days. Loved the film location that was used in the opening scene of the 20 Mule Team going across the desert. Can't remember the name of the Mountain Range in the background. I couldn't wait till it was on. Death Valley Days should be aired again because modern day Westerns are aren't all that great. I see TV networks like TV Land that run rerun after rerun of the same programs day after day. Why can't Classic Westerns like Death Valley be shown also. A program like this educated us of a time in History and it should never be done away with or forgotten.
  • 20 Mule Team Borax

    I loved the opening to this show. That lonesome bugle and the 20-mule team hauling borax out of Death Valley. This western anthology series ran for almost 600 episodes and was as comfortable as an old shoe. Since it was a syndicated program, television stations could show Death Valley Days whenever they wanted, but I seem to remember watching it on saturday afternoons. "The Old Ranger" would introduce the story, and it always involved the legends and pioneers of Death Valley. Not too many big-name actors appeared on this series, but that's okay because the story was the star.

    One other tidbit that folks remember about this show were the commercials for Boraxo hand soap, usually presented by Rosemary DeCamp.