Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove

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Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove

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AIRED ON 9/26/2015

Season 3 : Episode 11

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  • Cedar Cover is Fab!

    This show is wonderful! The story line is creative, lots of action around the characters. I love all the characters, especially Andie McDowell, and the place CEDAR COVER is beautiful. It's family oriented, which I find so refreshing, instead of all the horror, gore, and smut of regular TV. We need more shows like this.
  • Fantastic show

    Don't listen to the other review which is a farce. He should be ashamed of writing such trash. This tv show is fantastic. All of the actors are very good. It's not filled with the usual TV smut which is most likely why curtiscoats3 didn't like it, give it a watching folks. You will love it!
  • What could have been, decides to not to happen.

    If Cedar Cove is counting on the "acting performance" of Andie Mcdowell for it to to be a hit, well they have really missed the mark. Stiff, mechanical and unemotional come to mind when viewing her "going through the motions" in this mis ... adaptation of the Debbie Macomber book.

    I realize that 95% of the viewing audience will be female, and of that the demographic they are shooting for is between the ages of 24 - 54, guess it is a good thing because all the males I have talked to cannot stand this B grade actor giving a D- effort.

    Perhaps it is because in real life Andie has been divorced since 2004, and has not dated in the past 9+ years ... there is none, zero chemistry that she emits toward Jack, the male love interest. Just cannot see any man being interested in the character she comes across as.

    Sadly the movie and the book are so far apart that it is hard to actually see the resemblance at all, the location keeps changing , the characters clothes keep changing and when the characters names are even given, then they change up the actors playing them.

    Seems just like a very low budget soap opera, a shame cause the books flow so well, but then again, once the Hallmark talking heads decided to abandon Washington to film in Canada the hand writing was on the wall.


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